What Happens If You Accidentally Eat Chapstick? (We Have the Answer!)

what happens if you accidentally eat chapstick

The use of chapstick is one of the most common habits especially among the women. It is an accepted and common beauty solution for many years. In addition to that, they play an important role in keeping your lips hydrated and looking fresh. The modern environment is harsh, and there may be little humidity.

This causes the cracking of the lips, and in such a case, chapstick comes in handy for moisturizing. Moreover, the use of lipsticks enhances the aesthetics of an individual. Other words that are used for chapstick are lipstick, lipliner, and lip balm

Users should be aware that they do swallow chapstick, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and this comes naturally. In other words, individuals consume lipstick in small amounts. The issue becomes what to do if you accidentally eat chapstick. This article is going to guide you on what to do when you accidentally eat chapstick.

Can You Get Sick From Eating ChapStick?

Before investigating if chapstick can harm you if swallowed, it is important to look at the ingredients. The ingredients that are used in the making of chapstick include the following: perfumes, wax, pigments, coloring agents, preservatives, and oils.

When you swallow chapstick, it is likely that you will eat it in some minute quantity. This is something that is accepted, and the manufacturers know this as much. Thus, the manufacturers cannot make something of that nature toxic. It must be non-toxic and safe.

So, can you get sick from taking chapstick? Chapstick will not be harmful to you. In addition to that, the chapstick will be removed from your body through the regular excretion process. However, one should note that the stomach cannot easily do the digestion of chapstick like in any other food groups. It should also be noted that if the chapstick has expired, them, it can show worse symptoms. All in all, as far as lip balm is manufactured by a reputable company, it is not going to cause any harm to you.

However, the consumption of a large quantity of chapstick is a different case altogether. This is because you are also swallowing a large amount of petroleum and wax. In such a scenario, then, you are going to experience diarrhea or nausea. However, eating an entire chapstick can lead to a serious gastro-intestinal problem that will require the intervention of the doctor.

Is ChapStick Safe To Lick?

No. chapstick is not safe to lick, and you should avoid licking it by all means. It is always advisable to avoid a situation where you lick any lipstick. When you lick chapstick, your mouth starts drying out right away. Some types of lip balm, Carmex for instance, may cause your mouth to burn. This is because such products contain a significant amount of menthol.

It should be noted that the ingredients that are used in the making of chapstick are not categories as cosmetic products, but rather, food products. For instance, the colors that are added in the making of chapstick are also used in the manufacture of drugs and some food products.

However, there are a few lipsticks which, either the product or the container, will contain lead. In such a case, this can be a very serious problem that will warrant the intervention of the doctor. Unfortunately, lead can have negative consequences in both the short term and the long term. A study carried out by the University of Chicago found out that consumption of lead can lead to serious problems including kidney failure, heart problems, and problems with the bones.

Is It Bad To Swallow ChapStick?

Whereas it is not advisable to swallow chapstick, chapstick is not, generally, toxic. You are unlikely to experience extreme symptoms by eating chapstick. However, if you happen to eat the chapstick, it is important that you be on the lookout for symptoms.

It should be noted that chapsticks come in small amounts. This means that only the small amounts are needed. Therefore, there is a low chance that you are going to swallow a big amount of chapstick. Again, even if you do, some of the products in the market are made up of natural products, and therefore, they are not going to hurt you.

Is ChapStick Poisonous?

Children are very cheeky, and they will try to take anything that comes their way, it is safe or not. It would not be surprising if you found your child with chapstick, and you may not know right away if the child has consumed the chapstick or not. If a child takes chapstick without your knowledge, simply take away the tube away and proceed to wipe their mouth. Immediately afterwards, give the child water to drink. The benefit of water here is that it is going to dilute the chapstick. Some experts recommend the use of warm water.

However, if you start vomiting, then it is time to seek immediate medical intervention. The US has a lot of options when it comes to seeking help for poisoning cases. One of such sources is the Poison Center Hotline, and you can reach them at, 800-222-1222. This call is not only free, but also confidential. Again, it would be wise to evaluate of the lipstick is plain or medicated. Such information will require in the case medical intervention is required.

Some companies will be willing to give you information regarding the products that they manufacture. So, should you feel that you may be poisoned, then you may call the manufacturer and inquire about a certain ingredient and express your reservation.


The market is saturated with many products, some of which are safe, and others which are not safe. It is therefore very important that you check the products you use and evaluate of they are safe before you use them. Be aware that some products in the market are simply fake, and this is something that you should be on the lookout for. Overall, swallowing chapstick is not harmful to you except in rare cases.

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