Grey Stuff When You Scratch your Skin? (Here’s Why)

grey stuff when I scratch my skin

If you scratch your skin, you may notice grey stuff coming off from your skin. If you wondered what that grey stuff is, then you should know that this grey stuff is dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. The main causes of dry skin include the following: aging, dehydration, and the use of the wrong skincare products. People who suffer from conditions such as depression may notice grey stuff after scratching their skin.

This article is going to guide you on why you may see grey stuff on your skin, and what you can do about this.

The Meanings behind the Grey Stuff on Your Skin

Persistent dead skin could be a result of a bacterial infection. In addition to that, a change in the color of the skin could be due to sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea. If such conditions are treated at an early stage, then they can be easily treated.

There is a rare skin condition that is known as argyria. The condition is characterized by a situation where the skin can turn to grey.

The dermatologist can help in such cases. Other conditions such as acne may also have an impact on how the skin looks like.

Black Stuff Under Nails

The black stuff (gunk), underneath your nails is keratin debris. When you find black stuff under the nails after scratching, it is not a bad thing, and it is not harmful. It simply means that your skin is shedding old cells and getting rid of oil. Eventually, the skin develops new skin cells.

However, you can manage this situation by making sure that you take baths thoroughly. The use of mild soap, Dove for example, can be very important in helping in this situation. Again, if you use a soft sponge, then you can have a soft skin.

Dead skin is very common at the time of winter. The winter weather discourages going out, and encourages a sedentary lifestyle. At the time of winter, the humidity of the environment changes drastically. Signs and symptoms of a winter dry skin include the following: rough patches, flaking, itching, stitching, and cracks on the skin.

What do Dead Skin Cells Look Like

Dead skin simply means that the old cells of the skin are replaced by the new cells of the skin, and this is a critical process in any living thing. So, how does dead skin look like? Dead skin cells will look tough, dry, and flaky. If there is much build up of dead skin cells, one is going to see calluses. This is more so at the bottom of the feet.

The shedding of skin cells is the body’s way of rejuvenation. This is a natural process. However, you can help in this process by ensuring that you maintain a high level of hygiene. Moreover, you should avoid using skin products that could harm you.

It’s Ok to Rub Off Dead Skin

If you notice dead cells on your skin, there is a high temptation that you will want to rub it off. There is no harm in scrubbing dead skin off. If dead skin is left on its own without scrubbing, it can accumulate at a high rate. As a matter of fact, this is done on regular basis. However, one should be very careful about this process. This is because rubbing off the dead skin will leave a permanent damage on the skin.

If you cannot manage this issue on your own, the best thing to do in such a case is to seek treatment of the condition. Whereas it is better if you seek the intervention of the doctor in this, it is not compulsory to do so. But if you notice that you do have dead cells on your skin often, then there is more of the reason why you should consult a doctor. It should be noted that when some illnesses are not treated, they can be life-threatening.

It is important that you keep your skin healthy, and hydrated too. Protecting yourself from the rays of the sun plays an important role in ensuring that you do not have a lot of dead cells on your skin. You can protect yourself from the rays of the sun by wearing a hat, using protective clothing, and the use of sunscreen.

The use of a moisturizer plays an important role in ensuring the optimal health of your skin. This is because it ensures that you do not have a lot of dead cells on your skin. In connection to this, you should ensure that you should use the right moisturizer.

If you want to have a healthy skin, then you must make sure that you take the right foods. Regular intake of fruits and vegetables is as well a panacea to having an appealing skin. If you eat processed foods and sugary foods, you are not going to be able to maintain a healthy skin.

The Importance of a Dermatologist

You should have a habit of seeing a dermatologist, at least occasionally. If you visit a dermatologist once in a while, he or she is going to identify a skin problem early enough, and have it arrested. The good thing is that technology is advancing fast, and common health problems are not addressed in a very easy way.

If you are able to get a specialist who has a specialty in the health of the nails, then this is going to be good for your nails. However, there are very few specialists in the country who have a specialization in the care of the nails. There are even fewer professionals in nail pathology.


Long-term care of the skin is very important for your health. Most of the cases of nail disorder are due to past neglect. If you take care of your skin, including your nails, you are going to prevent many health problems. Overall, dead cells on your skin are not a serious case and can be addressed easily if you take the right precautions.

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