What is Better: Stick vs. Roll-On Deodorant

stick deodorant vs roll on

Choosing between different deodorants may seem like a monumental task when you realize all the available options. There are so many different packaging and options you may become overwhelmed when making a choice. Are stick deodorant or roll-on better for you?

Stick deodorant is a solid that is applied to your underarms. They are dry when they are applied and are available in the strongest options. Roll-on deodorants are liquid deodorant that is applied with a rollerball. They are applied wet and will need to dry after application.

Below we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of deodorant to help you pick the best option for you.

Deodorant and Antiperspirant

Before we dive into the differences between roll-on and stick deodorant, we should first discuss the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. 

The main objective of deodorant is to eliminate the odor that is caused when you sweat. They mainly use alcohol to reduce or stop the bacteria on your skin from attacking the proteins in your sweat and causing the odor.

Antiperspirant’s main objective is to stop you from sweating altogether. They block your pores and prevent them from sweating completely. Antiperspirants are available as a prescription for individuals that may struggle with excessive sweating.

There isn’t a fine line between the two, some deodorants are also antiperspirants. 

Stick Deodorants and Roll-ons

The different types of deodorants will have different effects on your body and skin. Stick deodorant and roll-on deodorant have many differences between them. Let’s look at each type below.

Stick Deodorant

Stick deodorant is the most popular type of deodorant that is sold today. It consists of active ingredients and perfumes blended with waxes and oils to form a solid. This solid is formed into a stick that is dry when it is applied to your underarms. Stick deodorant is the strongest most effective deodorant available.

Stick deodorant is ideal for travel, especially on airlines that limit the number of liquids you can take in your carry-on luggage. It is also easy to apply and you have good control over the amount you use leaving less wasted product. Since stick deodorant is applied dry, there is no need to wait after applying it to your armpits.

There are a few disadvantages of stick deodorant. It does go on dry, but there is still the possibility that it can leave a residue on your clothing. This is especially prevalent in darker clothing. Some stick deodorants contain harsh chemicals such as aluminum, polyethylene, and alcohol that can be harsh on sensitive skin.

Roll-on Deodorants

Roll-on deodorants are liquid or gels that are applied with a plastic rollerball to your underarms. You will need to shake the roll-on deodorant around to ensure the rollerball is covered with enough liquid deodorant before you try to apply it to your skin.

Roll-on deodorants can be less harsh on sensitive skin and some of the ingredients found in them will be beneficial in helping the deodorant dry and be beneficial for your skin.

Some of the drawbacks of roll-on deodorants are they go on wet and can leave you with a damp feeling until they can dry. While they do not leave the same visible marks on clothing, they can cause sticky feelings on your clothing after it dries. It can be difficult to reapply some roll-on deodorants if you feel you need more coverage at a later time that day.

Choosing the Correct Deodorant

There is no wrong choice between stick and roll-on deodorants. Both have benefits and drawbacks associated with them. The final decision will depend on what you want and need when choosing your deodorant. Ultimately, you will know your body the best and will be able to choose between the two options to provide you with the best choice.

If you are active and worry about having a strong odor, your best choice may be to stick with the traditional stick deodorant. If you do have sensitive skin or you worry about leaving stains from your deodorant on your clothing you may opt for a roll-on. If you do find you are not happy with your initial choice, you can always switch your deodorant to a different option later.


What Are Some Disadvantages of Stick Deodorant?

Stick deodorants hold an advantage over other deodorants because they are the strongest deodorants available. They are easy to apply and can provide the coverage you need without wasting product. There is no need to wait for stick deodorants to dry after they are applied. They are very travel friendly since they are solid and can be transported in your carry-on luggage when you fly.

What is the Best Type of Deodorant?

The best deodorant will vary for each individual. If they are active or tend to sweat in excess, they may need a stick deodorant with antiperspirants. If they have sensitive skin they may choose a gel or roll-on that is designed for their skin type. If they do not sweat and are concerned about the solid leaving stains on their clothing, they may choose a spray-on deodorant.

Are Roll-On Deodorants Better For Smell?

Roll-on deodorants can block or reduce the smell associated with sweating. They are applied wet and can eliminate any body odor associated with sweating. Some roll-on deodorants also contain an antiperspirant that will block the glands in your underarm and reduce or eliminate sweating. The most effective deodorant to eliminate sweating or smell is solid deodorant. They are stronger and when combined with an antiperspirant can eliminate sweating.

Which is the Safer Alternative: Roll-On or Spray Deodorant?

Roll-on deodorants and spray deodorants both contain dangerous ingredients such as propylene glycol and parabens. All deodorants contain ingredients that are safe for humans to use without the worry of adverse long-term side effects. There has not been a study conducted that has been able to link the long-term use of any ingredients found in deodorant with any disease.


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