Is Brylcreem Good for Your Hair? (Yes, Here’s Why)

is brylcreem good for your hair

Are you someone who wants to know, is Brylcreem good for your hair?

Brylcreem is a gel for your hair that many people use to style their hair. Daily hair gel usage is not good for your hair. However, Brylcreem has several formulas, including some that can prevent hair loss and promote hair protection. Each Brylcreem formula has its benefits, so you should check the type of Brylcreem you are purchasing before you buy it.

This article discusses the usage of Brylcreem and whether it is good for your hair. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about using Brylcreem, including how to choose the best type of Brylcreem for your hair type.

Is Brylcreem Good for Your Hair?

Brylcreem is alright for your hair. It is not necessarily a good product for your hair because it is made for styling, not treating your hair. If you use the cream on your hair daily, it can cause breakage, which can eventually lead to hair loss

Furthermore, Brylcreem can cause acne breakouts from continuous usage for those with sensitive skin. The high amount of oil in the Brylcreem formula causes breakouts on sensitive skin. You should only use a small amount at first to test it on your skin and ensure that it will not cause an allergic reaction.

What Does Brylcreem Do to Your Hair?

Brylcreem is a styling gel that is safe to use on your hair. This styling gel adds texture and shine to your hair, making it an excellent option for anyone wanting to style their hair.

The original formula is extra-strong, with a long-lasting hold. There are also several variants of the original Brylcreem formula that can provide other benefits for your hair, including hair fall protection and dandruff protection. Every formula has its own advantage, so be conscious of the type of Brylcreem you use. 

What Are the Benefits of Brylcreem?

There are many benefits of using Brylcreem on your hair. Some of the major benefits include styling your hair and taming flyaways, but there are also many others.

Benefits of Brylcreem include: 

  • Styling your hair
  • Taming flyaways
  • Creating shine 
  • Hair fall protection
  • Dandruff protection

Brylcreem has an exclusive formula that makes it one of the best styling creams on the market. In addition to styling your hair, the other formulas have benefits, like enhancing shine. 

What are The Drawbacks of Using Brylcreem?

There are downfalls to Brylcreem because of the chemicals. In addition to the benefits of Brylcreem, there are also downfalls to using this styling gel. The high oil content can be harmful to your hair, causing it to become extremely shiny. It can also cause dandruff, especially when you do not wash your hair before using it. 

Brylcreem can also cause breakouts on sensitive skin because of the high oil content. It is essential that you only use a small amount of Brylcreem the first time to check if it does not hurt your skin. Even if the original gel does not cause your skin harm, other Brylcreem serums can cause different effects. So, try small amounts of each type of serum to guarantee you do not have a massive allergic reaction.

Does Brylcreem Cause Hair Fall?

Daily usage of hair creams typically causes hair fall (loss) because of the chemicals in the gel. Brylcreem is a strong formula made for long-lasting holds and sheer appearances. However, the strong chemicals in this formula can damage your hair. Brylcreem can be especially damaging when you use it in large quantities because of the harmful chemicals in the formula. 

Luckily, Bryclreem makes several formulas that are safe to use, with some variants that have hair fall protection. Regular Brylcreem formulas are more damaging than these specialized products. Like any other styling product, continuous usage can damage your hair because of the intense chemicals.

Which Brylcreem is Best for Hair?

The best Brylcreem for your hair to reduce hair fall is typically the Hair Fall Protect Styling Cream serum. This styling cream is made with special ingredients to prevent hair loss, including healing minerals. Many other specialty Brylcreem serums are packed with healing minerals, making them great for your hair. 

You may need to choose a different type of Brylcreem for your distinct hair needs, like dandruff, oiliness, dryness, or hair loss. Brylcreem has a different serum for every hair, so you can style your hair while adjusting to its specific qualities. Begin with the original formula to evaluate how your hair reacts. Then you can decide on your hair treatment regimen before selecting the specialized type of product you will use in your hair.

You should choose a different type of Brylcreem serum for your hair type. Different hair types require specific treatments, making the numerous Brylcreem variants great to choose from depending on your hair type. For instance, dandruff-prone hair can benefit from the Brylcreem anti-dandruff serum. There are many other Brylcreem types that can benefit styling your hair. 


Brylcreem is a good gel for styling men’s hair. It is okay for occasional usage, but daily use of the original serum can lead to hair loss. Instead, you should choose a specific Brylcreem serum that can provide your hair with the minerals and nutrients it needs to thrive. 

Brylcreem comes in several formulas to provide many other benefits for your hair. Choosing the best Brylcreem serum depends on how you intend to use your hair gel. Generally, the main purpose of Brylcreem is styling and taming flyaways. However, the different types of this product hold key purposes, like preventing hair loss or dandruff.

Brylcreem provides many benefits for your hair, including shine and texture. Although Brylcreem is great for styling hair, it can cause long-term issues when you use it too frequently. Problems like hair loss, premature graying, and acne breakouts can occur because you use Brylcreem. It is vital that you only use it as directed. Otherwise, you may experience negative side effects like breakouts, fall out, or hair loss from continuous usage.

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