Makeup for Low Eyebrows (+ Other tips and tricks)

makeup for low eyebrows

Often makeup can offer quick fixes to problems that otherwise feel like surgery-requiring. The magic of makeup can give you smaller or even larger eyes depending on your desired look and simple makeup techniques.

Low eyebrows can be a look many women wish to refrain from. However, each eyebrow shape is unique and beautiful. Simple makeup for low eyebrows that can easily enhance one’s looks includes a light eyeshadow and little to no eyeliner. Low eyebrows appear much smaller and too dark if you use heavy eyeliner and eyeshadow.

For those of us with low eyebrows, some eye makeup designs might be challenging to perfect, but if a smoky or winged eye is what you’re trying, there are ways to achieve the appearance you want. Practice makes perfect, whatever look you wish to attain!

Read the article below to tell all you need to know about makeup for low eyebrows and additional tips and tricks. Read on!

What Do Low Eyebrows Mean?

People often associate eyebrow shapes with personality aspects. Although this does not have to be an accurate representation of how one deals with situations, many people still like to make such connotations from time to time.

Low eyebrows are also known as hooded eyes. People with this eye shape have an extra layer of skin that covers their eyelids. The presence of this skin tends to hide any makeup that is done on the lid. For this reason, makeup is applied on the outer side of the eye, making it more prominent there.

Low-eye-browed people tend to process information fast, are expressive, and are eager to act.  When someone seems to be speaking too slowly, they may have a tendency to cut them off since they frequently know what they will say before the speakers have finished. These people are initially upbeat but could turn hostile if criticized. Their goal should be to practice more tolerance for people who lack their gift of mental agility.

Are Low Eyebrows Attractive?

Lower arched eyebrows are in great demand in today’s beauty market. It is believed that such an eyebrow look gives a more masculine look, exerting dominance and power. Furthermore, eyebrows express emotion differently from regular facial features. They can be elevated to convey astonishment, dropped to convey exhaustion, or puckered to convey rage.

Full, bold, low, and light reflecting eyebrows help women convey a feminine touch, clearly setting them apart from male features. This is an important distinguishing factor in the workplace, where female dominance is considered extremely important.

Eyebrows add to your attractiveness much more than you can possibly imagine.  According to a study conducted in 2007, people below the age of 30 found low eyebrows and eyes set apart unique and more attractive than closed-placed eyes. A hooded eye shape gives people the look of mystery that most people find attractive and even irresistible.

How Do You Fix Low Eyebrows?

Surgery and makeup techniques can help fix low eyebrows. Some of the most promising techniques to get the desired fix include:

  1. Brow mapping: With the aid of a mathematical ratio, the process of “brow mapping” can help you locate the ideal proportions for your face’s symmetry. The golden ratio is another name for this ratio. Given that the golden ratio stands for aesthetic harmony in nature, it offers the brows their most attractive shape for brow mapping.
  2. Makeup: Makeup is the magic wand for the quickest fixes. With low eyebrows, certain makeup dos and don’ts can help people achieve the desired, attractive look. You can apply shimmering eye colors to the inner corners and mix them in toward the middle of the eyes to make them appear bigger and brighter.

If you use liquid liner frequently, you probably already know how challenging it can be to apply it without smearing it onto your upper lids. You can still use liquid liner, but you must wait for it to completely dry on each eye before applying it to the other. Additionally, it must be waterproof to stop further smudging. Black eyeliner done incorrectly can make low-eye browed eyes appear even smaller.

  1. Facial Exercises: Several exercises exist that can help one get eyebrow lifts quickly and safely. These include lifting eyebrows with your hands and squeezing facial muscles.  
  2. Surgery: Surgery of the eyelids helps remove the excess skin that hides the eyelids. This is a quick and permanent fix for hooded eyes.

Are Low or High Eyebrows More Attractive?

Eyebrows are an incredibly important feature of one’s face, and a look is incomplete without them. Be it high or low; eyebrows are equally attractive. However, the symmetry of one’s face can be highly affected by how one styles and carries their eyebrows.

Low-bending eyebrows with long faces and huge eyes will be more appealing than high-bending eyebrows with small eyes and round faces. Studies have indicated that those who observed numerous people with different brow heights really find people with higher brows to be less attractive. A low brow was regarded as more seductive and attractive.

Regardless of how low or high one’s brows are, it should be kept in mind that having a fresh and open-eye expression matters more than anything else. If you have the best-fitted eyebrows with the perfect lift that suits your face and your eyelids feel droopy, your look will be seriously affected. Additionally, shaping your eyebrows that complement your age is extremely important. Moreover, the way you put your makeup on is the cherry on top of the perfect finish.


To sum it all up, you are as attractive as you feel within. Low or hooded eyes might have been misunderstood in the past, but they have gathered a hearty audience as time has progressed. If you possess this unique feature, embrace it with grace and learn to make the best of it instead of working to change your look to fit society’s beauty standards permanently. Keep in mind that the biggest jewel you can adorn yourself with is confidence. Boldly step out into the light, and go conquer the world!


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