Can You Put Cologne On Clothes? (Yes, Here’s Why)

can you put cologne on clothes

Heading out the door? Feel like you need to spruce up your scent a little? Well, you may be wondering whether you can spray the cologne directly onto clothes, or whether it needs to be put on your skin.

So, can you put cologne on clothes? What happens when you put cologne on your clothes? We are going to be answering all those questions, and a little bit more, throughout this page. 

Can You Put Cologne On Clothes?

While you can put cologne on your clothes, it is not recommended. Cologne is designed to be absorbed by the body. In fact, the cologne interacts with your body’s natural oils. So, if you are not spraying it onto your skin, the scent will disapparate pretty quickly. 

Cologne smells great as it is. However, in order to unlock the real ‘scent’ of the perfume, it needs to be sprayed onto your body. The cologne works best when it is absorbed by your skin. It is here, that it will start to interact with your body’s natural oils which, hopefully, should make the cologne smell a lot better. 

That’s not to say that the cologne still wouldn’t smell as great if you sprayed it directly onto your clothes. It will. The scent just won’t hang around anywhere near as long as it should. 

What Happens If You Spray Cologne On Your Clothes?

You are still going to have the scent on you. However, the scent probably won’t be the same as if you sprayed the cologne directly onto your skin. There is also a chance that the scent of the cologne will disappear quite quickly. This means that you will need to use the cologne far more often. 

Obviously, cologne is packed with a ton of natural ingredients. If you sprayed the cologne in the air, then you would be able to smell it. However, come back a few minutes later, and that scent would have all but disappeared.

In order for cologne to work and stick around for the long haul, it needs to be ‘absorbed’ by something. If you spray it on your clothes, your clothing will lightly absorb the cologne, but it will disappear within a few hours. This means that you will probably end up using a lot more cologne. 

In addition to this, there is a chance that the cologne could end up staining your clothes. This is likely to not be an issue with a couple of pumps of the cologne every so often. However, if the same clothing is constantly being hit with cologne, then the risk of light staining will shoot all the way up. 

is It Better To Put Cologne On Skin or Clothes?

You should only ever be putting cologne on your skin. You should never put cologne on your clothes. If you put cologne on your clothes, then it will never smell as brilliant. The scent will also disappear quite quickly.

Cologne has been formulated to be absorbed by the skin. When your skin absorbs the cologne, two things happen:

  • The scent will stick around for longer.
  • The scent will be a little bit better.

The reason why the scent tends to be better is that the cologne reacts with the heat of your body, as well as your body’s natural oils. If you are spraying the cologne onto your clothing, then you are going to get none of this benefit.

This means that you should always be applying cologne before you put your clothes on. Don’t worry. Even if the clothing covers the areas where you have sprayed the cologne, it is still going to have a fantastic scent. 

Is Cologne Good For Clothes?

A couple of sprays of cologne on your clothing is likely not going to have that much of an impact, especially if you clean your clothes shortly after. However, after a while, you may run the risk of staining.

That being said, it is never recommended that you put cologne on your clothes anyway. It doesn’t smell as fantastic when it is on your clothes, nor is the scent going to hang around as long.

A lot of people that put cologne directly on their clothes will find that they are getting through a lot more cologne. In fact, it is not uncommon for the scent of the cologne to completely disappear within just a few hours. Not exactly ideal if you are heading out for the night, is it?

Does Cologne Last Longer on Clothes or Skin?

Cologne is going to last a lot longer on the skin than it is on your clothes. In fact, on your skin, the cologne scent could last for an entire evening. If you spray the cologne onto your clothes, then the scent may last just a few hours.

It is recommended that you spray your cologne straight onto your skin. Don’t just spray it anywhere, though. Cologne tends to last a little bit longer on the parts of your skin which generate heat. So, placing the cologne on the wrists, your neck, or even on your chest is likely to have the most impact.

A lot of people worry that if they spray the cologne on their skin and cover it up with their clothes, the scent won’t hang around for long. However, we can assure you that it is fine. The cologne scent should be powerful enough to get through your clothing.


While you can put cologne on your clothing, it isn’t recommended. Not only does it not smell as brilliant, but the scent doesn’t hang around for long either. If you want to use your cologne properly, then you should be spraying it directly onto your skin. Ideally, you should place the cologne in the ‘warmer’ parts of your body, or close to your pulse/heart. It is here that the scent will tend to be a little bit better. The warmth of your skin and body oils will really help the cologne scent to shine through. 

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