Can You Mix Demi Permanent with 20 Volume? (No, Here’s Why)

Can you mix Demi permanent with 20 volume

Believe it or not, a lot more goes into coloring your hair than just picking a dye and following the instructions on the box (or having a hairdresser/stylist handle things for you).

You have to choose the right color for sure – but you also have to pick the right developer and the right kind of hair dye as well. Make a mistake here and you’ll end up with a nightmare result you might have to live with for a couple of weeks (or even longer).

Demi-permanent hair dye is generally chosen to help lessen the amount of damage that a permanent hair dye would have produced. This isn’t something you want to mix with 20-volume developers, that’s for sure.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper to learn more!

Can You Mix Demi Permanent with 20 Volume?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to keep demi-permanent hair dye away from 20-volume developer products.

As we mentioned a moment ago, mixing 20-volume developer with your demi hair dye inevitably causes a whole lot of problems you’d probably like to avoid if at all possible.

For one thing, while the 20-volume developer will do everything it can to open up your hair cuticles a demi-permanent hair dye isn’t going to have quite enough ammonia in it to complete the chemical reaction necessary to successfully dye your hair in the first place.

This means you’ll end up with peroxide opening up your cuticles, forcing your hair color to change, but the hair dye itself will never “set” – and that’s going to cause quite a bit of oxidation.

Oxidation is going to not only harm the actual hair on your head (breaking down the hair fibers individually), but it’s also going to change and alter the hair color that you have carefully chosen. And not in a good way, either!

You never really know exactly what oxidation is going to do to the color that you’ve selected, but you can be sure that it’s going to add reddish, blue, or even yellow tones into the mix – tones that are to impossible to get rid of without just letting your hair grow out completely and cutting it away.

Steer clear of mixing 20-volume developer with demi permanent hair dye.

What Happens if You Mix Demi Permanent Hair Color with a Developer?

It’s not a bad idea to use some kind of developer with your demi permanent hair color, just not a 20-volume option.

The developer is a huge part of getting the color you want but also getting the hair color to penetrate deeper into the hair fibers that you are looking to color in the first place.

Of course, the stronger the developer you are working with the more your cuticles are going to open up. That means your hair dye is going to seep deeper and deeper into the fibers of your hair – something you probably don’t want to be doing with a demi-permanent solution in the first place.

No, instead it’s a better idea to mix your demi permanent hair dye with something a little lighter in the developer department.

Five-volume developers or even 10-volume developers should work quite well. You’ll end up getting the results you’re after (setting your new color semi-permanently) without changing the color of your hair forever.

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Demi?

As we mentioned a moment ago, it’s a good idea to use a lighter volume developer formula when you are coloring your hair with Demi-permanent hair dyes.

Either one of the 5-volume developer or 10-volume developer options will do the trick. They’ll allow you to both shades and tint your hair with demi-permanent color, opening up just enough of your cuticles to sort of “seal the deal” without totally transforming your hair the way that stronger, more permanent dies might have.

You also won’t ever have to worry about too much of your hair dye penetrating deeper into your hair cuticles and adding those reddish, bluish, and sometimes yellow tones to your hair color (completely changing the look you were hoping for from top to bottom).

Other Things to Consider

There are a couple of other things you have to consider when using demi permanent hair dye and a volume developer.

Hair Type

The kind of hair that you are working with (the hair that you were born with) will have a huge impact on how well it takes hair coloring, what kind of developer you should be using, and how you should actually go about dying your hair in the first place.

Those with fine hair are going to want to stick to lower-level volume developers. “Normal” hair can be treated with regular volume developers (5 or 10 with demi-permanent coloring). Thicker hair is almost always pretty color resistant so you might have to bump your volume developer up a little bit.

Hair Health

The health of your hair has another big impact on what kind of hair dye you should be using and the developer you’ll leverage, too.

Healthy hair that is on the lighter side of things (more porous, that is) will benefit from lower-level developers. Healthy hair that is less porous, though, usually needs a stronger volume developer to get the consistent results you want.

Closing Thoughts

All in all, it’s a pretty good idea to make sure that you are not mixing 20-volume developer products with demi-permanent hair color.

You’ll end up regretting the way the finished product looks, even if you get halfway close to the color you were hoping for. You’ll almost always have reddish undertones, bluish undertones, or even little blobs of yellow running throughout your hair, too.

No, it’s a much better idea to use a volume developer that’s a little bit “lighter weight” than 20.

Try 5 volume developer or a 10-volume developer when using demi-permanent hair dye. You’ll like the results a lot more!

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