Hair Salons Open Near Me

Do you have an important event coming up and you need to have your hair looking the best? Perhaps you are attempting to change your look? Finding a hair salon near you is easier than you think. 

Finding a hair salon near you is the first step of the process. You should research the salon to discover its available services as well as the pricing list. Calling ahead will enable you to verify the information you learned online and either schedule an appointment for the future or the availability of walk-in appointments the same day.

Below we will help you find open hair salons near you and what to expect when you visit. 

Searching for Hair Salons Near You

The map below will help guide you to the nearest hair salon near you. You will be able to pick out a location and learn about their location and hours. You will also be able to check their website and reviews to ensure they fit what you are looking for. 

Finding a Salon

When finding a new salon you should do some research before you book an appointment or arrive as a walk-in. Take the time to read the reviews and investigate the prices of services to ensure the quality of the work and verify they will fit the budget you have for the services you desire. 

If they have a website you can start your research there. There should be pictures showing the work as well as the pricing for the services they offer. This will help give you a good idea of the work they are capable of and the level of service you should expect to receive.

After you have conducted your research online you should call ahead. Calling ahead will allow you to confirm the pricing and either book an appointment for the future or find their availability for walk-in appointments for that day. It will save you from traveling to the salon if they are busy that day and not accepting walk-in appointments.

Salon Etiquette

It is customary to engage your stylist with small talk while they are working on your hair. You should keep the topics fun and lighthearted and avoid gossip or conversation that can make someone feel uncomfortable. Do not feel pressured to start or involve yourself in a conversation if you do not feel up to it. The stylist should understand and allow you to relax during the appointment. 

Using your mobile device during some appointments is acceptable if you are not distracting your stylist or other customers while on your mobile device. Texting, emailing, or catching up on your social media is acceptable when you are in the salon. Talking, watching videos, or playing music is usually frowned upon when you are in the salon.  

If at all possible, eating and drinking should be done prior to or after your appointment. Eating during your appointment can distract the stylist and interfere with them working on your hair. Eating and drinking may distract you and cause you to move and making the job of the stylist more difficult.

If the drinks or food are complementary, limit yourself to one or two while you are there to allow the stylist to perform their job. 


It is customary to tip your hairstylist when they have cut or styled your hair. The standard tip is between 15% and 20% of the price of the service. It may vary with the services you receive. Adding extra services such as color, highlights, or extensions should be tipped as extra services above the recommended tip level. 

You should also tip any assistant that washes your hair before the stylist begins to work on you. This tip is not customarily taken from the original tip and should be considered separately. 


Finding a hair salon near you will require research to find the best one that will fit your budget as well as the quality of work you desire. After you have found a location you should call ahead to book an appointment or check their availability for walk-in availability before you head to the salon. 


How much do you tip a hairdresser on $100?

Based on the typical tip range of 15% to 20%, you should tip your stylist between $15 and $20 for your haircut which costs $100. This does not include the assistant that washed your hair or anyone else that may have touched your hair when you were at the salon. They should also receive a tip separately from the tip provided to the stylist. 

How much do you tip a hairdresser on a $200 bill?

Based on a $200 salon bill you should provide a tip between $30 and $40. This is in the average tip range of 15% to 20% for stylists. Tipping your stylist not only shows appreciation for the effort they have put in on your hair it also makes up a significant portion of their income. Extra services such as highlights, coloring, and extensions may even call for a higher tip. 

How much should one tip a hairdresser?

It is typical to tip between 15% and 20% when getting services such as a haircut or your nails done. You do not need to tip the receptionist that checks you in when you are getting your service. You should however tip anyone that touches your hair. If your hair is shampooed by an assistant you should consider tipping them also. A tip of around $5 should be sufficient.  

Should I wash my hair before a haircut?

Whether you decide to have your hair washed by the salon, or you plan on washing it yourself before your appointment, you should have your hair washed on the same day before a haircut. Your hair can attract a lot of dust and oils which can affect the haircut and styling of your hair. Washing your hair removes this dirt and oils to help the stylist cut your hair.



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