Can You Mix Purple Shampoo With Toner? (We Have the Answer!)

can you mix purple shampoo with toner

Blonde hair can turn yellow over time due to a variety of reasons such as overexposure to sunlight. These brassy tones are undesirable for many and the urge to get rid of them is real. Purple shampoo provides the solution. It neutralizes those brassy tones and restores your hair to its former shade.

Can you mix purple shampoo with toner? Mixing purple shampoo with toner isn’t required since the former is itself a mild toner. It effectively neutralizes yellow tones and turns your hair a lighter shade.

Read on to find out more about mixing purple shampoo with toner and other related topics. Happy reading!

What is Purple Shampoo and What Does it Do?

As its name suggests, purple shampoo is a light or deep, purple-colored shampoo that contains violet pigments to revitalize blonde hair. More specifically, purple shampoo is used to neutralize yellow and brassy tones in blonde hair. It is suitable for most shades of blonde, from dark to platinum.

After dyeing, blonde hair can turn an undesirable shade of yellow with time due to a host of reasons such as excessive sun exposure, bad water quality, and exposure to certain chemicals. 

Purple shampoo works by releasing violet pigments that are absorbed by your hair follicles. These pigments neutralize or “cancel out” the yellow tones due to which your hair turns a cooler shade of blonde, closer to its former color.

Is Purple Shampoo Only for Blonde Hair?

A question you might have at this point is whether purple shampoo is only for blonde hair. Although purple shampoo works best on lighter shades (such as blonde), it can also be used for darker shades such as brown. Purple shampoo won’t be as effective for brunettes but can tone light-colored strands if you have them.

Moreover, purple shampoo can be used to neutralize yellow tones in both natural blonde hair as well as dyed blonde hair.

How often Should you Use Purple Shampoo?

So, how frequently should you use purple shampoo? The answer to this depends on the shade of your hair and its type and texture. If your hair is a darker shade of blonde, you might need to use the shampoo daily or once every two days.

However, using the shampoo very frequently can result in a slightly violet hue on your hair. This is especially true if your hair is a lighter shade of blonde and is prone to damage.

Can you Mix Purple Shampoo with Toner?

A toner helps neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones in your hair and makes it look healthier and more natural. So, a toner essentially does the same thing purple shampoo does. In fact, purple shampoo is often referred to and used as a toner.

Should you mix the two then? Mixing purple shampoo with toner isn’t necessary since they both perform the same task. So you can solely use purple shampoo that is best for your hair to neutralize brassy tones; mixing it with a toner won’t be required.

Can Toner be Added to Shampoo?

Yes, toner can be added to your shampoo if you don’t want to use it separately. Depending on the type and texture of your hair, you can add a small amount of toner to your shampoo (usually a few drops).

Do I Use Purple Shampoo Before or after Toner?

You might be wondering whether you should use purple shampoo before or after applying a toner. We recommend washing and shampooing your hair after using a toner. Shampooing your hair after toning helps get rid of any toner residue left on your scalp and prevents damage.

Using purple shampoo before toning your hair is not recommended since it will remove all the essential oils that keep your hair healthy and are needed during toning.

How Soon Can You Use Purple Shampoo After Toning?

While using a purple shampoo after toning is not necessary (since it is itself a toner), you can wash your hair with it after toning. But how long should you wait before applying purple shampoo to your hair?

The ideal waiting time is a few minutes. The sooner you wash off the toner and shampoo your hair, the better it will be for your hair. This is because leaving the toner in your hair for too long can cause damage and can also introduce unwanted undertones. So it is better to wash off the toner as soon as you can.

How do You Turn Purple Shampoo into Toner?

As we mentioned before, purple shampoo itself is a mild toner and does exactly what you’d expect a regular toner to do. So turning purple shampoo into a toner isn’t really required, especially if you have blonde hair.

However, if you want to do it, here are a few steps to help you get started.

  1. Start by emptying your purple shampoo into a bowl. 
  2. Next, add a few drops of toner. You can add more toner depending on how yellow your hair is. 
  3. Stir the mixture thoroughly and then pour it back into the bottle using a funnel.

Can you use purple shampoo as a toner after bleaching?

Yes, using purple shampoo as a toner after bleaching your hair is a good idea and something we recommend. You can use purple shampoo to prevent your blonde hair from turning yellow after bleaching. Since purple shampoo is a mild toner itself, you won’t need to use a dedicated toner to do the job.

One thing to keep in mind here is that purple shampoo is a mild toner. It isn’t as powerful or aggressive as regular toner and you might need to use it several times to neutralize brassy tones.


Purple shampoo works perfectly to neutralize brassy tones in blonde hair and can restore your hair’s former, lighter shade. It is a mild toner and mixing it with a regular toner isn’t usually required.

Thank you for reading this guide on mixing purple shampoo with toner! We hope you found it helpful and informative!

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