Can You Use Lume On Private Parts? (Yes, Here’s Why)

can you use lume on private parts

We all love to smell our best when we’re out and about, and will often use deodorant before we leave the house. Some of us prefer a more natural deodorant that leaves out some of the harshest chemical, and one of these is Lume. A common question for those using this brand is, can you use Lume on your private parts?

Lume is safe to use anywhere on your body; this includes your private parts, under the breast, armpits, and back. This is because it contains no aluminum, no baking soda, and on top of this, it is certified cruelty-free.

In this article, we will discuss whether or not you can use Lume on your private parts. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about Lume.

What Is Lume?

Lume is a deodorant brand that Dr. Shannon Klingman invented after she discovered that many women were overdiagnosed with a form of bacterial vaginosis. More often than not, these women did not have BV yet were sent away with antibiotics they did not need.

So Dr. Klingman spent ten years developing a solution to this problem when she realized that the odor caused by bacterial vaginosis is the same odor that forms on the outside of the body from sweating. 

Dr. Klingman would eventually come up with Lume, a deodorant that could be used on all parts of a woman’s body, including the private area. Thus, Lume became the world’s first solution for external odor causes around your private area.

Lume comes in a bar form, is free of baking soda and aluminum, and is cruelty-free. You see, lume doesn’t actually block or prevent one from sweating. Instead, it works with your body’s natural chemistry and prevents the bacteria that causes the odor from reacting, making it a great product for anyone who suffers with some odor problems or for those who want a more natural deodorant.

Use of Lume On Your Private Parts

Suppose you decide to use lume deodorant for the first time and are curious as to whether or not it can be applied directly to your private parts; good news, because you can. Lume can be applied to your private parts and anywhere else on your body.

If it’s your first time using this product, here are a few tips for applying this deodorant in areas where odor frequently appears. 

So just as you can use Lumes Solid Stick on your armpits, the same as the original cream, you can use it anywhere on any external part of your body, just never internally. So when it comes to applying it, it’s recommended to swipe a little bit off the solid stick with your finger and gently apply it with your fingertips to your private area.

When it comes to the area around the vulva, it’s crucial that you remember to work from front to back, as the other direction increases your chance of a UTI or urinary tract infection.

First, start by applying it with your finger around the clitoral hood and labia majora, but remember to stay outside of the vagina. Then continue further back, encompassing the space between the rectum and vaginal opening and backward towards the bum and tailbone.

If you’re a man and would also like to try lume for the area around your penis, it can be applied nearly the same way.

Start with a small amount on your finger and spread around the base area of the penis. Then move on to the folds of the legs and work backward to the scrotum and rectum. Finally, work backward towards the bum and up to your tailbone.

Lume Deodorant Works

Lume was created as Doctor Shannon Klingman wanted a deodorant that went beyond just smelly pits and would go on to create a product that helps clear up all body odor. She has done just that, and it has quickly become one of the best-selling deodorants in the U.S.

Lume has become one of the most sought-after deodorants thanks to its lack of chemicals and ability to kill bacterial odors; it can be used by both females and males on their private parts. It is celebrated by both males and females as a way to kill unwanted odors.

While lume won’t prevent you from sweating as it doesn’t contain any aluminium, thus it cannot block your sweat glands, it’s still considered one of the best deodorants on the market. This is because it does its job blocking nasty odors.

It should be remembered that lume works its magic when you begin with a clean slate, as it stops the reaction between bacteria and body fluids. Thus, it should be applied directly after showering to get the best results. 


Can Lume Be Ingested?

If you are curious whether lume can be ingested, it’s probably best to steer clear of eating a bar of deodorant. Consuming a small amount of lume will result in a sore stomach and maybe a little loose stool. While accidents happen from time to time, it’s best to take care and try not to ingest very much.

If you find a child has gotten into your deodorant and has decided to take a bite of the bar, it’s not a major cause for concern. Firstly, remove the deodorant, wash off any product on their lips and hands, and get them a glass of water.

Can You Use Lume While Pregnant?

If you’ve been using Lume for a while, or if it will be your first time and you’re curious as to whether or not it can be used when pregnant, it’s generally considered safe. When considering what healthcare products to use when pregnant, it often comes down to what chemical ingredients are contained in the product. 

As Lume is a product that doesn’t contain any chemicals such as aluminum, it’s generally accepted that lume is one of the safest products and deodorants to use when pregnant. 

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