Eyes Watering After Lash Extensions? (Find Out Why!) 

eyes watering after lash extensions

Have you recently had some lash extensions done and found that your eyes keep watering? This can be a worrying thing to find, but is it normal and what should you do about it?

Eyelash extensions look great and they eliminate the need to wear mascara, but they can cause some issues too. The glue used to stick the lashes in place can cause soreness, itching, burning, or tears. Different people will be sensitive to different things, so you may find this happens to you even if it doesn’t happen to other people.

In this article, we’re going to figure out what causes your eyes to water when you are getting lash extensions, and what you can do to avoid this. Nobody wants watery eyes during or after the extensions, so it’s important to know how to mitigate this issue.

Eyes Watering After Lash Extensions

Not everyone finds that their eyes water after getting lash extensions, but this also isn’t enormously uncommon. Don’t panic if you are a little teary after you’ve had your lashes extended; this is a fairly normal thing to encounter.

It is important to choose a high quality, well-reviewed salon if you are going to get your lashes extended professionally. If you are doing it yourself at home, check the ingredients list for the glue and make sure there are no products that you know you react to in there.

Eye watering is most commonly caused by allergic reactions, although this isn’t the only trigger. If you have any known allergies, you should make efforts to avoid the products that contain these allergens, or there is a very high chance that your eyes will water as a result of the extensions.

Will Watery Eyes Ruin Lash Extensions?

Unfortunately, if your eyes water a lot when you’re having the extensions done, there is a high chance that this will ruin the appearance of the lashes, yes. When your eyes water, they produce both salt and oil, and these can damage the lashes and the glue, degrading the bond that holds the extensions in place.

This means you need to avoid watery eyes as much as possible. A small amount of eye water is not going to cause major problems, so don’t panic. However, do be aware that a lot of watering could cause the extensions to come off, or stop them from adhering properly in the first place.

It’s also important to note that if you cry while the lashes are being applied, there is a risk that the tears will spread the glue across your eyes. If you are already reacting badly to the chemicals, this could cause increased burning and discomfort, making your eyes water more – and exacerbating the whole situation.

You should therefore do everything you can to avoid crying while extensions are put in place. Keep your eyes closed and don’t wear contact lenses, which may react to the fumes in the glue. If you are uncomfortable, tell your beautician so that they can take steps to solve the problem. Don’t suffer in silence if your eyes are hurting.

Why Do My Eyes Water During Lash Extensions?

There are several reasons that your eyes might water when you’re getting lash extensions installed. Some people are much more prone to watery eyes than others. Being overtired can contribute to the problem, so try to get a good night’s rest before you have the extensions applied.

In most cases, your eyes watering indicates that you are allergic to something in the glue that is being used to stick the lashes in place. The glue might contain formaldehyde, latex, benzoic acid, and cellulose gum. These should appear in very low concentrations, but they can still be a major issue for some people.

If you react to any of these products, talk to your beautician in advance and see what your options are. You should also be aware that the chemicals used to remove the eyelashes might result in watering too. Again, the concentration will be low, but it can still be a problem.

In some cases, watering eyes might just be a result of the tape being poorly positioned against your eye. If it is touching your eyeball, it will cause your eye to react to the intruder. Your eye will produce water in an attempt to flush out what it perceives as grit or dirt.

If this has happened, it will probably only be one eye that feels uncomfortable. Ask the beautician to reposition the tape, and you should find that you are more comfortable and the watering stops.

How Do You Soothe Your Eyes After Eyelash Extensions?

If your eyes are very irritated after getting lash extensions, you might benefit from seeing a doctor. The vapors from the glue can sometimes cause more extreme itching and soreness, and if the reaction doesn’t start to fade after a day or two, consult a medical professional.

However, most people can deal with sore eyes fairly easily at home, using a few different tricks. One of the first things to try is a cold compress. Soak a flannel in cool water, squeeze it out, and then rest it against your eye for 10 minutes or more. The coolness should soothe the irritation and reduce the watering.

You can also try eye drops if you find that they help. Follow the instructions on the packet for the best results, and do not use them more frequently than advised. Another option involves taking antihistamines to reduce the allergic reaction and make yourself feel more comfortable.

As always, make sure anything that comes into contact with your eyes is clean and sterile. Avoid rubbing your eyes if they are irritated, and wash your hands before touching them.


Getting watery eyes after lash extensions is a common reaction, but not a pleasant one. You should make sure you take antihistamines if necessary, and choose reputable places and products for your eyelash extensions. If you have a bad reaction, avoid getting your lashes extended in the future.

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