Can I Use Hair Bleach That Has Foamed? (Yes, Here’s Why) 

Can I use hair bleach that has foamed

Have you ever wondered whether it’s okay to use bleach that has gone foamy? If so, you aren’t alone, because a lot of people experience this and start to doubt whether the bleach is okay.

Bleach that has foamed will not hurt you, as this is a normal part of the bleach’s chemical reaction. However, it is worth being aware that foamy bleach will have lost some of its power, and it may not be as effective.

In this article, we’ll look at how hair bleach behaves and how safe it is to use.

Is It Normal For Hair Bleach To Foam Up?

It is normal for hair bleach to foam up once it has been sitting out for a while, yes. Bleach and developer react together when they are mixed, and this reaction creates foam. This is perfectly normal, but it does mean that the bleach will have lost some of its potency.

It is best not to mix bleach in advance for this reason; it will quickly start to foam up and become less powerful. Instead, you should make hair bleach only when you are ready to use it.

What Consistency Should Hair Bleach Be?

Hair bleach should be smooth and slightly runny. This makes it easy to cover your hair evenly, making sure that you don’t get patches of darker and lighter color. You should be able to comb the bleach through the hair, without it clumping or becoming lumpy.

If your bleach has come out too thick to spread, add some more liquid to it. If it comes out too thin, you will need more powder. Mix until you have a smooth consistency that you can spread on your hair.

How Do You Fix Fluffy Bleached Hair?

You might notice that your hair becomes strangely fluffy after being bleached. This is because the bleaching process damages the cuticles of your hair, and your cuticles are what lock moisture into your hair. When they are damaged, your hair will become dry, which leads to fluffiness and loss of shine.

You will need to take steps to repair your hair when this has happened. Applying a small amount of oil, such as coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil, could do the trick. These will coat the strands and help to trap moisture in them, preventing your hair from turning fluffy.

What Should Bleach Look Like When Mixed?

Mixed bleach should be smooth, and is usually either blue or cream/white/yellow. It is usually thick enough that it will cling to a spoon, and the color should be even all over.

If you get pockets of color, this implies that the powder has clumped in places, and this indicates that it hasn’t been fully mixed. Keep stirring until the color is consistent throughout, and all the powder has been combined with the liquid. This might take a few minutes.

Other Rules

Before you start bleaching your hair, you should always make sure you are wearing old clothes that won’t be problematic if you damage them. You should also have some old towels handy.

Never bleach your hair without testing a few strands first. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for bleaching to ensure that you don’t do more damage to the hair cuticle than is necessary to lift the color.

Once your hair has been bleached, you should avoid applying more bleach to it without specialist advice.


If your hair bleach has foamed, it is probably best not to use it, and to mix fresh bleach. This may give you better results, and a more even, reliable effect. If you use old bleach, be aware that it may not bleach your hair evenly.

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