Does Turmeric Make You Darker? (No, Here’s Why)

Does turmeric make you darker

Turmeric has been used by many societies for a hundred of years. It was a common product for you during the ancient civilizations. It is a very beneficial product in both cosmetic as well as healing properties. The most beneficial ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which is a bio-active component of the product.

This article is going to explore all about turmeric:

Does Turmeric Make You Darker?

There has been a concern among many consumers that turmeric can make you darker. However, it is important to approach this from a data informed point of view, and evaluate what the experts have to say about this product.

So, does turmeric make you look darker? The fact is that turmeric does not make you look darker. As a matter of fact, turmeric, when used over time, is going to make you lighter, and your skin is going to glow.

Sime people go as far as using turmeric in order to lighten their skin. As a matter of fact, this is one of the most practical was of skin lightening- it is not only a cheap option but it also, it does not have side effects. In addition to that, it does not lead to a major alteration of the skin.

But there is one isolated situation where turmeric can make you look darker- when you use turmeric and go into direct sunlight. What turmeric does is to react with direct sunlight, and thus, you are going to look darker. If you have to use turmeric, and you must go out, then it is advisable that you use it at night.

Can Turmeric Lighten Dark Lips?

Dark lips can ruin the way that you look. The problem becomes how you can work on your lips and lighten them naturally, and without bringing in side effects. The best way of doing this is to use natural remedies, and the use of turmeric is one of such remedies.

Turmeric contains a component that is known as tyrosinase inhibitor. The main significance of this component is that it drastically reduces melanin production. Thus, you can use turmeric in order to lighten your dark lips. You should use turmeric and milk in order to make a paste, apply it, and then leave it for 5 minutes, and then you can wash it off.

If you want to have an optimal outcome in lightening your dark lips, then you can prepare a combination of turmeric, honey, lemon, and sugar. Others prepare lip mask using milk and turmeric and then rubbing it off with a toothbrush. The purpose of milk is to lighten the dark lips and the purpose of honey is that it works as a moisturizer. You can proceed to use lip balm in order to make your lips soft and aesthetically appealing.

Is It Good to Apply Turmeric to Body Every Day?

It is advisable that you make a habit of using turmeric regularly for optimal benefits. But can you apply turmeric every day? There is no observed harm in using turmeric every day. You can make use of one tablespoon of turmeric every day, and you are not going to have negative effects.

The benefits of turmeric are not confined to lightening of dark lips, there are many other observable benefits. For example, turmeric contains a very critical component, curcumin, which helps in boosting your skin color.  Another important benefit of turmeric is that it helps in removing the dead cells that you may be having. People who struggle with acne can find a solution in the use of turmeric. If your lips are itchy, and have wounds, you can still use turmeric in order to manage the pain and reduce the symptoms.

However, much as you would like to apply turmeric every day, do not use too much of it every day. The way the body work does not really need too much of something. When you use too much of it, you might have a yellow tint. In addition to that, when you use turmeric for your dark lips, you should wipe it off after some minutes.

Again, when you are applying turmeric, do not apply it in a rush and ensure that you apply it evenly. If you do not apply turmeric evenly, then it is going to leave patchwork on your lips, and this is not going to be appealing.

Is Turmeric Really Helpful in Removing Hairs From Body Permanently?

When the hair grows on other parts except the head, it can be unsightly and unwanted. When such a thing happens, one can be frustrated and resort to desperate measures such as plucking. This can come with a lot of pain and it can, in fact, worsen the problem.

Instead of using measures such as plucking, why not consider methods such as the use of turmeric. Using turmeric for removing your hair is not only easy to use, but also, it is an effective method that will not behind ugly side effects.

Turmeric is very effective in removing fuzz, and in addition to that, it helps in the inhabitation of growth of hair. In addition to that, it helps in removing the hair from the roots. This process does not carry pain, and with time, you are going to have less and less hair, and in some cases, permanently.

The use of turmeric for hair removal is best dome when you are mixing the turmeric with other products such as wax and facial mask. In addition to that, if you use turmeric for hair removal, you are going to reduce the level of inflammation.


Unfortunately, turmeric as a product has not been a topic of discussion in many research studies. That means there is a gap in the information that readers can access regarding turmeric. The good news is that the research community is now investing in this research area, and in the future, more data and information will be available. Overall, seeking the opinion of a dermatologist plays a critical role in making your lips healthy and arresting any problem that may arise.

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