Can Asians Have Curly Hair? (Yes, Here’s Why) 

can asians have curly hair

How one’s hair looks depends on several factors. These include genetics and race. There are other factors which may affect how the hair looks. For instance, if a person spends a lot of time in the sun, over the years, the hair may start looking different.

In addition to that, the way the hair looks is a subject that comes with a rich dose of stereotypes. This is because many people associate a certain type of hair with a certain community. This article is going to explore curly hair as it relates to Asians.

Can Asians Have Curly Hair?

The typical Asian hair is slightly wavy which is almost straight. But, can Asians have curly hair? Yes, Asians are capable of having curly hair naturally. Another Asian hair characteristic that is not uncommon is having hair which is both wavy and curly.

One problem that Asians with curly hair may face is how to have their hair attended to when they visit a salon. Some salon workers will not believe that the curly hair in question is natural in the first place. Some salon workers will simply not know how to cut or style such a hair as they are not familiar with it.

Another issue that affect curly hair in Asia is what the Asians consider an ideal hair, or what they consider an ideal beaty in Asia. Curly hair is not considered an ideal beauty in many parts of Asia. This observation can be captured through living in Asia or through watching Asian cinema. If you stay in Asia, and you want approval from the society, this may not be the hair for you.

Curly hair can be disobedient, and therefore, it may require the need for taming. In other words, curly hair may require a higher level of maintenance and this comes with cost and time implications.

The stereotype about Asians not having curly hair can affect the salon workers too. For example, Kiyoko, an Asian would attend to Caucasian clients but they wondered if she had the ability to work on curly hair. But with her cosmetology skills and experience, she was able to work on all types of clients who visited her salon.

Is it Rare for Japanese to Have Curly Hair?

A significant number of people in Japan have frizzy hair. Yono Oko, the famous Japanese singer and songwriter, was known for frizzy and flowing hair which was iconic. However, curly hair is not uncommon in Japan. As a matter of fact, in the history of Japan, Ainu of Japan for instance, shows that some had a more clear curly hair than the modern Japanese society shows.

However, like any type of hair, curly hair comes with its fair share of challenges. For example, when compared to straight hair, curly hair can come out as messy, only appearing attractive for young children. Again, curly hair can come with its surprises, including having half of the hair curly and the other half different. What Japanese people do, just like many other societies anyway, is to have a trained person to advise them.

Can Japanese Have Natural Curly Hair?

Japanese people can have natural curly hair. However, when Japanese people want their curly hair cut or styled, then they should choose someone who knows how to go around this. This should be a person who has worked abroad in a salon, or a local who has a lot of exposure with different cultural groups and their respective hairs.

Japanese people who are older will remember that the 1990s was a time of repetitive hairstyles in the country. The good thing is that the modern hair market in Japan has a lot to offer, including for the people with curly hair. Therefore, the only thing that one needs is to learn the best strategies of maintaining curly hair and there, you will feel as confident as a Greek goddess.

The straight perm was invented for the domestic market, and it was expected to be the typical Japanese hair. Therefore, being different was one thing that many locals preferred not to do. However, over the years, many Japanese people have been making their choices, and these include having curly hair.

Do Vietnamese Have Curly Hair?

Yes, a few people in Vietnam have curly hair. However, this is not very common, and when it occurs, one may feel insecure. This is more so if the person with curly hair is young. Some people in Vietnam go as far as branding curly hair a health problem. This is based on cultural stereotypes which are deep rooted and difficult to overcome. In Vietnam, Little attention is paid to the determinants of the type of hair such as genes and race.

A typical observation in schools in Vietnam is that girls have straight hair which is long and shiny. But that notwithstanding, there are people in Vietnam who have curly hair naturally. Some hide this fact though, and try to alter it, in order to fit with the rest of the society. Whatever the case, not many people in Vietnam will have curly hair.

Having curly hair in Vietnam can come with rich and stereotypical undertones. For example, a Vietnamese woman with curly hair in Vietnam may be told that she is going to have a difficult life. However, one should not believe such things. This is because the type of hair that one has is simply a matter of genetics and other factors such as race.


There are a few cases where one is born with straight hair, stays with it for many years, and then notices that it is becoming curly. Whereas this can be a shock, the best thing is to appreciate yourself and realize that the body changes with time.

Let your hair take a natural process, and you will realize how beautiful you are. The next generation of young girls and ladies should appreciate curly hair. There is no need for going for straightening which is not only painful but also damaging and expensive.

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