Can I Use Beard Oil on My Head Hair? (Yes, Here’s Why)

can I use beard oil on my head hair

A beard has its fair share of maintenance, so you probably have plenty of products on hand and don’t want to buy separate products for your regular hair. So it begs the question, “can I use beard oil on my head hair?”

You can use beard oil on your head hair, applying it the same way you would on your beard. If you use it sparingly, beard oil can condition and moisturize your hair, but it will cost more than regular hair oil. 

This article will help answer any questions about using beard oil on head hair, including potential side effects. 

Can I Use Beard Oil on My Head Hair?

Beard oil conditions head hair as it would on your beard; however, you want to ensure you don’t overapply the oil as it can give your hair a greasy appearance. In addition, beard oil tends to be more expensive than hair oil, so it’s best to use it if it’s the only product you have on hand. 

To use beard oil on head hair, you should put one or two drops of the oil in your hand and apply it throughout your hair. Beard oil is thicker than head oil, so if you use too much, you risk causing clumps in your hair. 

Is Beard Oil the Same as Hair Oil?

While beard and hair oil have similar qualities, they are not the same product. Overall, they provide the same benefits, like moisturizing hair and nourishing your scalp, but beard oil is made for coarser hair since it is not the same texture as regular hair. 

In addition, most beard oils have scents you wouldn’t want on your head, like cedar or pine. However, that comes down to personal preference and shouldn’t completely deter you from using beard oil on your head. 

Does Beard Oil Cause Hair Loss?

Generally, beard oil does not cause hair loss unless you have an irritation or sensitivity to the oil used. For example, if you are constantly itching your beard, you can damage the follicles, resulting in hair loss. Instead, some people use beard oil to encourage hair growth, as it usually contains nourishing oils and minerals. 

More common causes of hair loss in beards are due to:

  • Chronic stress
  • Poor diet/Lack of vitamins and nutrients 
  • Genetics and age 
  • Facial alopecia 

Are Beard Hair and Head Hair the Same?

Your beard hair will differ from your head hair because it is usually thicker and has a wiry texture. In addition, the skin underneath will vary, as your chin and scalp have different qualities. For example, your scalp is less oily than the skin under your beard. 

Generally, your face is more sensitive and prone to breaking out, whereas the scalp tends to be dry and flaky. Also, your beard and head hair can grow differently, as one might be straight, but the other is curly. In addition, your beard may go entirely gray while your head retains its natural color. 

Can I Use Beard Oil for Dry Scalp?

You can use beard oil on a dry scalp, but it would be best to avoid any scented oils, as they could prove harsher on your skin. Beard oil moisturizes dry skin; therefore, you may notice benefits from using it on your scalp. However, if you want an oil to help with dry scalp, it would help to get one designed for regular hair and not beards. 

You might notice using beard oil on a dry scalp will also help with dandruff and reduce irritation. Also, high-quality beard oil will not clog your pores or continue to cause you to have a dry scalp. Therefore, you always want to ensure you use a beard oil with Vitamin E, which will help protect your skin. 

Does Beard Oil Help Your Hair Grow?

Many people use beard oil in hopes of it promoting hair growth; however, there are mixed opinions on the validity of the claim. Here’s what we know; beard oil contains nutrients like argan oil, coconut, jojoba, and sunflowers, all of which are hydrating carrier oils. 

While there’s no research to prove that beard oil encourages hair growth, you’ll notice fuller, more moisturized hair from the essential oils. A lush, full head of hair can lend itself to the appearance of hair growth. 

What Happens When You Put Beard Oil in Your Hair?

You should use beard oil to moisten your hair and prevent it from becoming brittle and dehydrated. In addition, when you use oils, it can reduce the amount of frizz and unruly hair. You’ll also appreciate how shiny your beard looks after you apply beard oil. 

You will see similar results when applying beard oil to your head hair or beard, but you must not over-apply the oil to your head hair. If you blow dry your hair, adding beard oil will help protect your hair from the heat. 

Should I Use Beard Oil Every Day?

Usually, you won’t have to use beard oil daily to keep your beard looking clean and moisturized. Instead, it would be best to start by applying the oil every other day, and then you can cut back or add more days as you see fit. Overuse will likely cause your hair to become greasy, and it may irritate. 

How Do You Wash Off Beard Oil?

Whether you apply beard oil to your beard or head, you likely want to know the best way to wash it off. If you use too much oil, it’s best to wash out any excess to avoid your beard from becoming irritated, and your best bet is to use warm water to clean the oil off your skin.

However, most people will apply the oil before bed so that it can moisturize their hair overnight. 


While you can use beard oil on your head hair, it will cost you more than regular hair oil, and your hair may appear greasier if too much is applied. So, while it works if you are in a pinch, it’s best to use regular hair oil regularly. 

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