Can I Dye Red Hair Dye Over Green Hair? (Yes, Here’s Why)

Can I dye red hair dye over green hair

Green color is one of the most common dyes in the market. Influential people such as Lady Gaga have at one point or the other chosen green color. There are three main reasons why people choose this color for their hair. One, green color helps individuals to maneuver through a set of emotions in their lives, the very emotions that they may not feel comfortable sharing with anyone. Second, the green hairdo can be a flak. If you stay for a long time with the green hair color, you might need to re-dye it. Third, green color on your hair is an eye-catching style and it sets you apart from the others.

This article is going to guide you on changing your green color of the hair:

Can I Dye Red Hair Dye Over Green Hair?

Green hair is considered one of the most ideal hairs to have. However, you are not going to stay with this hair forever; at some point you got to change it. One of the most difficult hair colors to remove is the green color. But, can you dye red hair dye over green hair? Yes. This is because red is the opposite of green. You can experiment with your hair as much as you can and you can try any color hair that you so wish, red hair dye being one of the most popular choices.

Does Red Hair Dye Cancel out Green?

Yes, red hair dye is going to cancel out the green color, and you do not need to do bleaching in order to achieve this. The good thing is that bright colors are still in fashion, and this trend will continue in the coming years. However, when you are preparing yourself to cancel green color with red hair dye, you should consider the following factors:

  • The health of your hair prior to applying the red dye
  • The texture of your hair before dying
  • The application process of the red dye
  • The quality of the red dye
  • The products to use after applying the red dye
  • Whether the red dye fades well
  • The direct and indirect cost of the process

How do You go From Green to Red Hair?

If you do not intend to visit the salon, you may still apply red hair dye on your green color at home, and there are enough homemade tips to enable you do this. The most common way of washing away your hair green color is the use of shampoo which can help you to gradually reduce your green color. You can also try shampoos that can help in deep cleansing. What is important is to gradually neutralize the green color.

Another effective strategy that is used to make use of a red shampoo. If you use a red shampoo, you are going to remove any undesirable stains that you may be having on your hair. Consequently, you are going to have hair which is not only clean but also green-free. If you want your hair to be brighter, then the best thing to do is to use gloss or a toner.

The Importance of Professionals

Rather than thinking of changing the color on your own, it is important that you consider seeking the services of a professional colorist. It is the professional colorist who will understand the theory and practice of hair color. The good thing with visiting the professionals for your green hair is that they are aware that green color is very difficult to remove. Therefore, they will use appropriate and effective methods of cancelling green color with red hair dry.

If you use a professional colorist, he or she is going to manage complex problems that may arise that are related to your hair. For instance, it is not uncommon to find the color of the hair turning green on its own. In such a case, the most prudent thing to do is to consult the professional colorist who is going to know what to do.

When the professional is cancelling out green hair color with red hair dye, this will depend on several factors including the following: the general condition of your hair, the intensity of the green car, and the intended result. For optimal outcomes, you might need to visit the salon for a number of sittings. Again, the professional is going to make a prescription of the home care routine.

With a professional, you are going to discuss the option’s that you may have in the market. For instance, you may feel that some of the hair products are expensive for you, and you may desire to have cheaper options. The colorist is going to make a prescription of high-quality hair products, but yet, affordable. It is worth noting that the professional has accumulated vast experience in this field and he or she will be in a position to offer you viable and sustainable solutions for your hair.

Maintaining Your Red Hair Dye

After cancelling your green hair with red dye hair, you have to think about maintaining the new hair. You should be aware that red hair dye, unlike green color, may fade away after a short time. This is because the first time you apply red hair dye, it may not stain your hair, and may not penetrate the cuticle. With each of your wash, the red hair can start slipping.

Ways of maintaining the red dye hair include the following: choose a darker shade, do not wash your hair right after dyeing, and do not shampoo often. In addition to that, it would help if you ensured that you protect your hair any time you are exposed to the sun.


Green is a color that makes a commitment and when it is on your hair, you are not going to have an easy time removing it. However, with the right strategies, you are going to have effective home solutions for this task. Better still, you should seek the services of a professional who will assist you in the best way possible.

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