Can Conditioner be Used as a Lubricant? (No, Here’s Why)

Can conditioner be used as a lubricant

Sex is one of the best experiences that you can have. If you have the right partner, then your sex experience becomes more fun not mentioning the bonding that comes with it. However, if you want your sexual experience to be more pleasurable, then you ought to think about the use of lubricants. The lubricant that you choose musty be safe and efficient. This article is going to guide you on the use of the conditioner as a lubricant and the better products that you should use for lubrication.

Hair Conditioner as Lubricant

As a matter of fact, it is not advisable to use hair conditioner as a lubricant. This is because the conditioner could be having harsh chemicals which could cause an infection. It should also be noted that a conditioner is acidic in nature, and therefore, it can be harsh on your body. In other words, a conditioner could burn you and this can be experienced for a number of days.

The use of a conditioner for lubricating can be used to the feeling of shampoo in the eyes- it can be irritating, and it is not comfortable to the body. Bear in mind that the rectum has a mucous membrane which is delicate. In addition to that, the rectum can be very sensitive to the level of PH. Therefore, simply avoid the use of harsh products in the rectum.

Again, the use of a conditional in your anal area can make you have diarrhea. Bear in mind that the conditioner is not manufactured to be used for bare skin, but rather for the hair. Compared to other parts of the bad, the hair is hard, and can withstand pressure and harsh chemicals, something that some parts of the body cannot.

We highly suggest to avoid any alternative products (even if they can be safe) for intimate parts. There are many products on the market created and made for the specific use in private parts.

If you are strong enough to use hair conditioner, then you can go right ahead and use it. This product does not make you vulnerable to cancer. But there is no reason why you should use this product as a lubricant when there are alternatives in the market.

Skin Conditioner as Lube

You should not use the skin conditioner as a lube. This is because such products are not manufactured in order to be used for internal use. If you use it for internal use such as anal sex, it is going to have far-reaching complications on your health, more so in the long-run. There are better products in the market that you should consider- products that are not going to harm you.

Coconut Oil Conditioner as Lube

Yes, coconut oil conditioner is not as harsh as the regular conditioner and is an accepted product for use as a lubricant. In particular, the extra-virgin coconut oil is a natural product thereby giving you the advantage of not having side effects. The coconut oil will not cause a thrush when it is introduced at the anal area.

The drawback with the use of coconut oil as a lubricant is that it can be greasy, and but this is a small problem that you can put up with. Again, whereas coconut oil is not toxic to your body, it should not be used with latex condoms. This is because the oil is going to damage the latex in the condom leaving you vulnerable to contracting an STD.

We highly suggest to avoid any alternative products (even if they can be safe) for intimate parts. There are many products on the market created and made for the specific use in private parts.

Lube Substitutes

When you are choosing the product to use as a lubricant, it is very important that you choose a product which is safe to use. In addition to that, you should a product which is accessible in the market, and affordable in the long run. Having stated that, you should consider using a lubricant which is water-based. A clear water-based lube such as Boy Butter can help you to engage in sex for a long time, and it is a slippery product.

Rather than using coconut oil or conditioner as a lubricant, you should consider using high quality silicone. The only problem with the silicone products is that they are not easy to remove and can be a little bit greasy.

Other products that you can use as a lubricant include baby oil face or aloe vera cream.

We highly suggest to avoid any alternative products (even if they can be safe) for intimate parts. There are many products on the market created and made for the specific use in private parts.

The Importance of Professionals

When it comes to products such as lubricants, the best thing is to use products which have been evaluated by the experts. The experts are going to evaluate the process that was used to manufacture a product, and see if it follows best practices. Moreover, they are going to identify products which are harmful, and warn the public consumers about them. In addition to that, the professional is going to guide you on how to use a lubricant in a way that is safe but still pleasurable.

Reputable organizations such as FDA have started approving products which can be used for anal sex too. However, the consumers will have to wait a little bit longer in order to see a list of lubricants which are approved by FDA.

All in all, experts will tell you that the best products to use for your lubrication during sex are water-based. This is because they have the rare combination of highly pleasurable but yet safe sex products.


Whatever you choose, do not make an experiment on what you should use as a lubricant. If you do this, you could end up checking at the emergency room. Take your time to choose the lubricant that you will use for sex. Be sure to evaluate reputable online resources and check the comments that others report. The good thing with lubricants is that they are available, either in a physical store or you can order them online from the comfort of your home. Overall, the right choice of a lubricant will give you an optimal sexual experience.

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