Do Guys Like Lipstick or Lipgloss? (We Have the Answer!)

do guys like lipstick or lipgloss

There’s a big difference between lipstick and lipgloss. Guys tend to like lipstick more so than lipgloss. Lipstick sends a message the woman is mature and more confident. Lipgloss is generally seen to mean young-minded and less mature. One man from a study stated “women wear lipstick, girls wear lipgloss,” meaning it’s more attractive when women wear lipstick.

If you’ve ever wondered if guys like lipstick or lipgloss more on a woman, keep reading to find out more about what they think. We’re looking into the differences in the messages sent by each type of lip makeup. Guys like both types, but lipstick seems to be the favorite.

Do Guys Like Lipstick or Lipgloss More?

Generally, guys like girls that wear something on their lips more than when girls stick to all natural lips. What’s more is that they like lipstick more than lipgloss. So, why is that?

Lipstick looks better and implies maturity. Men think of a girl with lipstick on as being older and more confident in herself. Some men say that bold lipstick is intimidating, but even that is part of the attraction.

Lipgloss is shiny and sticky, which doesn’t make the same impression on a guy. It makes for a sticky mess if she kisses him and doesn’t stay on her lips at all.

Do Guys Like Kissing with Lip Gloss?

While some may find it ok, most guys don’t like it. Lip gloss is gooey and transfers easily. And sometimes gloss is tinted, which makes it even worse. 

A lot of guys prefer kissing when there’s nothing on the girl’s lips. Lip gloss is especially inconvenient when it’s just been freshly applied. It’s more goopy and there’s more of it to get transferred to him. 

Should I Wear Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Women often wonder what guys think about how they look. They wonder about the clothing they wear, the makeup they put on, and even the products they use.

Men are all different, so the question of whether to wear lipstick or lipgloss has different answers. Research shows that lipstick is gaining in popularity and guys seem to like it more than lipgloss.

Women should make their own decisions as to whether they should wear one or the other. It comes down to what her motivations are for wearing lip makeup. If she’s looking for male attention, she may want to go with lipstick. If she wants a shiny light look, then lipgloss may be the better option. 

The most important thing to remember is you want to choose the product that makes you feel the best about yourself.

What Color Lipstick Do Men Find Attractive?

Several studies have been done to see what colors men are attracted to. Red always comes out on top. It specifically attracts men when women wear red lipstick but red dresses and other clothing also attract them. 

Though some men say red lipstick is intimidating, they still like it. Men say that red lipstick shows confidence, poise, allure, and attention to detail. It’s been proven that men pay more attention to women wearing red lipstick than any other color.

Why Do Guys Like Lipstick?

Lipstick isn’t usually sticky or gooey. It can transfer form her lips to his, but not to the degree that lip gloss does.

Some guys actually want the lipstick to transfer to his. They say it serves as proof that he’s been kissing a girl and he likes that. They may not want it all over their face, but a little something showing he’s had a romantic encounter with a woman makes him feel good. 

Lipstick also shows a girl cares about herself. It lets the world know she wants to look her best. She puts effort into looking presentable. This is attractive to many kinds of guys. 

What Lipstick Is Most Attractive?

Red has been the favorite lipstick color for quite some time, now. But there’s another trend that’s catching on. 

Women are feeling empowered by wearing nude shades of lip stick. They say they feel more attractive when wearing nude shades of lipstick. The color acts as more of an enhancement and less like a distraction from the face’s natural beauty. Women feel prettier and men feel intrigued while not feeling intimidated.

Does Lipstick Make You More Attractive?

Lipstick makes you more attractive in a few different ways. Men are drawn to the appearance of lipstick. Lips are involved in intimate encounters between people who find each other attractive. They are sensual. Lipstick and lipgloss both draw more attention to the lips. 

Many guys want a girl who keeps herself up well. He wants to know she cares about her appearance and pays attention to details. When a woman wears lipstick, it means she took the time to put it on. It means she cares about herself.

Regardless of anything a guy may be thinking about her, a woman likely feels more attractive just by putting on lipstick. When she feels more attractive, she exudes magnetism, which adds to her level of attractiveness. Women who feel more attractive are more attractive.

Do Men Like Makeup?

Typically, men do like makeup. Lipstick and eye makeup are both at the top of the list. The eyes and the lips are both parts of the body men find attractive, so they also like these to stand out. 

Men, in general, do not like overdone makeup. If there’s a lot of it, it makes her seem desperate. Guys tend to feel more that she’s trying too hard, rather than trying to take care of herself. 

Final Thoughts

Men like lipstick more than lipgloss. They prefer the filled in color, rather than the light shininess of lipgloss. Guys like the message of confidence and attention to detail they see when a girl wears lipstick.

Lipgloss is stickier and transfers to guys more easily when they’re kissing or making out than lipstick does. Though colors do matter and can send some varied messages, red has been the front-runner for a while. Nude lipsticks are quickly starting to gain in popularity, however. 

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