Do You Pluck The Hairs That Grow In The Corner Of Your Eyes? (No, Here’s Why)

Do you pluck the hairs that grow in the corner of your eyes

Recently noticed hairs growing in the corner of your eyes? Perhaps you’re wondering what you can do about them. Should you pluck them?

Well, for the most part, no! But hang in there and continue reading to find out what having hair growth in the corner of your eyes may mean and when it is okay to pluck them.

What Does it Mean?

The first thing you want to notice is whether or not it’s bothersome. If the hairs are just there sitting in the corner of your eye minding their own business. Well, then, let them. It’s there to protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and sweat.

Besides, even when you do try plucking them, it is going to be painful and you are most likely going to end up with an eye infection.

However, if the hair growth is causing you discomfort and irritation, a quick google search will tell you it’s most likely ‘trichiasis,’ which is the hair growth from the corner of the eyelid. In that case, you must go see your eye specialist and let him take care of it.


Following are the treatment options your healthcare specialist might explore to deal with the issue at hand:

  • The initial step in treating this condition is to pluck or epilate the lashes that are pointing in the wrong direction using specialized forceps. 
  • Electrolysis is a method for permanently removing hair that involves applying a laser current wave to the scalp in order to cause damage to the hair follicle.
  • Surgery may be necessary in more severe conditions in order to completely eradicate the condition.
  • A soft bandage-like lens is put inside the eye to aid in its recovery and to guard it against the ingrown lashes, helping the cornea recover more quickly.

Hair in Your Tear Duct

If you are asking yourself if it’s normal to have hair in your tear duct, then, no, not really. However, it does happen. Hair in the punctum is a rare condition in which eyelashes that fall out routinely are swept up and sucked into the tear duct through the lower punctum as an outcome of the pressure created due to blinking.

Humans are found capable of developing dermoid in their eyes, which can result in the growth of hair on the eyeballs. However, this is very rare and quite less likely. So much so that an eye doctor may only encounter a patient or two suffering from hairy eyeballs during the course of their practice.

Can an Eyelash Get Embedded in Eye?

Eyelashes typically do not grow out of your eyes. They grow outwards in a layer on the edge of your eyelids. However, sometimes instead of growing outward, they start an inward growth which specialists term an ‘Ingrown Eyelash’. It is when your eyelash grows outside your skin but in the wrong direction, touching and irritating your eyeball.


These may be a result of:

How to Remove an Ingrown Eyelash

It is quite safe to remove an eyelash that has grown inwards. In point of fact, removal of the eyelashes is required in order to alleviate the pain and get rid of the problem.

You have the option of manually plucking the eyelash, or you can let someone else do it for you. It’s possible that another person will be able to notice the lash more clearly.

However, that is not the solution. There is a good chance that the eyelash will grow back, at which point it might be even more uncomfortable.

Thus, you will need the assistance of an optical expert in order to find a solution that will be more permanent and prevent further complications.

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