Should I Shave Before a Massage? (We Have the Answer!)

should i shave before a massage

Even though massages often include many parts of the body that are typically shaved, especially for women, you do not need to shave before a massage. Most massage therapists do not care if you have shaved or not, and if they require it, they will let you know ahead of time.

In this article, you will learn whether or not massage therapists care if you don’t shave, if you should shave before getting a massage, if it’s considered rude not to shave your legs before a massage, and if you can get a massage if you are hairy.

Do Massage Therapists Care If You Don’t Shave?

In general, most massage therapists don’t care whether or not you shave before your massage appointment. Shaving is not a prerequisite for a massage and if you’re therapist requires it out of personal preference, there are plenty of massage therapists who do not.

Massage therapists service clients from many different backgrounds, cultures, and ideologies, some of which may prohibit them from shaving certain or any parts of their bodies. As such, it is not within a massage therapist’s purview to ask that you remove body hair for the sake of a massage.

Massage therapists are trained to work with all different body types including those that may be hairier than others. Even on a general basis, most men do not shave their legs so massage therapists who have both male and female clients will most likely encounter much hairier man legs than a woman who hasn’t shaved.

Additionally, some clients may have genetic conditions which cause more hair to grow on their bodies, even in places that are not typical. It is not a massage therapist’s place to judge or care where their clients have hair and are trained to work with all different physical body types, including the hairy ones.

Should I Shave Before Going to a Massage?

You can shave before getting a massage but it is not required. Massage therapists generally do not care if you shave before getting a massage because they are used to all kinds of clients with different body types.

Some people think that shaving before getting a massage may be less painful. Having smooth skin will help avoid any accidental pulling or ripping of hair follicles during the massage. Most massage therapists will use plenty of massage oil to help lubricate the massage. No amount of hair will interfere with the ability of your massage therapist to do their job.

Additionally, sometimes shaving shortly before a massage appointment can be detrimental to your experience. While it isn’t discouraged, those who have especially fast growing hair should consider shaving immediately before an appointment if they are going to shave.

Otherwise, shaving in the morning for an afternoon massage appointment can leave you with stubble that can cause irritation even with massage oils. In some cases, it is more beneficial to go unshaven than to shave.

Is It Rude to Get a Massage with Hairy Legs?

Unless you know that your leg hair will be physically irritating to the massage therapist, it is not rude to forgo shaving your legs before a massage appointment. Massage therapists provide massages to plenty of clients daily who do not shave their legs like most men. If a woman doesn’t shave her legs, it won’t make a massage therapist think twice.

Even massage therapists who work at high end spas that are known for the utmost quality in their services will not care or be offended if you didn’t shave your legs. If your massage therapist believes not shaving your legs before an appointment is rude, there are plenty of other massage therapists who will not condemn you for it.

Massage therapists actually prefer clients to have long leg hair compared to stubble since the shorter hair can be irritable for both the therapist and the client. Massage oil can help accommodate for long leg hair and prevent accidental ripping or pulling.

Can You Get a Massage If You’re Hairy?

You can get a massage if you shave all the hair on your body or if you’ve never let a razor touch it. Massage therapists generally don’t care if you are hairy. They will be more concerned with being able to provide a good massage experience, which is why they might use extra oils and lotions to avoid pulling your hair.

Massage therapists are trained in the art of taking care of a person’s muscles and to get to the muscles, they need to traverse the skin and whatever happens to be on it. Having excess hair should not affect your massage experience.

You will not be turned away from a massage parlor if you are too hairy, nor will you be asked to shave beforehand unless there are special extenuating circumstances. Back hair, arm hair, leg hair, butt hair – massage therapists have seen it all and it should not hinder their ability to give you a good massage.

If you are self-conscious about being so hairy, don’t try to shave right before your appointment. Stubble, cuts, and ingrown hairs can often cause more issues for a massage than having long hair.

Trust that your massage therapist knows what he or she is doing – they’ve done this before. They’ll simply lather you up with a little more oil and provide you with the same experience as everyone else.


It may seem strange to not worry about shaving before a massage appointment when your massage therapist will be working on certain parts of your body you normally try to keep devoid of hair. In truth, massage therapists don’t care how hairy you are and if you have more hair than normal, they know to apply a little more massage oil.

In fact, massage therapists prefer that you don’t shave right before an appointment since stubble could be more irritating than long hair. You’re not being rude if you don’t shave before a massage and there is no need to be embarrassed.

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