What Color Nail Polish Goes With a Light Blue Dress? (We Have the Answer!)

what color nails go with a light blue dress

You found the perfect light blue dress, but now you aren’t sure what to do with your nails. What color nail polish goes best with a light blue dress? 

The best nail color for a light blue dress is any neutral shade such as white or cream. If you want a slight pop of color that will help accentuate your light blue dress, consider going with any pastel lilac or baby blue. 

You have a few different great options for nails with a light blue dress. In the rest of this article, we’ll be breaking down what color nails will work best for you!

What Color Nails go With a Light Blue Dress?

Light blue dresses have a whimsical charm that beckons for the perfect shade of nail polish. Pastel colors are the best way to go when getting ready to dress up a light blue dress with the perfect nails. 

While it depends on the exact shade of your dress, baby blue and lilac-colored nails are great options that will blend well with light blue. A soft pastel peach orange or yellow will do wonders if you want your nails to pop a little. 

Neutral colors, such as shades of beiges, whites, and creams, also go quite well with light blue dresses. These colors will be less likely to contrast your outfits following the days after your event is over.

Adding a little gold or silver glitter top coat to your nail color of choice will help to bring a subtle sparkle to your nails to compliment the dress’s whimsical charm. 

What Nail Color Goes Well With a Blue Dress?

When picking out the best nail color to match your dress, it is important that you also choose a color that will compliment your hair and skin tone

While the perfect nail color for your blue dress will also depend on the exact shade and whether it has a pattern or not, any blue dress will look good with shades of gray, black, white, or nude. 

Other shades of blue will also be good nail colors to compliment any blue dress.

Should you Match your Nail Polish to Your Dress?

The decision to match your nail polish to your dress is completely up to you. It is not a requirement that you do it. However, picking the perfect nail color to complement your dress is important if you want to display a sophisticated look. 

You can choose to get nails that are an exact color match with your dress- but this often results in your nails blending in too much. If you want the perfect look, it is best to go with a complementary color that will add a subtle pop and flare to your ensemble. 

What Color of Nail Polish Goes with Everything?

Neutral nail colors, such as tans, beiges, whites, and creams, go with everything. 

White is a nail color that is easy to pair with any outfit. It goes with formalwear or can be dressed down for a day at the park and gives off a very sophisticated appearance.

If you want a darker tone, navy blues are known to go well with many styles for a smart look. While not as obvious a choice as white, navy blue is a shade between black and denim that partners well with everything. 


Although you may want to try to match your exact dress color, choosing complimentary color nails is an excellent way to showcase a sophisticated style. Light blue dresses look great with pastel or neutral color nails, such as a gentle lilac or white. 

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