Why Does The Back Of My Hair Grow Faster Than The Front? (We Have the Answer!)

why does the back of my hair grow faster than the front

Have you noticed that the back of your hair is growing faster than the front and find yourself wondering why this happens?  

Scientists have found hair actually grows faster in the front than the back.  Hair in the back may look like it grows faster than hair in the front of your head because the edge of your scalp in the back is the lowest point on your hairline.  

This article explores why it may seem as if your hair is growing faster in the back than in the front, what it indicates and how to make it look uniform with the rest of your hair. 

Why Does It Seem Like My Hair Grows Faster In The Back Compared To The Front?

Scientists have concluded that hair generally grows faster in the front rather than in the back, so if you think you see the back of your hair growing faster you may be looking at it incorrectly, not considering the way your hairline lies lower in the back rather than the front of your hairline.  

Another reason hair in the back may grow faster than in the front may be that it gets styled more than other parts of your hair, making it more susceptible to breakage and damage.  If you like to sleep on your sides, this may also cause the back of your hair to grow faster than other areas.

Your hair follicles all have their own individual blood supply that keeps them nourished and enables them to produce healthy hair.  If you notice your hair is growing faster in the back, it could be due to the fact that the follicles in the back of your head are receiving more blood than other areas of your head.  

Studies have also shown that hair colored gray will grow at a faster rate than pigmented hair, so if you have predominantly gray hair in the back this could be a contributing factor. Another cause of uneven hair growth is because of wearing hats or headbands too frequently.  

More reasons for uneven hair growth include:

  • Foods you eat (influencing the overall health of hair.  Poor food choices can lead to slow hair growth and vice versa). 
  • Stress levels (stress releases cortisol into your body, responsible for hair loss or weakened hair that breaks or gets damaged easily) 
  • Hormonal imbalances (different hormones can affect things like the size of your hair follicle, which can affect the brittleness of your hair)
  • Amount of moisture your hair receives (hair that receives more moisture will grow at a faster rate than dry hair)
  • Genetics (uneven hair growth could run in your family genetics)      
  • Lack of specific vitamins such as zinc, omega-3s and vitamin A (vitamins that directly influence hair integrity and growth) 
  • Certain medications (medications can interfere with body biochemistry and interrupt normal hair follicle cycles)
  • Dormancy (hair follicles tend to go into a dormant phase for three to four months.  Follicles in the front of your hair may go through more dormant phases than follicles on other parts of your head).  
  • Damage (hair that is damaged will grow slower than healthy hair)

Why Does The Front Of My Hair Not Grow?

There are a variety of reasons the front of your hair is not growing, such as:

  • Not enough blood flow to front of head
  • Age
  • Androgenic Alopecia (caused by genetics, hormonal changes, aging, or medical conditions)
  • Female pattern hair loss (caused by genetics) 
  • Wearing too many headbands/visors, etc.
  • Touching your front hairline too frequently (constant abrasion may damage hair follicles)
  • Overstyling (especially with heat tools which cause more damage)
  • Aggressive handling (pulling, plucking, tugging, etc. all damage hair)

How Can I Grow My Front Hair Faster?

If you’re experiencing uneven hair growth in the front of your hair, you can try trimming it every so often.  Trimming your hair will not help it grow faster directly, but it will keep it healthy and strong so that it will grow faster in the long run. 

To help the front of your hair grow faster, you should also take care to moisturize it every chance you get.  As mentioned earlier, hair follicles that receive more moisture are more apt to grow at a fast rate.  You can also do frequent hot oil massages on the front of your scalp to increase circulation, stimulating faster hair growth.

You should also take care to brush your hair at least twice a day, in the morning and at night which also helps to stimulate circulation to hair follicles.  Additionally, you should try to refrain from wrapping your wet hair in towels, which increases the chance of breakage.  Also, apply lots of hair masks to restore your hair integrity and boost hair growth.

Other things you can do to stimulate the growth of the front of your hair is to take vitamins such as selenium, omega-3s and biotin.  These nutrients help to nourish your hair follicles, which will help to increase the speed of your hair growth.  You should also be sure to handle the front of your hair gently to avoid damaging the follicles. 

Do Different Parts Of Your Hair Grow At Different Speeds?

The truth of the matter is that everyone’s hair grows at different rates and as we’ve discovered, a lot of different factors can influence hair growth.  However, genetics are a large contributor to where your hair grows fastest.  For example, most people of African descent see their hair grow fastest on top, while those of European descent may see the back grow faster.


Hair can grow faster in the back than the front due to reasons such as it receiving more moisture, having less damage, more circulation and even better sleeping habits (sleeping on your sides rather than your back).  

You can stimulate hair growth by increasing the right type of vitamins in your diet, increasing circulation to your head, being gentle when you handle your hair, and refraining from overstyling.  It can also be possible that your hair grows at different speeds on different parts of your head.

Regardless if your hair grows unevenly in the front, back or sides, staying informed about how to properly care for your hair to avoid damage is a must when you’re trying to grow your hair evenly.  

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