How Old to Get a Brazilian Wax? (We Have the Answer!)

how old to get a brazilian wax

The beauty industry is evolving drastically in recent years. These changes come as people become more responsive to their bodies and constantly take care of themselves. Waxing is now one of the most popular beauty solutions due to its benefits. This is because with waxing, you are going to have smooth and hairless skin. As a matter of fact, it offers a far better alternative when it is compared to shaving.

Having stated that, one would wonder on the best time to start waxing. One notable observation is that the current generation starts waxing earlier than the older generation. Perhaps, the modern generation is more conscious of themselves and their surroundings, and they have more liberty to make their choices. Again, we are living in a globalized society, and trends move from one place to another in a very fast way.

This article is going to be a comprehensive guide on the best age for waxing.

How Old To Get a Brazilian Wax

The best time to get Brazilian wax is when you are 18 years old. At this time, you are legally allowed to do so, and you are not going to encounter any legal problem. At this stage, you can choose what you want, and you are in a position to make a mature decision.

Again, if you do waxing when under 18, there is a moral question in asking the beautician to do the waxing of an underage. As a matter of fact, some beauticians find this awkward. Therefore, some beauticians will simply not do the waxing.

The good thing with waxing is that it is becoming more affordable and safe. One of the reasons for these changes is that specialists are exploiting the power of technology in order to carry out processes such as waxing.

Can a 14 Year Old Get a Brazilian Wax?

There is no one who will prevent you from waxing if you want to, even if you are a 14 years old. However, one of the problems that you are going to face is the place to do the waxing. In most places, you are not going to be accepted if you are 14 years old. However, this largely depends on the employment place and the policies that govern that place.

If you 14 years old, and you need waxing, then you need to prepare the consent of the parent. Some parents would not mind to have their daughters done waxing, as far as the person doing this is female. That notwithstanding, some parents will still want to know why you want to do the waxing.

Yes, you can go for waxing at 17. Do not be embarrassed about this process. The waxing specialists are used to seeing different people, and again, they will respect your privacy. During the waxing, the specialist will either choose the hard wax or the soft wax.

It is advisable that you avoid soft wax because it is not a healthy product for your skin. As a matter of fact, soft wax can lead to problems such as a burning sensation or skin removal. It should also be noted that soft wax can be unpleasant when it is compared to the hard wax.

Though you will need to butterfly the legs, this process will not take long, and it will take only 15 to 25 minutes. However, if you are not a flexible person, then you might feel uncomfortable, but this will only go on for a while.

After waxing, you might need to take pain killers in order to manage your pain. Recommended pain killers include ibuprofen and advil. In addition to that, the most important thing is to stay hydrated. If you are dehydrated, hair follicles are going to cling to the roots of the hair, and this can lead to very harsh consequences.

You can make waxing a continuous process for optimal effects. If this is the case, then, you should go back for waxing in about three to five weeks.

Can a 17 Year Old Get a Wax?

Yes, you can get to do waxing at the age of 17. Though you are not yet 18, you are just about to. At this stage, you are in a position to make mature decision, and you are well aware of the consequences of every decision that you make.

However, there is a possibility that a few people could be vulnerable to issues of sensitivity. In such a case, the best thing is to discuss that problem early in order to know the best course of action. Many young people post pone the waxing, not because of age, but because of uncertainty about what to expect. This is because you are not going to have any waxing which will not have pain. However, this pain is generally manageable, and you can go over it easily.

Is Waxing OK For 15 Year Old?

There are some cultures which are very conservative when it comes to topics such as waxing. The most conservative cities in the US include Bristol, Burleson, Asheboro, and Enid. The Mormon religion of the US is known to be highly conservative and follows a set of traditions. In such communities, it is not easy to discuss topics such as waxing.

At the age of 15, many people would prefer waxing due to peer pressure. In addition to that, young people may desire waxing in order to manage the changes that come with adolescence.


When you decide to make decisions such as waxing, do not fall victim into the marketing gimmicks. Rather, make this decision after making a careful evaluation of the pros and cons. Seeking the opinion of the doctor comes in handy in helping you make an informed decision.

In the coming years, the waxing process will be more affordable, will have a better experience, and will be safer. This is due to the new technologies that will come up. Overall, waxing is a beneficial beauty process and the age of waxing does not matter a lot.

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