Does Permanent Black Hair Dye Fade? (Yes, Here’s Why)

does permanent black hair dye fade

The ‘permanent’ in permanent dye sort of indicates that it will last forever. However, that can’t possibly be the case, can it? If you used a permanent black hair dye now, would the color really last for years to come? Well, no. Not exactly. Let’s explain. 

Does Permanent Black Hair Dye Fade?

Permanent black dye fades eventually. The color will likely fade within six and eight weeks of you applying it, with the color completely disappearing a few weeks after that.

The ‘permanent’ part of ‘permanent black hair dye’ means that the color just stays in the hair a little bit longer than normal hair dye. This is because the permanent dye has an additional chemical that allows it to penetrate the hair a little bit better. This makes it easier for the color to stay in the hair.

However, your hair is constantly growing. When you use a permanent dye, you are only dying the hair that has already grown. As your hair grows out and as you wash it, that color will start to fade. Eventually (normally after 3-4 months), the color will be gone completely. However, you will want to re-dye your hair a long time before that. This is because the uncolored roots will have already started to grow through. 

Does Dark Permanent Hair Color Fade?

Yes. Permanent hair color will fade. It normally takes 2-3 months for you to spot the fading. However, eventually, the color will fade just like any other hair dye.

The dark permanent hair color tends to stick around for a little bit longer because it lodges itself deep into the hair a little bit better. However, this dye isn’t going to spread down your hair strands when they grow out. This means that, sooner or later, undyed hairs are going to poke through, and this is going to make the color fade. Not to mention the fact that each time you wash your hair, a small amount of dye is going to be washed away. 

How Long Does It Take For Semi-Permanent Black Hair Dye To Fade?

It will be dependent on the hair dye that you purchase. However, most semi-permanent products will likely last 6-12 washes of your hair. 

This doesn’t mean the hair color is going to disappear completely after 6-12 washes of your hair. Instead, the color will fade. This means that your hair isn’t going to have quite the same pizzazz that it had before. The hair color will likely be gone at some point between the 24-36 wash mark. 

How Long Does It Take For Permanent Hair Dye To Fade Completely?

It will be dependent on the color. Some hair dye will have completely faded away between 3-4 months after you have dyed it. Other colors may stay in your hair for around 12 months.

Generally speaking, the longer-lasting permanent hair dye tends to be salon-quality hair dye. This means that if you have your hair dyed in a salon, the color will fade far slower. You may not even notice any significant fading for 2 months. Cheaper hair dyes will wash out very quickly. In fact, it is not uncommon for those to disappear within 2-3 months, even if they are permanent hair dyes. 

The color of your hair will fade far slower if you take care when you are washing it. This means using cold water to wash your hair and shampooing as little as possible.

Final Thoughts

Permanent black hair dye will fade eventually. The speed of fading will be dependent on how you treat your hair, as well as the quality of the product used. In most cases, you can expect the dye to last between 3-4 months.

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