I Can See My Scalp Through my Hair (Here’s Why)

I can see my scalp through my hair

If there is something which can confuse and frustrate you, it is seeing your scalp through the hair. With this experience, you may start getting worried how your hair will look like, especially in the long run. Do not get worried if you notice that you can see your scalp through the hair. Hair loss is not an uncommon occurrence. The best thing you can do is to know how you can prevent hair loss or what you can do to address hair loss.

This article is going to guide you on this issue.

Why is My Scalp Getting Visible?

There are three main stages to the growth of the hair: anagen, catagen, and the telogen phases. The three stages are characterized by different hair physiology, hair morphology, and the duration of growth. Anything at the three stages could go wrong, and this will lead to hair loss.

The main causes of loss of hair are physiologic stress, depression, and endocrine disturbances. The thinning of the hair could also be caused bey genetics. Therefore, if you experience hair loss, check out if any of your close family members. It could be an inherited characteristic.

There are some medical conditions which can lead to hair loss. For instance, thyroid disease can lead to hair loss. This is because thyroid diseases cause an imbalance of the hormone. It should be noted that the thyroid is responsible for regulating the various functions of the body, and this include the growth of the hair.

Both pregnancy and child birth can affect the level of hormones. Therefore, it is not uncommon for women who are pregnant, or women who have gone through delivery, to experience hair loss. In addition to that, some medications may lead to hair loss. These include anti-depressants and oral contraceptives.

How do You Tell if Men’s Hair is Thinning?

Many men think, wrongly, that the problems that come with the hair are at the preserve of women. Men too, have their share of hair problems, and these will include hair loss. Thinning of hair in men is a natural observation when one is getting old. Men tend to experience thinning of hair in a more noticeable and faster way than women.

The hair of a man is thinning if the following is observed:

  • Sudden loss of hair without a clear reason
  • Thinning of hair gradually starting with the top of the head
  • Patches that spread to the scalp
  • Bald spots which are circular or patchy

The thinning of hair comes with physical and psychological consequences. When it comes, you must do something about it. However, before you respond to this issue, it is important that you evaluate how long the hair has thinned, as this will inform the treatment that you are going to take.

How Do I Stop my Scalp From Showing Through my Hair?

The good thing with hair loss is that in most of the cases, the problems that can cause hair loss are generally reversible. They can be treated by both pharmacological and non-pharmacological options. However, the most sustainable way of managing your health is through preventive measures, and there you should consider preventing hair loss.

The diet that you take will play a critical role in ensuring that your hair is healthy. You should ensure that you consume enough minerals and vitamins because they are very important in the normal growth of the hair. Eating foods that are categorized as traditional foods tend to give the body reliable nutrients.

It is important that you avoid the stressors of life. For example, if you find that working for long hours is stressing you, then you may reduce the number of hours you need to work by reducing your expenses. In this regard, living within your means will play an important role in ensuring that you are settled and you do not accumulate unnecessarily anxiety. Similarly, be handling bad news in a better way to avoid prolonged stress.

There are some cosmetic options which are available, and these include scalp micropigmentation and the use of hair extensions. The cosmetic option is best suited of your hair loss is due to hereditary factors or if your hair loss is permanent.

People who prefer herbal treatments at the expense of conventional treatment can use the same for disorders related to hair loss. Herbal treatments have the advantage of the fact that they do not have adverse effects which are usually seen in conventional treatment. Herbal options that one can use for hair loss disorders include the following: turmeric, palmetto, and pumpkin.

Maintenance of Your Hair

If you maintain your hair in the right way, you can prevent hair loss. Thus, you should ensure that you keep your hair clean, moisturized, and healthy. Through this, you are going to prevent hair problem that may come if the hair is neglected.

The Importance of the Professional

Making a consultation with a health professional will ensure that you get highly professional services, both preventive and diagnostic. The doctor is going to administer a physical exam in order to identify if there is an under-laying issue that needs further investigation.

You should be warned that there are many marketers who will promise that they have a wonder solution to the issue of hair loss. Be informed that many of these are marketing gimmicks, and they may not work afterall. If you decide to explore the market on your own, then pick products that have scientific evidence and products which are highly reviewed. This will ensure that you do not buy a product which is going to harm you.


You should be overly careful with the spa or the salon that you visit. You should seek hair services in a facility with professionals. The experts can identify a problem early enough, and inform you on what to do. Overall, the right maintenance of the hair is as well the panacea to the problems that come with the hair.

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