Can You Use Conditioner as Lotion? (Yes, Here’s Why)

can you use conditioner as lotion

In recent years, people have recommended that you can use hair conditioner as a lotion, and it leaves the skin soft after applying it. But is this true?

Hair Conditioners can be used as a Lotion, as they contain similair ingredients to moisturizers according to some individuals. While possible, it’s probably better to use a regular lotion or moisturizer for your skin, as these are specifically designed for your skin.

In this article, we will discuss whether you can use a hair conditioner as a body lotion. We have everything you need to know about using a hair conditioner as a moisturizer. So keep reading!

Can You Use Hair Conditioner as Lotion?

As hair conditioners and moisturizing lotions contain a fair amount of similar ingredients, it has been suggested that the two can be used interchangeably. Hair conditioners are made to hydrate and moisturize the head’s scalp. Thus people have suggested that it would make no difference if it was used on your skin. 

The possible downside to this idea is that the conditioner would dry much faster than it would when used on your hair. This is because a few ingredients are used in conditioners specially designed for hair and body parts. 

Nonetheless, it will not irritate or cause damage to your skin and can have the effect that a lotion would have on your skin. People have suggested that it can make your skin as soft as any moisturizer.

What Happens If You Put Conditioner On Your Skin?

Applying hair conditioner to your skin after a shower and letting it dry may benefit your skin. It can help to add a thin layer of oil over the top layer of your skin and may even get rid of the dry feeling after a shower.

Some people think using a hair conditioner as a body conditioner is a great idea. It should be applied all over your body after a shower, just as regular lotion. It may even help the skin feel protected and hydrated afterward.

Using a moisturizer after the shower is an essential idea if you want to have great skin, so if you’re out of your regular lotion and all you have is some hair conditioner, it seems like it’s not the worst idea. Just be sure that it is only a thin layer on the skin, as if you apply too many layers, this can cause your skin to become greasy.

Some people are now even using hair conditioner as a body wash, as they believe it can clean themselves as well as soap. Then they apply the same conditioner as a moisturizer, turning this hair product into an all-in-one.

The Cons of Using Hair Conditioner As A Moisturiser

While using a hair conditioner as a moisturizer has gained a good following in recent years, some people are against the idea. Some skincare professionals have argued that it is not a great idea as some hair conditioner ingredients can irritate the skin.

One of these is quaternary ammonium compounds, which can irritate the skin, and comedogenic ingredients will clog up the pores on your skin. This has led certain skincare professionals to suggest that you skip using the hair conditioners as a  lotion and instead use a body conditioner that can work as both a body wash and lotion.

Can I Put Conditioner In My Hair As A Moisturiser?

Conditioners are made as moisturizers for your head. They are made up of multiple ingredients that are brought together to benefit your head’s scalp. These include surfactants, which will help to give your hair that smooth feeling. 

Emollients are another ingredient that helps keep your hair hydrated. Oils and silicones are also included in the ingredient list. Silicones are a great ingredient as they help to keep your hair shiny, reduce frizz and help to lock out humidity.

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