What Color Nail Polish Do Guys Like? (We Have the Answer!)

what color nail polish do guys like

Girls aren’t the only ones that like nail polish and all of the colors that come with them. Guys enjoy a well-manicured woman and are particularly attracted to certain colors of nail polish. While there has been plenty of research on the topic, not all guys like the same thing. However, some colors are more popular than others. 

When it comes to a certain color of nail polish, guys tend to enjoy light pink or a dark and luscious, ruby red on women. Ruby red seems to have a slight edge on light pink. Coral is another word often tossed about in place of “light pink.” 

While it might seem that light pink and ruby red are kind of boring, (could you imagine wearing that all of the time?) it is what it is. If you are looking to draw the eyes of a certain gentleman, then coral and ruby red are going to be the odds-on favorites. 

Light and Very Light Pink

You may think that pink is very boring, niche, or way overused, but it happens to be at the top of the list when it comes to the preferences of men. Of course, men like all kinds of color nail polish, depending on who you ask and under what circumstance, but this one just seems to stand out from the rest, for whatever reason. 

There are a lot of connotations in the color pink but especially in light pink. Pink draws immediate associations with a lighthearted personality—someone who is playful and never takes themselves, anyone else, or the current situation overly seriously. 

Guys like that sort of thing, especially in the early stages of a relationship. You could consider it a qualifying factor, more or less. Since light pink is very similar to the natural tone and color of nails, it lends everything a kind of clean and happy quality. 

Long or Short

There is meaning in the length of nails as well. When it comes to light pink, long nails are highly expressive. It gives the impression of an extroverted personality. Of course, it’s not just extroverts that paint their nails light pink.

But for an introvert, it can give the impression of openness and a degree of frivolity. Short nails mean the exact opposite but, in a way, that is more attractive, especially when the person wearing short, light pink nails is indeed an introvert. 

An introverted person who likes to paint their nails pink gives a man the impression that she is reserved yet there is a large degree of underlying playfulness and spontaneity underneath the silent exterior. 

Ruby Red Nails

There’s little doing that red is the most popular and pleasing color, no matter who we’re talking about. It stands out, bright, bold, and appealing. Men tend to like it more than any other color, at least in terms of nail polish. 

Plus, ruby red, or any bright, vibrant shade of red, goes with just about anything. You have to make an effort to find an outfit and shoes that don’t go well with red. If you want to stand out in a crowd and wear something that men find attractive, ruby red is the best choice. 

Not only is it the best, but it will also offset any other wardrobe mistakes unless you get particularly egregious with your choice of clothing. The thing that’s most convenient about red nail polish is that it’s not only the most popular amongst men but also the most popular amongst women. 

While ruby red stands out the most, it doesn’t have to be ruby red alone. Any shade of red, so long as it’s bold and vibrant, will do the trick. It’s not as if men answer polling questions with only the term, “ruby red.”

It’s a good thing too, because, despite red’s allure, it can get boring from time to time, especially if you are wearing it a lot. Another pro in the red category is that most of the shades are perfectly suited for both work and play. 

Long or Short

The long or short extrovert and introvert thing apply here as well. Long, bright red nails exemplify an outgoing and adventurous personality that men will often find very attractive and interesting. 

On the introverted side of things, red remains a bold statement, surrounded by layers of mystery and intrigue. Men will find themselves interested in a woman who can draw attention with her choice of nail colors but remain reserved and cryptic. 

Other Popular Nail Polish Colors Among Men

Not all men like the color red. There are plenty of guys out there that prefer other colors as well. 

Emerald Green

It’s hard not to like emerald green. It’s an extraordinarily gorgeous color that highlights everything about you, especially when it comes to gingers. There’s nothing that exemplifies Irish physical traits quite like emerald green. 

None only does emerald green create a dazzling, accentuating effect, but it’s also an incredibly sexy color that will drive men crazy, especially if you are the reserved and mysterious type. 


Black is another nail polish that ranks highly with men, regardless of why you are wearing it. Some women wear black for certain causes, especially for a loss of a loved one or someone in the family. 

This is why black isn’t the highest on the list. Just because someone is wearing black nail polish doesn’t mean that it’s a good reason to approach them. When wearing it for a casual or fun reason, however, black will really stand out in a crowd and surprisingly so. 

Black is the absence of all color, taking everything in and reflecting nothing back. Yet somehow, it’s a really popular color, if it can be termed a color at all. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to men’s favorite color of nail polish, ruby red and light pink stand head and shoulders above the crowd. However, don’t count out emerald green and even black, as they are frequently at the top of the lists as well. 

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