How to Get Rid of Mustache Shadow (Find out Here!)   

how to get rid of mustache shadow

Few things are as frustrating as feeling like there’s just no getting around permanent “mustache shadow”.

Worse, so many of the recommended solutions for how to get rid of mustache shadow never really work as well as they claim to – if they work at all.

Luckily, though, with the help of this detailed guide you’ll be able to banish mustache shadow once and for all.

We arm you with all kinds of inside information necessary to understand why mustache shadow happens, how to get rid of it naturally with home remedies, and how to bring out the “big guns” if you want a more permanent solution.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Why Do I Have Mustache Shadow in the First Place?

Maybe you just begun to notice this unsightly blemish pop up on your upper lip in the last few days, or maybe you’ve been struggling with mustache shadow for weeks, months, or maybe even a couple of years.

Most women are surprised the first time that they notice “mustache shadow”, especially if they don’t have a ton of hair on their upper lip to cause this problem in the first place.

While some mustache shadows are in fact created by thin, almost invisible to the naked eye hairs there are a couple of other reasons that you might be struggling with this issue.

Plucking and Waxing Can Cause Upper Lip Shadow

Believe it or not, aggressively plucking or waxing any of the otherwise invisible hairs above your upper lip can actually lead to mustache shadowing.

Yes, you read that correctly – getting rid of those frustratingly tiny little hairs may actually cause you even more problems than just leaving them alone.

This is especially true if you are particularly aggressive with your plucking or your waxing. Your upper lip skin area is very sensitive. If you pluck or wax on a regular basis you need to be sure that you are aggressively moisturizing and protecting the area with sunscreen.

If you don’t, the skin condition of melasma – the fancy word for mustache shadows – popping up and causing you embarrassment is almost a sure thing.

Hormonal Changes and Disorders Can Cause Shadowing, Too

Another thing that causes melasma to present itself is hormonal changes going on throughout your body.

Women’s bodies are always hormonal cocktails, with all different kinds of things – including stress levels, dietary choices, exercise habits, underlying medical conditions, age, etc. – having a huge impact on the hormones your producing and the way they change your body.

Most of the time the hormonal changes women undergo during puberty (as well as the hormonal changes linked to pregnancy or menopause) are more commonly responsible for producing mustache shadowing.

If the mustache shadow you’re struggling with is hormone induced you’re going to need to do everything you can to get those levels back into a better balance.

Can You Get Rid of Mustache Shadow?

While the unpleasant reality of mustache shadowing is that it can happen to any woman of any age, the flipside of this is there are a number of things you can do to figure out how to get rid of mustache shadow once and for all.

Truth be told, using the solutions we highlight below (the homemade remedies and the more advanced clinical/spa provided services) are incredibly effective at banishing mustache shadows from your life permanently.

You’ll need to use these remedies on a regular and consistent basis to sort of erase your mustache shadowing to be sure. But after a couple of weeks you won’t notice any shadowing at all – and after a couple of months of regular treatment you may never again have to worry about a shadow sliding across your upper lip ever again!

What Are the Home Remedies for Mustache Shadow Removal?

You bet there are!

Below we run through some of our favorite home remedies for mustache shadow removal, home remedies you’ll want to try today if you’re looking to get a jumpstart on eliminating the shadow from your upper lip.

A Lemon and Moisturizer Combo Works Wonders

Most women know that lemon juice is a complete and total game changer when it comes to evening out their complexion, banishing blemishes from their skin once and for all, and is generally considered to be one of Mother Nature’s best skincare solutions.

Well, a combination of the juice from a single lemon, ½ a glass of water, and a little bit of your favorite moisturizer is generally all you’ll need to get rid of mustache shadowing.

You’ll want to use this combination (mixing your lemon juice and water together, gently washing your upper lip with it, and then protecting your skin with moisturizer) at least once a day before bed.

In a couple of days (maybe even sooner) you’ll see incredible results.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Milk Powder Works, Too

Hydrogen peroxide mixed with milk powder and just a little bit of glycerin (whipped together to produce a homemade mask) is another option you can use to reliably get rid of mustache shadows.

The mixture you’re looking for here should be about 10 g of milk powder, 20 drops or so of hydrogen peroxide, and then to drops of glycerin. Combine everything in a bowl, mix it together until you get an evenly distributed paste, and then apply the mask to your upper lip area for about five minutes or so.

Rinse with cool water to get the mask off and you should be good to go.

How to Get Ride of Mustache Shadow Quickly, Easily, and Painlessly!

Let’s say, though, that the homemade remedies we recommended above aren’t quite getting rid of the whole mustache shadow you don’t want to deal with any longer.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to search for cosmetic healthcare options in your local area that offer something called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments.

These treatments have proven to be wonderfully effective at getting rid of all kinds of skin blemishes (including mustache shadow), destroying the discolored melanin in the skin without destroying the skin cells themselves.

The whole process is painless, doesn’t have any side effects whatsoever, and is relatively affordable.

Another cosmetic healthcare option you might want to look into is something called Amelan.

Amelan is a reliable and effective dermatological treatment that will cause your skin to sort of slough off the blemished skin cells, replacing them with healthy skin after you go through a regeneration process.

This service comes in mask form and should only ever be applied by legitimate professionals. They’ll put the mask on your upper lip, leave it there for about 30 minutes, and will then remove it and moisturize your skin.

After about six sessions or so you shouldn’t ever have to worry about spotting a mustache shadow on your skin again!


Few things are as frustrating to deal with as a mustache shadow, particularly as a woman.

Thankfully, though, this skin issue is really pretty simple and straightforward to resolve.

There are a bunch of homemade remedies that work wonders, some top professional cosmetic health solutions if you need them, and it doesn’t take long to get rid of mustache shadowing no matter how you go about eliminating it.

Use the inside information we shared above and you won’t have to worry about mustache shadows ever again.

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