Can You Put Blue Dye Over Orange Hair? (Yes, Here’s Why)   

can you put blue dye over orange hair

Maybe you are sick and tired of your orange hair and want to shake things up a little bit. Or maybe you just want to lower some of your brassy tones.

At the end of the day you’ve probably discovered that dyeing orange hair is nowhere near as simple or straightforward as changing other colors – and you might be nervous about whether or not changing your orange hair to blue will work (or if it’ll leave your hair a funky kaleidoscope of colors instead).

Well, worry no longer – you’ve come to the right place!

We shine a light on pretty much everything you need to know about whether or not you’ll be able to put blue hair dye over orange chair, whether or not blue will cover up your orange hair completely, and even breakdown a couple of other colors you might want to consider as well.

Let’s do this!

Can You Put Blue Dye Over Orange Hair?

If you are excited about the idea of changing your orange hair to blue – either by going to the salon or getting your hands on box dye, it makes no difference – you are going to love what we have to share right now.

You can absolutely use blue dye over your orange hair, and not only will you get fantastic results but you’re going to be able to get almost complete coverage with a proper dye job as well.

Because of where blue sits on the color wheel spectrum compared to orange this is a very complementary color, a color that should go nicely with your complexion.

On top of all of that, the blue colors in dye are going to be able to significantly counteract the red and brassy tones in orange hair – reducing them significantly while making your hair look more beautiful, more vibrant, and more full of life all at the same time.

Not bad, right?

Not at all!

Does Blue Cover Up Orange?

You bet it does!

As we just highlighted a moment ago, blue hair dye does an incredible job at covering up hair that has begun to orange, hair that has a bit of red running through it on the undertones, but also hair that has brassy orange tones as well.

All of those characteristics are going to get swallowed up completely by the blue dye, without it looking weird, without it looking splotchy, and without those tones bleed through.

You’ll get total coverage, from root to tip, and as long as you follow the directions (or have a professional stylist do the dye job for you) you’ll love the way the finished result looks in no time at all.

Blue hair dyes of all shades and tones will work well, too.

You could go with something really dark, almost purple or indigo. Or you could go with a lighter, denim kind of blue – or even an electric blue.

At the end of the day, all of the orange tones will be pulled right into the fold of your new hair color and it’ll be as though your hair was never orange in the first place!

Can I Put Dye Over Orange Hair?

Yes, you’ll have no trouble using a hair dye product (box or salon quality, it’s up to you) to cover your orange hair.

But before you dive right in and cover up those brassy tones, though, it’s not a bad idea to get out in front the root causes that are adding these orange tones to begin with!

The first thing you’ll want to do is leverage a quality toner product designed to kind of corral those orange tones in the first place. Salon toners work wonders, but over the counter options specifically formulated to tone things down (no pun intended) can be leveraged pretty reliably as well.

Hair gloss is another product you’ll want to consider getting your hands on and using regularly to control orange tons. This product works incredibly well to calm down the brassy warmth that orange is going to introduce into the mix.

Believe it or not, a quality blue shampoo will do a wonderful job neutralizing a lot of the orange in your hair. Purple shampoos will work, too – just expect these products to take a little longer (a month or more of consistent use) until you see real and tangible results.

After you get those tones under control, bust out the box dye – or head down to your favorite salon – and have them color your hair blue and watch as the orange disappears completely!

What Hair Dye Colors Cover Up Orange Hair?

If you’re dead set on coloring your hair blue, feel free to skip this part of the guide completely.

But if you’d like to have a couple of different options available the next time you go to dye your hair, here are some other colors you can reliably use to total cover orange up without streaks or splotches:

  • Black
  • Blue-Black
  • Bright Red
  • Burgundy Brown
  • Denim
  • Electric Blue
  • Indigo
  • Plum
  • Violet

Some folks are under the impression that only dark blues will work to get rid of orange colors. Not so.

Lighter blues (including electric and denim) will do a great job, but purples and even some grays can work well, too.

You’ll have a ton of different options (and an almost unlimited amount of blues) to pick and choose from when you want to try something different.

Closing Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with orange hair – and when styled correctly, it can be just as beautiful as any other color or shade.

Sometimes, though, orange just doesn’t look right. Especially when it’s really brassy, really flat, and just kind of dull.

That’s when the urge to change things up is going to kick in, and who could blame you?

Luckily for you, there’s only about a million and one different kinds of blue you could go with if you want to be sure that orange tones are banished from your head once and for all.

Do a little digging into your options, find a couple you really like, zero in on just one to try and let it rip.

You’ll love the results!

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