What Age Can You Start Using Perfume? (We Have the Answer!) 

what age can you start using perfume

If you have a child who is interested in cosmetics and perfume, you might be wondering at what age this becomes appropriate. Nobody wants their child to grow up too quickly, but equally, few people want to deny them things that they find fun and enjoyable.

There is no minimum age for wearing perfume, and there are fragrances marketed to young children. However, most kids will not start to wear perfume until they are in their teens, and you should bear in mind that children can have sensitive skin that might react to perfume. On the whole, it’s best to wait until your child is a teenager.

In this article, we’ll check out when your child might start wearing perfume, and what the best kinds of perfumes are. We will also look at whether perfume is safe for children.

What Age Can You Start Using Perfume?

You can use perfume at any age, so if your child is showing an interest, there is no harm in offering them a small spritz on their wrists. However, you might not want to encourage your child to wear perfume at a young age, as this may lead to an unhealthy early obsession with makeup and cosmetic products, and could contribute to insecurity.

Perfume should be treated as a fun, playful item, and not as a necessity. Like dressing up in high heels or trying on makeup, it’s fine for your child to try this out and feel like an exciting grown-up, but your child’s focus shouldn’t be on perfume or cosmetics until they are at least approaching their teenage years.

Even then, you might want to encourage your child to think about whether they need perfume, and to save it for special occasions. If your child’s skin reacts to perfume at all, discourage them from wearing it or look for a different brand that won’t cause a reaction. Don’t let them use a perfume that irritates their skin, even if the irritation is mild.

What Is The Best Perfume For 11 Year Olds?

There are plenty of great perfumes if you’re looking to choose a romantic and grown-up gift for an 11 year old you know. That first bottle of perfume represents an exciting moment of transition and growth, so it’s important to choose something that you know the child will love. Think about their favorite scents and choose with care.

If you want something that looks adult and sleek, try OUIA Dean Street Eau De Parfum, which smells of linden blossoms, apricots, amber, and musk, overlayed with a twist of bright citrus. The bottle is elegant and simple, and perfect for a girl who wants to feel like an adult.

For something a little more playful, you might want to consider the Moschino Toy 2 Bubblegum Eau De Toilette, which is in a bright pink, teddy-shaped bottle. This cute and fun perfume combines cinnamon and ginger with bubblegum, rose, and fruity aromas. It’s ideal for a child getting their first taste of adult scents.

Is It Safe For Kids To Use Perfume?

There is some debate about this question. It has been found that children absorb a lot more particles through their skin than adults do, and this means that more of the chemicals in the perfume will pass into the bloodstream. Your child will therefore be getting chemicals that might not be particularly safe inside their bodies.

This isn’t considered a major risk, but there is a greater chance of your child getting skin allergies and suffering from rashes or other skin discomforts if they regularly use perfume during their childhood. A child’s skin tends to be a lot more sensitive than an adult’s, so perfume can cause issues.

It is therefore best not to let a child use perfume regularly, and to choose the mildest perfumes available. If your child really wants to start using perfume, encourage them to just put it on occasionally, in very small quantities. This should minimize the risk.

What Age Do Girls Start Wearing Perfume?

Most girls don’t start wearing perfume until they are at least 12 or 13, although some take an interest much earlier than this. On the whole, however, regularly wearing perfume tends to come with the development of teenage hormones and other physical changes.

If your child takes an interest in wearing perfume frequently before they are starting to develop physically, it may be best to encourage them to look at other options, such as scented shampoos and soaps. This should help to reduce the risk of skin issues developing, and satisfy their desire to smell good.

Can 5 Year Olds Use Perfume?

A 5 year old should not use perfume regularly, no. It’s fine for a 5 year old to try a little spritz of perfume for a special day, such as a birthday or a wedding, but they should not be allowed or encouraged to use perfume frequently. This could have a bad effect on their skin, and it may also contribute to future issues with confidence.

This depends on their perception of perfume, but if they start to think that they need it in order to be desirable, there is a risk that this will reduce their self-confidence.

You don’t want your 5 year old to feel that they are imperfect without perfume. Trying it on to be like their mommy and to feel “grown up” for a special event is fine, but they shouldn’t be dependent on it.

If you are going to let your 5 year old try perfume, use only a very small amount and make sure there is no reaction. If they react to it, wash the perfume off immediately and consult a doctor if the reaction is serious.


You can use perfume at any age, but most people don’t start wearing it until they reach their teenage years. It might cause skin reactions and sensitivity in younger children, so be cautious about letting a child wear perfume, and opt for mild soaps or a spritz on their clothing instead.

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