Why Does My Chapstick Smell Bad? (We Have the Answer!)

why does my chapstick smell bad

If you do not use your chapstick for a long time, you may use it only to find that it has a bad smell already. In rare cases, you may buy chapstick, only to find that it smells bad. The ingredients that make chapstick include flavorings, oils, and wax, all these in a balanced combination. These ingredients are supposed to not only protect you but also moisturize you. If the manufacturer was not careful at the stage of manufacturing, then it becomes very difficult to keep a product intact at such a long time.

Why Does Lip Balm Smell?

It is not uncommon to find your lip balm going bad. This is more so if it has stayed 3 months after you have bought it. It should be noted that some lop balms go bad more quickly than others. Here, the standards of the manufacturer come to play. For instance, both Raquel and Heartthrob are more prone to going bad than other brands. Again, it is difficult to know if it is the entire lip balm which is bad, or just some of the ingredients.

There are people who live in places with exposure to heat. Again, when you go outdoors for a long time when it is sunny, you are going to experience a lot of heat. In such a case, your lipstick could reduce in quality, and eventually go bad. You might need to replace it.

When some of the brands of lip balm go bad, they can smell like crayons. Others are going to have the smell of vanilla. In some cases, the smell can be so foul that you cannot withstand. In addition to that, it is not just about the smell, but the texture of the lip balm can change too.

Why Does Lipstick Smell Bad?

Lipstick is supposed to be kept in a hygienic place. If you find your lipstick having a bad smell, there is a probability that there is mold in the lipstick. In such a case, the most prudent thing is to throw it away. Another observation is that opaque lipsticks easily go bad, while the transparent ones do not easily go bad.

Another explanation on why your lipstick can go bad is due to the effect of germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria often look for any hospitable habitat, and they can stick around your lipstick looking for a home. Because some lipsticks go bad at the stage where you buy them, then the best thing is to have a habit of looking at the label prior to purchase. Thereby, you are going to realise of the lipstick is bad at the start. At the same time, you are going to evaluate the expiry date and decide if you should buy it in the first place.

There are some lip containers which have the letter M. This is used to show for how long you can use this lipstick. Therefore, make sure that you check out for this. At the same time, there are some lipsticks which require a stick to use. Those ones go bad very fast, and if you find that they are already bad, then you should discard them.

Powder products are known to have a very long lifespan. This is even better when you make a habit of using clean brushes when you are using them. You can increase the lifespan of your lip gross by keeping it as clean as possible, and in addition to that, you can be keeping it in a cool and dry place. Of all other places, you should avoid keeping lipstick in the bathroom as the moisture in the bathroom will make it go bad quickly.

What Happens If You Use Expired ChapStick?

After realizing that the chapstick is bad, the next thing is to evaluate if you should use it or not. Wasting such an amount of chapstick is definitely a waste of money. Another option that you can consider is taking the item back. The reputable companies are going to acknowledge their mistake, and they will respond back to you.

However, there are a few ways through which you can re-purpose your expired chapstick. To start with, you may be able to use it as a blush, and this includes applying it on the apples of the cheek. Second, your lipstick could be used as an eye shadow, and some brands of lipstick are very good in this adaptation. In connection to this, the expired chapstick can be used on the eyelids. Lastly, expired lip gross can be used as lip tint.

What Does Expired Lip Gloss Smell Like?

Like any product, lipstick does expire. The signs that your lipstick has expired include changes in its texture, changes in color, and an odor. This means that its shelf life has already expired. Reputable health organizations in the US warn the consumers against the use of expired goods. Whereas such goods may not look harmful, they may have harsh health consequences on the user.

The use of expired lip gloss can offer a fertile environment where bacteria are harbored and this could harm you in both the short and the long run. Consequently, this can cause an irritation of the skin, or make you experience a burning sensation. In serious cases, you can go as far as developing acne, and removing them will not be an easy task.


It is very important that you make a careful choice on the products that you use in the market. The rate at which marketers advertise their products can be misleading as they focus on sales and not the experience of the customer.

Always ask a friend or a relative about their experience with a certain product if it touches on health. Again, consumer organizations give a rating for some companies and you should be sure to check them up. Most importantly, you can always seek the opinion of a health professional about any product that you intend to use. Through such measures, you are going to have multiple layers of protection.

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