What Do I Do If I Get Nail Polish in My Eye? (Find Out Here!)

what do I do if I get nail polish in my eye

While you shouldn’t touch your face until your nails are dry, accidents happen. So, have you wondered, what do I do if I get nail polish in my eye?

If you accidentally get nail polish in your eye, you want to immediately rinse your eyes with lukewarm water for fifteen minutes to flush out the polish thoroughly. You can apply cold compresses after rinsing to help with irritation and burning. 

While getting nail polish in your eye isn’t ideal, we’ll help walk you through the steps of carefully removing it to avoid any damage to your eye. Keep reading to learn more and find out what happens when you get nail polish remover in your eyes. 

What Do I Do If I Get Nail Polish in My Eye?

Getting nail polish in your eyes can happen to anyone, especially if you touch your eye before the nail polish is dry. While a tiny amount of nail polish in your eye might not be noticeable, you’ll likely feel a burning sensation if you get too much inside. 

If you get nail polish in your eye, you must work at removing it to avoid any adverse side effects. For example, nail polish contains chemicals that can damage your eyes if left untreated. 

Follow these steps if you get nail polish in your eye:

  1. Rinse your eyes with lukewarm water by submerging your face into a bowl of water or with a running sink
  2. Remember to keep your eyes open to get rinse out the nail polish
  3. You want to continue rinsing for 15 minutes or until the nail polish is thoroughly cleaned off
  4. If irritation persists, apply a cold compress to the affected eye

It’s vital to begin rinsing your eyes immediately after getting nail polish in your eye, as the longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove and the greater chance of having long-term effects from the nail polish. 

Finally, if you notice leftover nail polish on your eye that won’t come off with water, it would be best to call a doctor, who may have to perform additional care to remove the nail polish. 

Can Nail Polish Remover Make You Go Blind?

It can be scary to get any chemical in your eyes, so it’s important to know possible side effects and how to act quickly. A small amount of nail polish remover will cause burning but won’t affect your vision. However, you risk permanent damage if you get a large amount of liquid in your eyes. 

If you get nail polish remover in your eyes, you should immediately begin rinsing them for at least 15 minutes. Remember to keep your eyes open, as this will help remove the chemicals. If you still are experiencing pain and your vision is blurry, it’s best to contact your doctor for a follow-up. 

Can Nail Polish Irritate Eyes?

If you use nail polish, it can irritate your eyes, especially after prolonged use. Nail polish contains chemicals and solvents that are known to irritate. Like paint, nail polish has fumes that can cause significant problems over the long term. 

Here are a few tips on helping prevent nail polish from irritating your eyes

  • Always apply nail polish in a well-ventilated room
  • Opt for a natural and odorless nail polish that won’t irritate your eyes
  • Wear protective glasses while applying nail polish 
  • Don’t get your nails done in a salon that isn’t well-ventilated 

If you always develop irritated eyes after using nail polish, you should reconsider the type of nail polish you use.

How Do You Get Nail Polish Off Your Eyelids?

If you got nail polish on your eyelids, you’ll want to perform similar actions as you would if it got into your eye. The quicker you begin rinsing nail polish off your eyelid, the easier removing it will be. However, if you leave it on too long, it will dry and be much tougher to remove. 

It would be best not to use nail polish remover to get nail polish off your eyelids, as you risk getting the remover in your eyes, and you’ll have much bigger problems. Instead, use warm soapy water and gently massage the area that has nail polish. 

If you must use nail polish remover, dip a q-tip into the acetone and gently dab the area of the nail polish. After removing the nail polish, thoroughly rinse your eyes to ensure no leftover polish or remover is still on your eyelids. 

Finally, an excellent alternative to nail polish remover is apple cider vinegar. For example, apply a small amount of vinegar to a q-tip or cotton ball and gently wipe off excess nail polish on your eyelid. 

What Do I Do If I Get Acetone in My Eye?

If you get acetone in your eye, you want to carefully flush them out with water to ensure you remove any acetone. You should begin flushing your eye with lukewarm water immediately and continue to do so for 15-20 minutes. 

In addition, if you have contact lenses in, you should not attempt to remove them and instead focus on rinsing the affected eye. Also, if you only got acetone in one eye, do your best to keep the contaminated water away from the clean eye. Remember, never hesitate to call your doctor if you think you need additional treatment. 

Acetone is a harsh chemical and is highly flammable, so it’s not something you want to get in your eye. Depending on how much acetone you get in your eye, you will experience moderate to severe irritation, so the quicker to tend to the problem, the sooner you’ll feel better. 


If you get nail polish in your eye, you want to tend to it immediately to prevent permanent damage. Remember to thoroughly rinse your eyes with lukewarm water for at least 15 minutes and use cold compresses as needed. As long as you tend to the issue quickly, you should not expect long term side effects. 

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