What Do You Do If You Get Hair Spray In Your Eye? (Find Out Here!)

What do you do if you get hair spray in your eye

When you are spraying hairspray, you must keep your eyes closed. Anybody that has ever got hairspray into their hair will have very quickly realized just how painful it can be. 

But, what do you do if you get hairspray in your hair? Is washing it out fine, or should you take a trip to the emergency room? Well, it is all going to depend on how your eye reacts.

What Do You Do If You Get Hairspray In Your Eye?

If you get hairspray in your eye, then we recommend that you wash your eye immediately. Lukewarm, clean water should be fine. There may be a small amount of irritation, but it should go away fairly quickly. If the irritation lasts for more than a few hours, then head to the emergency room.

While getting hairspray in your eye can be incredibly painful, it shouldn’t cause any long-term damage. You may have a red eye for a while and a small amount of pain, but you aren’t going to lose your vision or anything like that.

If you have washed your eye and the pain persists for 4-6 hours, then it may be worth going to the emergency room. You must head to the emergency room if you have lost your vision or you start to experience severe swelling. If you are worried about your eye but there doesn’t seem to be any vision loss, then you can call your local poison control center instead. They can provide further instruction. 

Hairspray Will Irritate Your Eye

While hairspray could damage your eyes, the risk of it happening is minimal. The hairspray may cause a small amount of irritation when it comes into contact with your eyes, but it shouldn’t last more than an hour or so.

You have to remember that hairspray has been designed for use on humans. It has to go through rigorous testing. It wouldn’t be brought to market if there was even the slightest risk that it would cause eye damage.

Of course, there may still be the odd case where the hairspray causes serious damage. However, the risk is tiny. If the irritation lasts for a good chunk of the day, or you lose your vision, then you need to head to the doctor.

Is Hair Setting Spray Harmful?

Hair setting spray is not harmful. In most cases, at least. While there is the risk that you may be allergic to one of the ingredients in hair setting spray, the risk of it causing you harm in any other case is low.

At the most, hair setting spray is likely to cause a bit of irritation if you get it in your eye or mouth. However, the irritation will very quickly subside. 

Do Not Put Hairspray On Your Eyelashes

While you can put hairspray on eyelashes, it isn’t recommended. Having hairspray anywhere near your eyes is just asking for trouble. If you have fake eyelashes, then using hairspray may actually ruin them.

While some people do put hairspray on their eyelashes, we wouldn’t recommend it. It is difficult to get right, and you run the risk of getting some in your eye, which can be incredibly painful.

If you have fake lashes, then don’t get hairspray anywhere near them. The alcohol in the hairspray will cause the adhesive in your lashes to dissolve, and they will fall right off your eye.

Final Thoughts

If you get hairspray in your eye, it probably isn’t anything to worry about. Hairspray just causes a bit of light irritation. If you do notice vision loss, or the irritation lasts for more than 4-6 hours, then head to the emergency room.

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