Which Is Better Deodorant or Perfume? (We Have the Answer!)

which is better deodorant or perfume

Both deodorant and perfume are effective at the tasks for which they were designed. Deodorant is better at covering up body odor while perfume is better at creating a pleasant scent around one’s body and clothes.

In this article, we will address if deodorant or cologne is better, if deodorant or perfume is better at masking body odor, and which one lasts longer. Additionally, we will cover whether deodorant is healthier than perfume as well as which one is better for your budget.

Which Is Better Deodorant or Cologne?

The difference between deodorant and cologne is the same as the difference between deodorant and perfume. Cologne is a man’s version of perfume, so its purpose is to make the wearer smell better. On the other hand, deodorant is to mask body odor and does not necessarily give off a pleasant scent.

When it comes to which one performs better, you have to ask yourself what you are using these products for. If you want to cover up the smell of body odor induced by sweat and hormones, deodorant is far more effective than cologne. Alternatively, if you want to smell good for the benefit of yourself or others, cologne is the way to go.

Too often products such as these are misused which can cause dissatisfaction with the product being used. If you use each one for its intended purpose, then it will work far superior to the other.

Is Deodorant or Perfume Better at Masking Body Odor?

Deodorant is much better at masking body odor than perfume. Deodorant is designed to eliminate body odor by killing and preventing the bacteria that contribute to body odor in your armpits. Most deodorants have alcohol in them which is designed to target these bacteria.

Additionally, deodorant is meant to be applied directly to the skin, specifically the armpit. Contact with the skin ensures that the deodorant can do its job of killing bacteria.

On the other hand, if you use perfume to mask body odor, you are only adding the scent of the perfume on top of the scent of body odor. The perfume is not designed to get rid of odor causing bacteria, so they are still present.

If you want to mask your body odor and have the benefits of smelling good, apply deodorant and then spray on perfume. Even scented deodorants are not as strong as the weakest perfume.

Which One Lasts Longer Deodorant or Perfume?

When it comes to longevity, perfume typically lasts longer than deodorant. Some deodorants are not even scented, but those that are lose their scent within a few hours, while perfumes are designed to last a long time. The scented essential oils in perfumes are more highly concentrated than any that may be present in deodorant.

When it comes to how long each one lasts if you use it each day, perfume is also superior to deodorant. Most deodorants are about 40-50 ml per stick and last about three to four months if you apply them every day. On the other hand, a 50 ml bottle of perfume can last one to two years if you use it every day.

Perfumes also have a longer overall shelf life. Most perfumes stay good for about three to five years although there are some that can last ten years if not longer. Although perfume “expires,” it doesn’t necessarily go bad, it just loses its scent. The shelf life of deodorant is much shorter – only about six months to a year.

Is Deodorant Healthier than Perfume?

There are no health benefits to deodorant or perfume although there can be some health disadvantages to using deodorant. Some deodorants contain aluminum to act as an antiperspirant. Studies have linked excessive use of aluminum containing deodorant to some forms of cancer.

Additionally, aerosol deodorants may contain chemicals like synthetic musks or phthalates that can affect natural hormones produced by the body. On the other hand, perfumes do not contain any of these potentially harmful chemicals. If you use deodorant though, you can purchase natural deodorants that do not contain aluminum or come in a spray can to mitigate any health risks.

However, perfume and deodorants can be unhealthy for those who are particularly sensitive to scents, have sensitive skin, or are allergic to any of the ingredients that either product contains.

Which Is Better for Your Budget Deodorant or Perfume?

If you are looking to compare the prices of deodorant and perfume, deodorant wins in a landslide. Most deodorant products cost only a few dollars and come in a variety of options such as aerosol cans or roll on sticks.

Some of the more natural deodorants that are made without synthetic materials tend to cost more than the common brands like Secret and Dove. If you want to delve into luxury deodorants, you may be looking at prices up to $100.

On the other hand, bottles of perfume can be very expensive. Their range in price varies greatly from the cheapest perfumes that may cost $20 to $30 per bottle to perfumes that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Perfumes from Bodycology and Victoria’s Secret tend to be on the less expensive side, while big name brands like Dior, Chanel, and Tom Ford are the ones that start in the hundreds and only get more expensive.


When it comes to deciding if deodorant or perfume is better, you need to consider what you need them for. Deodorant is better at masking body odor and is more economically conscious for your wallet.

On the other hand, perfume does a superior job of making you smell good and it doesn’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals that some deodorants do. Perfumes also last longer both in their application and their shelf life.

Deodorant and perfume are effective ways to help stop bad body odors and give off pleasant scents, respectively. While separately they are useful, using them in combination is sure to guarantee you give off a good smell.

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