How Long Does it Take Leg Hair to Grow Back? (You’d Be Surprised!)

how long does it take leg hair to grow back

Most people who regularly take part in leg hair removal – whether that’s waxing or shaving – know the annoyance of how fast those hairs grow back. But did you know that there’s a reason why leg hair seems to grow so fast in comparison to the hair on your head, for example?

These hair growth rates vary on different parts of your body and even change when it comes to the method of hair removal. To learn more about how hair growth and regrowth work, keep on reading below. 

We’ll explore the following topics related to leg hair, its rate of growth, and what affects its growth:

  • How long does it take for hair to grow back after shaving your legs?
  • How fast does leg hair grow?
  • How long does leg hair grow daily?
  • Why does your leg hair grow so fast?
  • Does leg hair stop growing back?
  • Do leg hairs grow faster than head hair?
  • Does leg hair grow faster when cold?
  • How do I stop my leg hair from growing so fast?

How Long Does it Take for Hair to Grow Back After Shaving Your Legs?

Most people turn to razor shaving to remove hair from their legs on a regular basis. The truth is, though, that leg hair is going to sprout back into stubble a lot sooner with this method than it would after waxing the hair on your legs. 

Leg hair takes roughly 48-72 hours to grow back after a clean shave. This means that it may only be two days before you need to re-shave your legs to keep them smooth. 

This rate of growth will of course vary from person to person, and it may be less visible when it comes to individuals with fair hair. 

The reason why you have to keep re-shaving leg hair so often is that each time, you’re only cutting off the layer of hair that grows above the skin surface. 

How Fast Does Leg Hair Grow?

The rate of growth of leg hair depends on a cycle of roughly one month to 45 days maximum. This means that after that cycle ends, your leg hair probably won’t grow much longer. 

Instead, it comes to a halting stop, whereas the hair on your head will keep growing for years at a time. 

Leg hair tends to grow at a rate of about 0.25 mm per day. This may seem like a very small amount, but in just 24 hours, it makes a noticeable difference, especially if your leg hair is dark. 

This is why many people tend to notice stubble on their legs just one or two days after shaving them. 

How Long Does Leg Hair Grow Daily?

Since the rate of leg hair growth is about 0.25 mm per day, you can simply expect your leg hair to grow a quarter of a millimeter in a day’s time. 

This means that, as the days pass, you’ll notice your leg hair getting increasingly longer until it reaches the end of its 30-45 day growth cycle. At that point, it probably won’t be longer than about 9-10 mm on average. 

Why Does Your Leg Hair Grow so Fast?

There are a few reasons that leg hair grows so fast, including the following:

  • Genetic reasons – if you are genetically prone to darker hair, then you’re going to notice regrowth much sooner than someone with fair hair
  • Hair texture – if you have thicker/coarser or textured hairs on your legs, you’re going to notice their regrowth much sooner than that of thin/fine hair

Does Leg Hair Stop Growing Back?

At a certain point, your leg hairs are going to stop growing back or growing in. This is due to the hair growth cycle of leg hair – which is no more than 45 days on average.

This is why it’s rare to have leg hair that grows in long tresses like the hair on your head (and why men who have never shaved their legs still only have short hair on them). 

Do Leg Hairs Grow Faster Than Head Hair?

Leg hairs actually grow at a slightly slower rate than the hairs on your head do. While leg hairs typically grow up to 0.25 mm per day, the hairs on your head will grow up to 0.5 mm per day.

Furthermore, the cycle of growth for head hair is much longer – it can stretch up to 4-6 years in some cases. 

But the respective rates of growth for each type of hair are going to be different from one individual to the next. 

Does Leg Hair Grow Faster When Cold?

It’s pretty much a myth – although a widely circulated one – that leg hair grows faster when you’re cold. True, you may notice that if you get chilly and have goosebumps, stubble appears on your legs after a fresh shave. 

On the contrary, if you want your hair to grow faster, the ideal condition would be warmth because warm weather introduces the presence of nutrients that boost keratin production. This ultimately promotes hair growth. 

Overall, though, temperature doesn’t play a huge role in the rate of growth of leg hair. 

How Long Does it Take Leg Hair to Grow Back After Waxing?

Waxing leg hair is different from shaving leg hair in that it removes your hairs at the root. 

This means that you can wait much longer before you need to remove the hair again. Most people who wax their leg hair notice that around 3-4 weeks after the waxing, they begin to see hair again. 

How Do I Stop my Leg Hair From Growing so Fast?

You can try:

  • Exfoliating your legs to help you get a closer shave
  • Use a sharper/fresher razor blade for a closer shave
  • Use a cleaner razor that’s free of rust for a closer shave
  • Wax your leg hair instead of shaving it
  • Get laser hair removal to put a stop to growth


If you were wondering how long does it take leg hair to grow back?, hopefully this guide has answered your questions. 

Leg hair grows roughly 0.25 mm per day and stops growing after the end of its 30-45 day cycle. While it doesn’t grow as fast as head hair, it still grows pretty quickly, meaning you may need to wax your legs to slow down the rate of growth.

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