Can I Color My Hair 2 Days in a Row? (No, Here’s Why)

can I color my hair 2 days in a row

Coloring your hair can be a lot of fun, but you won’t want to do it twice a row. If you do, your hair could become dry and break, especially if you’re using a dye with a bleaching agent.

You shouldn’t color your hair two days in a row. You should wait around two weeks (15 days exactly), so your hair has some time to recover. However, you should wait four weeks or more if your hair is excessively damaged.

So, if you find yourself asking, “Can I color my hair 2 days in a row?” you’ll want to make sure to wait. Otherwise, you could cause severe breakage to your strands. There’s more to know, so let’s begin!

When Can I Dye My Hair Again? 

You’ll want to stop and inspect your hair when searching “how soon can I dye my hair again to fix it?” online. If your hair-dying session didn’t give you the desired results, you must wait about 15 days before giving it another try.

Hair dyes packed with intense chemicals can weaken your hair, making it feel dry and causing breakage. Coloring your hair again so soon doesn’t give your strands enough time to heal, which can cause harm.

While you wait, you can use oils and specialized shampoos and conditions to help rehydrate your hair. Here’s a reliable test to determine if dying your hair caused significant damage:

  1. Wait for your hair to dry.
  2. Place a single drop of water on your hair.
  3. If it immediately absorbs the water, your hair’s cuticle is damaged.
  4. You should wait longer for it to finish healing before you dye your hair again.

Make sure to time how long your hair takes to absorb the water droplet. You can safely color your hair if it’s longer than 10 seconds. Since all of our hair is very different, this test is more reliable than waiting two weeks, as it can often take longer for over-processed hair to heal.

After waiting two weeks, it’s safe to dye your hair with a demi-permanent color. However, suppose you want to use permanent color. In that case, it’s best to give your hair as much time to recover from the last color treatment as possible since these dyes can be more even drying.

How Long To Wait After a Bad Dye Job?

Many salons hear, “how soon can I recolor my hair if I don’t like the color?” after someone doesn’t get the results they wanted from a box dye.

How soon you can recolor your hair depends on what you did to it. If you already damaged your hair from the previous coloring, you’d want to give it more time to heal. Ideally, you won’t do anything else to over-processed hair for at least four weeks.

However, if you had healthy hair before you colored it, you can probably get away with waiting two weeks before you try to change it again. While you wait out those two weeks, your hair color will also “settle” as it fades from washing, so you might like it more as time passes.

Overall, you don’t want to dye your hair again immediately, even if you don’t like the color. Box dyes can contain potent chemicals that cause a lot of damage. If you can’t stand the results, visit a salon. The professionals there can alter their dyes and know how to get results without causing more harm.

What Happens if I Dye My Hair Twice in One Week?

When you dye your hair, whether you lighten or darken it, you strip your strands of their natural oils. Doing this repeatedly can cause significant damage to your hair and scalp, leading to extreme dryness that can take a long time to correct.

It’s worse if you lighten your hair because of the chemicals in the bleach. These lightening agents are incredibly damaging to hair since they need to remove its natural pigments from the strands. Using it twice a week could burn your hair and cause a ton of fallout.

Darkening your hair won’t burn it like bleaching it, but you’ll still experience extreme dryness, so you shouldn’t try it.

What are the Signs of Color Damage in Hair?

You’ll want to stay aware of several signs of color damage in hair. If you notice these indicators of damaged hair, you should give it more time to heal before coloring it again. These signs of coloring damage can include:

  • Noticeable split ends that break when you touch them.
  • Dry, coarse hair that doesn’t stay smooth.
  • Scalp flaking when there wasn’t any before.
  • Hair stretches and snaps when you brush it.
  • Hair is dull and without any natural shine.

Once your hair is damaged, it won’t return to how it was for a long time. While you can correct some issues with the proper tools and hair care routine, it’s best to wait it out. You may want to trim extremely damaged ends and wait for your hair to grow before coloring it again.

Waiting to change your hair again can be frustrating, but it’s worth not sacrificing it with more color damage!

What Happens If I Dye My Hair Too Soon?

While you should try your best to wait, it’s easy to become impatient and dye your hair too soon. If this happens to you, don’t worry! Your hair will heal with time.

Dying your hair too soon will lead to a noticeable amount of damage. You’ll also probably experience some hair fall and extreme dryness. Oils can help tame flyaways and smooth out your hair while you wait for it to return to normal.


To summarize, if you find yourself searching “Can I color my hair 2 days in a row?” online, you’ll want to take some time to consider the consequences of doing so. Coloring your hair too soon will remove the natural oils from your hair, causing intense damage. It’s even worse if you use bleach again that soon.

You should always wait at least two weeks between coloring your hair. However, the more time you can give your hair to heal from the last session, the better. Your hair will be able to absorb the dye better, giving you more satisfactory results with the final color, so it’s always good to wait.

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