How Many Colognes is Too Many? (We Have the Answer!)

how many colognes is too many

With an almost unlimited amount of options to pick from, it’s not hard to see how so many guys end up with half a dozen or more different bottles of cologne in their collection – usually including a handful that they’ve only worn once or twice.

Just how many colognes is too many, though? It’s tough to answer. Some guys have a single bottle that they swear by, using only that fragrance year after year. Other guys like to shake things up with dozens of different cologne bottles, using a different fragrance almost every week (if not every day).

And while there’s nothing wrong to taking a shotgun style approach to building your cologne collection, we think that there’s a more strategic way to get your hands on a handful of fragrances that you’ll love and wear pretty regularly.

Let’s get into it.

How Many Colognes is Too Many?

How many colognes is too many is 100% a judgment call type of decision, one we all have to make on our own.

Like we mentioned earlier, some guys get away with just a single bottle of their favorite cologne and never really deviate. Other guys like to bounce around a little bit, picking up a bottle here or there, ending up with a collection that sits at two or three different fragrances they can use depending on the day.

Then you have the more hard-core collectors, guys that go whole hog and snap up just as many bottles of cologne as they can get their hands on – usually across all fragrance spectrums, too. They’ve got light and fun stuff for the summer, woodsy and heavy stuff for the winter, and pretty much everything in between.

So how many colognes is too many?

Well, the best measuring stick is just asking yourself that question in the first place. If you’re starting to wonder if you have too many bottles of cologne the chances are you’re getting close to the line!

Can You Wear Two Colognes at Once?

Okay, now that we have that squared away a little bit, what about wearing two colognes at the same time?

Is that all right?

Truth be told, a lot more men are starting to experiment with “cologne layering” these days than ever before.

There’s nothing worse than walking into a space and smelling your cologne on everybody else in the place. It happens more often than not, though, especially when mass-produced colognes really take off.

How many times have you come across a guy wearing Acqua di Gio by Armani?

Cologne layering – sometimes called a fragrance cocktail or aroma mixing – is an easy way to shake things up a little bit and get a more personal fragrance, without having to spring for a full-blown custom cologne that can set you back a pretty penny.

Cologne layering basically involves spraying your clothing down with a lighter smelling cologne, saving a heavier and bolder cologne for your skin. You want to mix and match different aromas together that are complementary, though – and that’s a bit of a balancing act.

You want to be careful with cologne layering, though.

It’s really (REALLY) important that you have a nose for this kind of business before you start. The last thing you want to do is combine two contrasting aromas together, ending up with something that smells really potent and really funky.

Think about how the core fragrances in your favorite colognes are built. Try to link colognes that share at least some commonalities together when you’re first starting out.

It’s also important to think about the atmosphere you’re looking to generate with this new aroma.

Are you looking for something fun, something energetic, and something perfect for summer? Stick to light, airy, classic summer fragrances to mix and match.

Are you looking for something a little deeper, little more potent, and maybe a little more sensual? Woodsy, masculine, and almost musky fragrances are where you’re going to want to focus your attention.

At the end of the day, though, it really all comes down to experimentation.

Don’t be afraid to tinker and toyed with different combos to come up with something totally unique.

Can you wear to colognes at once?

You bet. You just need to know what you’re getting into and out of time so that you don’t end up smelling like a bowl of potpourri.

Colognes a Man Will Want to Have in Their Collection

When building your cologne “arsenal” there are a handful of fragrances you want to have on hand for some very specific situations.

Daily Fragrance

First, you have your daily cologne – your old standby, a fragrance that you really enjoy, and something that has a lot of versatility.

Get a big bottle of this so that you can use it regularly, but also so that you can save a couple of bucks in a long-term compared to buying smaller bottles. You don’t have to worry about the fragrance formula changing on you when you have a bigger bottles on hand, either.

Work/Daytime Option

A work or daytime option should be a little on the lighter side of things, something fresh and energetic. Similar to your daily driver, this cologne can double as a day date fragrance without any real extra effort.

Casual/Nighttime Option

Most guys like to have a bottle of more casual, nighttime cologne on hand – especially one that they use to boost their confidence when going out on dates. This kind of fragrance can be a little stronger and little more potent.

Formal Fragrance

A formal fragrance isn’t a bad cologne to have on hand, either.

Usually this is more of a special event kind of cologne, something you wear when you’re expecting a big promotion, celebrating a major milestone, heading to a wedding or funeral, or are just expecting to wear clothing that’s a little more formal.

Just because this fragrance is worn with formal clothing doesn’t mean it has to be “stiff” or traditional.

This is the kind of cologne you should splash a little extra cash for, so don’t be shy about punching up the personality. Just make sure it meshes well with your formal attire and the overall energy of the occasion.

Season Fragrance (At Least Two)

As a general rule of thumb it’s not a bad idea to have seasonal fragrances you can reach for in your collection, either.

Spring and summer fragrances are light, bright, and swimming with citrus – not to mention a lot of energy.

Fall and winter fragrances are usually a little heavier, usually a little warmer, and often have a little more staying power.

Matching your cologne to the seasons is a smart way to bump up your style, and if you get one bottle for each half of the year you won’t have to spend a ton of money, either.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it, our answer to “how many colognes is too many”.

At the end of the day, there’s really no hard limit to how many colognes you can have in your collection – or even how many different colognes you can mix and match to create your own custom fragrance.

Just be smart about each bottle you add to your arsenal, making sure to minimize overlap with similar fragrances (or you’re just wasting money). And when it comes to mixing different colognes together, try to think about how each fragrance complements the other and avoid heavy clashing whenever possible.

Nobody wants to smell like the perfume aisle in a department store!

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