Is it Safe to Use an Expired Lush Product? (We Have the Answer!) 

is it safe to use an expired Lush product

Nobody wants to toss out perfectly good products, especially expensive ones like Lush, but if you’ve accidentally left something to expire, you may not be sure whether it’s safe to use or not. Let’s find out!

Whether you can use an expired Lush product or not depends heavily on what the product is. Many are shelf-stable, but others contain fresh ingredients and will not keep beyond their expiry date. You can often tell by smelling the product and visually inspecting it. You shouldn’t see any major changes in color or any flecks of mold.

In this article, we’ll explore what to look for when deciding whether a Lush product is safe to use or not. This should help you avoid wasting your expensive bath products unnecessarily!

Is It Safe To Use An Expired Lush Product?

If you have got expired Lush products in your home, you will need to check what they smell and look like, and what ingredients they have, before you decide whether you can safely use it.

On the whole, you should be able to use an expired Lush product if it still smells good. That means the best way to check is to take the lid off or unwrap the item and sniff it. If the smell has changed from what it was when you first bought it, this indicates that the product has started to spoil and it may no longer be safe to use.

A lot of Lush products will last well, because they are made with high-quality ingredients. Even if the ingredients dry out or change to some degree, they should still work well on your skin. However, there are two more signs that you should look out for, as well as a change in smell.

Firstly, check for any flecks of mold on the surface of the product. If the product contains fresh ingredients, there is a high chance that they will start to develop small flecks of mold. If this happens, you shouldn’t use the product, as you don’t want to apply mold to your skin.

Next, see whether the product still works. If the product no longer works as it should, this indicates that it has gone off.

Do Some Products Need To Be Used Fast?

Some Lush products will not keep for long at all. For example, their Fresh Face Masks need to be kept in the fridge and used up as soon as possible. If you leave these at room temperature or keep them for too long, they will quickly expire.

Often, the shelf-life depends heavily on the ingredients of the product. If your Lush product contains things like fresh yogurt, milk, etc., it will not last particularly well because these ingredients don’t last well. The product can only keep for as long as its shortest-lived ingredient, and because Lush minimizes the chemicals and preservatives in its products, this may not be very long.

However, many of Lush’s products do last for at least 14 months from the date of manufacture, meaning you can keep them for a long time. A face mask can last for a month in the fridge, while most of their other products can be stored at room temperature and will keep between 3 months and 14 months.

Lush is still working to improve the longevity of all its products.


Lush products that have expired are often still safe to use, but you need to check the state of the product before you use anything that has gone out of date. If you find that there is any mold or if the product smells strange or no longer works, it’s gone off and should be thrown away.

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