Can You Put Lotion On Your Lips? (Yes, Here’s Why)

can you put lotion on your lips

The way your lips look can tell a lot about you. For instance, the look of your lips will tell others if you are a hygienic person or not. At the same time, well maintained lips are good for your health. In addition to that, clean and well-maintained lips play a critical role in improving the aesthetics of your face.

This article is going to guide you on how to have your lips clean, healthy, and appealing.

Can I Apply Body Lotion on Lips?

The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and are vulnerable to cracks. You may be wondering if you should apply body lotion on the lips. Moreover, if you desire to use body lotion on your lips, there is no harm in it under ordinary circumstances.

Body lotion is not a harmful product to the body. This is because it is a moisturizer that is usually manufactured with the use of natural products. It is therefore used in many parts of the body including the hair, hands, and the rest of the body. Though the use of body lotion on lips is not common, there is no reason why it should not be used on the lips.

Unlike the regular lip balm, the use of lotion has the advantage of bringing in various types of oils which play a critical role in hydrating the skin. For people who do not like products with a flavor, then they should choose lotion instead of lip balm. In addition to that, if you use lotion, it is not going to be transferred from one part of the body to another, making it a clean choice for you. Many consumers find it easier to apply lotion.

What Can I Put on My Lips to Moisturize Them?

There is no shortage of what you can use in order to moisturize your lips. However, whichever choice that you make, you should ensure that it is safe to use. This is because it is not good to compromise on matters to do with your health. As far as possible, you should aim at moisturizing your lips and at the same time, try to bring in long term effects to the health of your lips.

Having stated that, there are various ways through which you can keep your skin moisturized. To start with, water is a great base in ensuring that your lips are moisturized. Therefore, develop a habit of sipping water throughout the day. Second, the use of cream or balm plays an important role in moisturizing the lips. In particular, the cream is well known for managing dry lips.

Third, the use of ointment enables you to enhance the ability of the lips to absorb water and cream. You do not have to do this only when you are going somewhere; you can actually do this even if it is at night.

Lastly, in order to moisturize your lips, you can use Berry Mix Complex by Laneige. This product contains vitamin C and antioxidants thereby moisturizing your lips in both the short and the long run.

What Should You Not Put on Your Lips?

Like in any other product in the market, you should make use of lip balm when you need it. Whereas you may not necessarily develop an addiction, you may become gradually accustomed to the use of lip balm and this is going to have a negative impact on you. Another common method that is used is trial and error. You should check if something works for you, and if for any reason it does not, then the most provident thing is to stop using it entirely.

Having stated that, consumers have reported the following products as giving them an irritation: artificial colors, aspirin, fragrances, and aloe better. It should be noted that vitamin E is very important for graceful aging, but it can cause an irritation. Some experts advise consumers to avoid products that contain menthol as they might have far reaching consequences on the user. It should be noted that some people can experience a severe allergy to some of these ingredients. The best way of managing allergies is simply to avoid such allergic triggers. Consumers should also note that some lip products are going to make you drier than you already are, and therefore, they should be avoided.

Does Moisturizer Help Chapped Lips?

It is not uncommon to find your lips chapped after they have become dry for a long time. In addition to that, the lips could have an infection such as yeast or cold sore. There are people who can be very sensitive to some skin care products, castor oil for instance.

If this happens to you, the problem becomes what you can do in order to address your chapped lips, and what you can do to moisturize them. You can try to address this problem on your own and see how far you can go. For example, if you visit a reputable pharmacist, you can get an effective over-the-counter treatment. Whatever the case, it is very important that you establish what is causing the chapped lips. This will help you avoid a case of persistent chapped lips because you will look for a comprehensive solution.

However, if the problem persists, the best thing that you can do is to seek the intervention of the doctor. There are two main types of medics that can help in this: an allergist or a dermatologist. Solutions such as a regular lip balm will not help you much, and the best thing is to seek the intervention of a professional who will assist you.


Whereas many people do not see a need for visiting a doctor for the maintenance and health of their lips, this is something that you should consider. Once in a while, pay a visit to the dermatologist, and he or she is going to help you in any problem about your lips. Again, the dermatologist will detect a problem with the lips early enough for the appropriate intervention.

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