Why Do My Lips Peel When I Wear Lipstick? (We Have the Answer!) 

why do my lips peel when I wear lipstick

Ever notice how your lips feel a little dry and maybe even a little chapped after wearing lipstick for a few hours? If you’re asking why do my lips peel when I wear lipstick-don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s actually a pretty common occurrence. There are a few reasons why this might be happening.

Your lips might be peeling after wearing lipstick is because of the ingredients in the lipstick itself. Many lipsticks contain ingredients like drying alcohols or fragrances that can irritate the delicate skin on your lips, causing them to become dry and cracked. Another reason why your lips might be peeling after wearing lipstick is because of dehydration. 

It’s also possible that your peeling lips are just a reaction to something new that you’ve introduced into your beauty routine. If you recently started using a new beauty product and noticed that your lips started peeling soon afterwards, try discontinuing use for a few days to see if the problem goes away. 

How do You Keep Your Lips From Peeling With Lipstick?

Wearing lipstick is a great way to add a pop of color to your look, but it can also be problematic if your lips are prone to peeling. Peeling lips can be caused by a number of factors, including dehydration, sun damage, and cold weather. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to prevent your lipstick from causing your lips to peel. 

Exfoliate Regularly 

One of the best ways to prevent your lipstick from causing your lips to peel is to exfoliate them on a regular basis. You can use a commercial lip scrub or make your own at home using sugar and olive oil. Simply rub the scrub onto your lips in a circular motion for a minute or two, then rinse it off with warm water. 

Use a Lip Balm 

Another great way to keep your lips from peeling is to use a lip balm or Chapstick throughout the day. This will help to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the elements. Be sure to choose a lip balm that contains SPF if you’ll be spending time outdoors. 

Avoid Matte Lipsticks 

If you find that matte lipsticks are drying out your lips and causing them to peel, try switching to a creamier formula. Creamier lipsticks are less likely to dry out your lips and cause peeling. However, if you’re set on wearing a matte lipstick, make sure to apply a lip balm underneath it to help keep your lips hydrated. 

Don’t Skip the Lip Liner 

If you typically wear lipstick without applying lip liner first, now is the time to start! Applying lip liner before you put on lipstick helps to create a barrier between your lips and the lipstick itself. This barrier will help to prevent the lipstick from drying out your lips and causing peeling. 

Skip the Gloss 

While glossy lipsticks may be trendy right now, they’re not doing any favors for dry, peeling lips. If you find that glosses are making your lips peel, ditch them in favor of more hydrating formulas. Your lips will thank you! 

Why Do My Lips Get Chapped After Wearing Lipstick?

If you’re a regular lipstick wearer, you’ve probably noticed that your lips seem to get more chapped and dry after a day of wear. You might even have a few trusty lip balms that you rely on to combat the dryness. But why does this happen? 

You’re not Using a Lip Primer

If you’re not using a lip primer before applying your lipstick, then your lips are more susceptible to the drying effects of the lipstick itself. A good lip primer will create a barrier between your lips and the lipstick, helping to keep your lips hydrated and preventing the color from seeping in and drying out your lips. 

You’re Not Using a Hydrating Lip Balm

Lip balm is essential for keeping your lips hydrated, both before and after applying lipstick. If you don’t already have a hydrating lip balm in your makeup bag, we recommend picking one up as soon as possible! Apply it generously to your lips before applying any kind of color, and be sure to reapply it throughout the day to keep your lips feeling smooth and hydrated. 

You’re Using a Matte Lipstick Formula

Matte lipsticks are beautiful, but they can be very drying on the lips if you’re not careful. If you find that your matte lipsticks are leaving your lips feeling chapped and dry, try switching to a different formula, such as a cream or semi-matte lipstick. These formulas are much more forgiving on the lips and won’t leave them feeling dry and irritated at the end of the day. 

What Ingredient in Lipstick Makes Lips Peel?

We all know that lipstick can be loaded with chemicals. But, did you know that some of those chemicals can actually be harmful to your health? Here’s a look at some of the most common ingredients in lipstick and what they really mean for your health.

  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons are found in both petroleum-based and plant-based oils. They help to keep the lipstick smooth and give it a creamy texture. These hydrocarbons can be toxic if inhaled, so it’s important that you don’t breath in while applying your lipstick. 
  • Lanolinis derived from the wool of sheep and is used as an emollient in many cosmetic products. Emollients help to moisturize the skin and lips. Although lanolin is considered safe, some people may be allergic to it. 
  • Beeswax is another common ingredient in lipstick. It helps to give the lipstick its shape and also has emollient properties. Beeswax is considered safe for most people, but if you’re allergic to bees or pollen, you may want to avoid it. 


Wearing lipstick is a cosmetic practice that dates back thousands of years, and it’s no wonder why it’s still so popular today. Not only does it add a touch of glamour to any look, but it can also help to enhance your natural features.

However, one downside of wearing lipstick is that it can cause your lips to peel. This is because the lipstick creates a barrier that doesn’t allow your lips to breathe.

As a result, the skin on your lips can become dry and cracked. To prevent this from happening, be sure to choose a lipsticks that are moisturizing and non-drying. You should also avoid wearing lipstick for long periods of time, and be sure to remove it before you go to bed.

By following these simple tips, you can help keep your lips healthy and hydrated – even when you’re wearing lipstick.

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