What Bleaching Cream Works Fast? (Find Out Here!) 

what bleaching cream works fast

If you’re in a rush to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation or scars, waiting forever for a skin bleaching cream to take effect can be frustrating and tedious. When it comes to speedy results, which bleaching cream works fast?

The fastest-acting bleaching creams include Caro White Lightening Cream, White Secret Body Lotion, and Pure White Gold Cream. Creams formulated with hydroquinone produce the fastest results.

The struggle against acne, pigmentation, and dark spots doesn’t have to be fought over the course of months. Thankfully, there are a few bleaching products proven to deliver results in a matter of weeks, or even days.

The 3 Fastest Bleaching Creams

With changes in pigmentation beginning at only three days in some cases, these are the fastest working bleaching creams available now.

Caro White Lightening Cream

Regarded for its potency, Caro White Lightening Cream has earned that reputation for a reason. Blemishes, dark spots, and uneven tone will fade in as fast as three days. It boasts powerful ingredients like 2% hydroquinone and sodium metabisulphite.

As an important note: improper application can lead to skin irritation. When applying this cream, read the instructions and follow them to the letter.

White Secret Body Lotion

White Secret Body Lotion provides dramatic results at a much faster pace. If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, applying this cream twice a day will clear it up in two weeks. It contains arbutin – a naturally occurring substance that inhibits the formation of melanin.

White Secret comes in a full range of product options besides bleaching cream. You can purchase it as bar soap, serum, and face-specific cream as well. Pairing the lotion with any of these products will speed up the process.

Pure White Gold Cream

Pure White Gold Cream gets a boost in speed thanks to the use of exfoliants. In seven days, the plant-based ingredients in this bleaching cream both smooths and lightens skin. After three weeks, dark spots can appear three shades lighter.

The natural oils that make up Pure White Gold Cream include the antioxidant Vitamin E. Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress, brightening dark spots as a result. The blend of carrot oil, macadamia oil, plant extracts, and argan oil expedites the final smooth, clear look.

How Can I Make My Bleaching Cream Work Faster?

Uneven or hyperpigmented skin is something many people deal with. Wanting a quick fix to the assortment of skin conditions fixed by bleaching creams isn’t unusual. What, then, can make a bleaching cream work faster?

  • Drink plenty of water. Water will optimize the processes in your body that lead to healing, which is essential if you are using the cream to treat scars or acne.
  • Stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Not only do UV rays negatively impact the skin to begin with, but they can also cause bleaching creams to become entirely ineffective.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol will slow down how effective a fast bleaching cream can be.
  • Simplify your skincare routine to a single, basic, gentle soap. Don’t complicate the processes on your skin’s surface by bombarding it with chemicals.
  • Take vitamins, especially A, C, and E, to improve overall skin health. These vitamins will all aid in healing and improve the texture and appearance of skin blemishes.
  • Pair up products. Products of the same line, such as White Secret’s soaps, creams, and serums, can be used in tandem to shorten the wait.

In general, keeping your skin healthy while you’re waiting for your bleaching cream to work is the best step you can take to get an expedited result.

How Long Do Bleaching Creams Take To Work?

The truth is that everyone has different skin needs. What works overnight for some may take months for others. The type of problem you’re looking to solve is a factor, too. For example, deep hyperpigmentation will need more time and application than an already mostly-faded scar.

Bleaching creams come in two categories: slow, and fast. Slow creams will begin to show the first changes after four weeks. Further changes show in 2-3 months. This is because they are targeting the cells that produce melanin at the source.

Fast creams are, of course, meant for a quicker change. Fast treatments work on melanin itself.

instead of cells. The fastest bleaching creams, like Caro White Lightening Cream, will be noticeable in about three days. Other fast treatments can begin to take effect in 1-3 weeks.

What Is Hydroquinone In Bleaching Creams?

When shopping for the fastest bleaching creams, you will undoubtedly run into the word ‘hydroquinone’. Even when you’re not seeing it directly, many of the most prominent bleaching cream ingredients are derivatives of this potent chemical.

Put simply, hydroquinone is a chemical that inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, thus preventing the production of melanin. It is considered one of the most effective ingredients for lightening pigmentation fast. It is available in over-the-counter products at concentrations of 0.5-2%.

Hydroquinone is not to be taken in large doses. Any skin bleaching cream should be used sparingly if it has a high percentage of this ingredient. Applying that product for too long can lead to adverse effects, both for your skin and your overall health.


Bleaching creams can be excellent tools for treating uneven skin tone, freckles, scars, and dark spots and other small blemishes. To achieve the look you’re going for in the shortest amount of time, pinpointing what bleaching cream works fast is essential.

Caro White Lightening, White Secret Body Lotion, and Pure White Gold Cream are three of the fastest bleaching creams out there. They include active ingredients like hydroquinone, Vitamin E, and arbutin – all factors that will kick the processing time into high gear.

To make those creams work even faster, take extra care to tend to your skin health as a whole while waiting to see the effects. Drinking water, taking vitamins, and avoiding the sun will go a long way in shortening your wait time to clear, even skin.

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