Is Manic Panic Good For Your Hair? (Yes, Here’s Why)

is manic panic good for your hair

Manic Panic is an extremely popular hair dye with colors from bright neons to dark naturals, but is Manic Panic good for your hair?

Manic Panic does not damage hair. Instead, the dye contains restorative properties and acts as a leave-in conditioner that hydrates and repairs processed hair. The pigment is free of harsh chemicals, and the brand is proudly vegan and cruelty-free.

Wow, it looks like there are many great reasons to try out Manic Panic products! In this article, we’ll explore how Manic Panic can be good for processed hair and whether it’s salon-quality (spoiler, it is!). 

Is Manic Panic Dye Good?

Manic Panic is not only a great hair dye but also a great company. All of their dyes and products are vegan-friendly, PPD-free, contain no harsh chemicals, and are cruelty-free. The business has been rocking out dramatic colors since 1977 and has various custom color options you can’t find anywhere else.

Since many people choose to bleach or lighten their hair before they dye it, their hair can get rough and fragile. A great way to combat that fragility is to apply Manic Panic dye. The dye works as a leave-in conditioner while processing the color into your hair and helps repair the damage already done.

Because the dye is so great for your hair, you can apply as many colors, shades, layers, and styles as you want without worrying about damage! 

Do Salons Use Manic Panic?

Many salons use Manic Panic in their coloring rooms. They have a line called “Manic Panic Professional Products” that are only sold and distributed to licensed hair care professionals. These hair dyes are a revolutionary gel formula of colors and lighteners that don’t blend when processing.

The lack of dye bleeding results in stunning color layers, designs, and possibilities. So while salons don’t use the standard, off-the-shelf products you may find at a beauty store, they use the same brand of products at a higher quality and volume.

How Long Does the Color Last?

Your Manic Panic hair color will last anywhere from one to two months, depending on how well you upkeep it and what hair products you use. You can save the color by using color-safe shampoos and conditioners and washing your hair in lukewarm water instead of hot.

If you’re not worried about the exact color in your hair, you can use a color-depositing shampoo to keep the color looking fresh while preventing fading. For example, if you used Rock ‘N’ Roll red, you can typically get away with using a red color depositing shampoo (I use Punky, myself).

Do I Have to Bleach My Hair With Manic Panic?

You never have to bleach your hair, but sometimes it can help you achieve the color you want. Bleaching or lightening your hair strips it of its original color, leaving you with either a lighter shade or a blonde, yellowed color (depending on the toner you use, the color of your natural hair, and how long it is processed).

Lighter hair takes color better because the dye has less pigmentation to fight with. However, even people with blonde hair can have trouble getting the shade to stick. This is because bleaching your hair leaves your hair porous (or with small holes), and those holes give the dye something to stick to.


Manic Panic is excellent for your hair when applied correctly and maintained. The dye acts as a leave-in conditioner that repairs processed hair while adding a spark of color that everyone needs in their lives. The fact that the brand is vegan and cruelty-free is just a bonus!

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