How Long Does a Bottle of Cologne Last? (Find out Here!)

how long does a bottle of cologne last

Some of the best colognes on the market can easily cost over $100. In fact, there are some top-of-the-line colognes that will cost considerably more than that. Therefore, you are quite rightly going to wonder whether a good cologne will last a while, or whether you will be replacing it every few months. You want the biggest bang for your buck, after all.

On this page, we are going to answer the question ‘how long does a bottle of cologne last?’. We are also going to give you a few of the things that will influence the lifespan of your cologne. 

How Long Does a Bottle of Cologne Last?

This will be dependent on the size of the bottle. It will also be dependent on the ingredients used in the bottle of cologne. There are a few things that will impact the longevity of your cologne. This means that there is no one answer to ‘how long does a bottle of cologne last?’. It could last a month. It could last several years.

Perhaps the biggest determining factor in the lifespan of your cologne will be the size of the bottle. On average, you can assume that per 1ml of liquid in the bottle, you will be getting 8 sprays. If you know how often you spray yourself with perfume, this should give you a pretty decent idea of how long you can expect the bottle to last.

This isn’t going to tell the full story, though. Cheaper cologne bottles don’t have great atomizers (the spray nozzle), which means that the sprays will often be a little bit heavier. As a result, you will find that cheaper cologne bottles don’t last anywhere near as long as expensive colognes.

It doesn’t end here, either. You will also need to consider the ingredients in the bottle of cologne. Most cologne bottles will last at least a year before the scent starts to get weaker, but if your cologne bottle contains any of the following notes, then you can expect the scent to dwindle a little bit before this:

  • Citrus
  • Herbal
  • Floral
  • Green

For most people, a 100ml (3.4oz) bottle of cologne will last around a year. 

How Many Sprays of Perfume in a Bottle?

The number of sprays that you get in your perfume bottle will be dependent on the size of the bottle, as well as how liberal you are with your spraying. On average, you can expect to get 8 sprays of perfume by 1ml. So, multiply the amount of fluid in your perfume by 8, and this will tell you roughly how many sprays you will get from the perfume.

Of course, if you are a heavy sprayer, chances are that you will get fewer sprays per bottle. It will also likely be dependent on the quality of the perfume that you own. There are some cheaper perfumes out there that don’t have the greatest spray nozzles, and these may put out a little bit more spray than intended.

Your best bet is to keep tabs on your favorite perfumes. Work out how many times you are spraying yourself with the perfume each day. You can then use this information to work out how many sprays you get per bottle. Most bottles will last a lot longer than you would expect.

How Long Does 5ml of Cologne Last?

On average, you can expect to get around 8 sprays of perfume in 1ml. This means that you can expect a 5ml cologne to last for around 40 sprays. This means that if you are spraying a couple of times per day, which is what most people do on average, then the perfume should last for around half a month.

5ml perfumes tend to be best for those that want to sample a perfume. If you are looking to purchase a quality perfume that you can use for the long term, then you should probably be opting for a larger bottle than 5ml. 

How Long Does 3 oz Cologne Last?

Most 3oz perfumes are not actually 3oz, but 3.4oz. But, how big is 3.4oz perfume? Well, it is 100ml.

As we mentioned previously, if you spray a cologne, then you can expect to get 8 sprays from 1ml of fluid. So, if you have 100ml of cologne, then you can expect to get 800 sprays from it.

On average, people will be spraying themselves with their cologne at least twice per day. This means that a 3oz cologne has the potential to last for over a year.

That being said, you should bear in mind that as cologne gets older, the scent tends to become a little less prominent. This is particularly true if the cologne has been loaded up with ingredients that have lighter notes e.g. citrus or fruity notes.

Does Cologne Expire?

Cologne does expire, although there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to expiration dates. In fact, it is unlikely that your cologne will have an expiration date on it. 

Remember, when you have cologne, you can’t just think about how many sprays of cologne you have in that bottle. You need to ensure that the cologne will continue to have a good scent for years to come. However, the amount of life you have in your cologne could be unpredictable. It is all down to the quality of the cologne, as well as the ingredients in it.

Cheaper colognes are unlikely to last longer than a year or so. They are still usable beyond that, but the scent would have dwindled a little bit. Better quality perfumes could last up to 5-10 years.

The only way to tell whether your cologne has gone past its expiry date is to give it a sniff. If it doesn’t smell as great, then get rid of it.


On average, you can expect a 100ml perfume to last a little over a year. This is under the assumption that you are giving it a couple of sprays per day. Although, you should remember that if your cologne has a bit of a lighter scent (e.g. citrus or fruity notes), then the scent may not be as great towards the end of that year. If your cologne is more base notes, then it could easily last for years, assuming that you are not spraying it regularly. 

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