Is it Bad to Comb Perm Hair? (We Have the Answer!)

Is it bad to comb perm hair

Perms are one of the most appealing hair styles that you can have. They are not only unique, but also look stylish and elegant. When you choose perm as your hairstyle, you are not going to be using much time when you are preparing yourself in the morning. With this hair style, you are going to drastically improve the aesthetics of your hair.

However, you should bear in mind that the preparation of perms falls under heavy duty hair processing. If you have your hair through such a process, then, it will leave it fragile. Now that you have fragile hair after such a process, you ought to know on the most effective ways of taking care of it. For example, is it bad to comb your perm hair? This article has the answers.

Is it Bad to Comb Perm Hair?

The social and professional commitments leave many people with little time to take care of themselves. Some go as far as working and studying, and others work for very long hours. Consequently, the standards of personal hygiene become compromised. Even in the midst of such commitments, one should dedicate time for personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is not only refreshing but it also enhances the confidence of an individual. At the center of this is the need to ensure that the hair is well taken care of.

After getting perm hair, your hair will be very delicate in the first few days. This is because of the chemical hair solutions which will still be working on your hair. In the first two to three days, do not wash your hair and do not comb your hair. If you must comb your hair within the three days, then, only do so when it is wet. You should use a comb that is wide-tooth and comb the hair while it is still in a conditioner. Combing your hair through this method will remove tangles and will ensure that the hair strands stand firm.

Should I Comb Permed Hair?

You should not comb permed hair. This is because combing will affect the quality of your hair, and if you comb your hair, it might not be possible to retain the texture of the hair. Reputable hair stylists advise their clients to wait for three days before they do anything with their perm hair. This will ensure that the hair stands firm. The slightest action on your new perm hair could cause your hair to have an unwanted shape or to break.

How Long After a Perm Can I Comb my Hair?

You should comb your hair at least three days after the perm. If you comb your hair earlier than this, you could damage the outer layer of the hair. If you want to be careful enough, you can wait as much as one week before doing anything on your hair. This is going to ensure that your hair is firm and steady.

You should also bear in mind that it is not advisable to use a shower head for two days. This is because doing this will relax your curls. Similarly, going to a swimming pool with a new perm style should be avoided, at least in the first week. This is because the various chemicals that are common in pools will have an impact on the chemical composition of the hair. There are some people who do coloring right after a perm. This is not good for you, and you should avoid doing this.

Will Brushing a Perm Ruin it?

Even if your perm becomes detangled, do not use a brush on the hair. If you use a brush, you are going to separate your curls, and your hair is going to be frizzy. In addition to that, brushing may break the strands. Simply put, brushing your is going to ruin your new hair. If you brush your hair after a perm, you could cause the falling out of the curls.

Having stated that, permed hair will take a lot of time to de detangled. So, if your hair is already detangled, you can use effective ways of responding to this and this will include the following:

-Make use of a wooden comb in order to attend to your hair

-You can carefully untangle the knots using your fingers

-Hair serum plays an important role in enhancing how your perm hair looks like. Most of these kinds of serums are referred to as anti-breakage serum, and they are very good in keeping the hair intact.

Maintaining Your Perm Hair

It is important that you understand the best ways of maintaining your perm hair. One of the most viable ways of doing this is through making sure that you moisturize your hair. Moisturizing ensures that your hair is hydrated and this adds bounce to your hair.

You ought to ensure that you use the right hair products. The market is saturated with beauty products, and getting the right one can be a daunting task. If you are not sure about how to go around this, the best thing is to seek the opinion of a professional. The professional is well informed about the products which will not harm your hair.

Heat styling is going to work very badly for your perm. If this is something that you must do, then you should use low heat, and in addition, then attach the diffuser. This ensures that the heat used is dispersed and not just concentrated in a certain area. Moreover, the use of straightening tools, a flat iron for instance, can lead to split ends and should be avoided.


The perm is a bouncy hairstyle that will definitely set you apart from the others and is a very attractive hair style. With this hair, you are going to command a lot of attention. However, this type of hair will warrant a great deal of maintenance. Overall, when you have a perm, you become a curly girl, and you should seek the best ways of preserving your new-found beauty.

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