deodorant not working

Why Isn’t Deodorant Working?

A few potential reasons your deodorant is not working include using a product that isn’t strong enough for you, using one that doesn’t mesh with …

unscented deodorant for men

Best Unscented Deodorant For Men

Unscented deodorants can be a great option for those who are sensitive to fragrances or want a more natural deodorant. They are also ideal for …

antiperspirant without aluminum

Best Antiperspirants Without Aluminum

Are you on the hunt for an aluminum-free antiperspirant that is gentle on the skin, yet still effective at preventing excessive sweating and odor? We …

Best Deodorants for Heavy Sweaters

Best Deodorants for Heavy Sweaters

Excessive sweating is a frustrating endeavour. Constantly sweating makes one conscious, and can lower your confidence. No one should have to feel that way due …

gel deodorant vs solid

Gel Deodorant vs Solid

When it comes to choosing a deodorant, there’s no single right answer. Each type has its own distinct advantages and drawbacks depending on your individual …

roll on vs spray deodorant

Roll-on vs Spray Deodorant

When it comes to deodorant, choosing between roll-on and spray can be difficult. Ultimately, you should consider your personal needs and preferred application method when …


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