Why Is It Considered Offensive To Wear Strong Perfume Or Cologne? (We Have the Answer!) 

why is it considered offensive to wear strong perfume or cologne

If you love your favorite perfume or cologne, you might be tempted to spray it on in vast quantities, but you should pause and think before you do. Not everybody realizes this, but strong perfume can be somewhat offensive, and it’s best to avoid it.

Strong odors of any kind may be unwelcome to the people around you. This is particularly true if you are frequently around colleagues, who have no choice about whether or not to be close to you. Many people are sensitive to odors and dislike the smell of perfume and cologne, even if the scent seems pleasant to you.

It’s important to recognize how problematic wearing too much Eau de Cologne or perfume can be if you are going to wear any – so in this article, we’re going to talk about why this can be a problem and how to deal with it from both sides.

Why Is It Considered Offensive To Wear Strong Perfume Or Cologne?

It is generally considered offensive to wear strong perfume or cologne because if you do this, you may upset the people around you. Others might not feel comfortable telling you if they find the smell of your perfume or cologne too strong and unpleasant, but a strong smell can actually be physically uncomfortable to others.

That’s true even if it smells great to you. It is therefore thought to be inconsiderate to wear a strong smell, no matter how nice it is, because smells are subjective and different people react in different ways to them.

If you put on a lot of perfume or Eau de Cologne, you are sending a message that your smell preferences are more important than the smell preferences of those around you.

This can be a major problem in many situations because people will often be trapped beside you and won’t have any choice but to deal with the smell. If you use public transport, frequent restaurants, or otherwise stay in close proximity with others for extended periods, there is a risk that your scent will be unpleasant for them.

It is therefore best to avoid wearing strong cologne or perfume, out of respect for the people around you. This is the same as not inflicting your particular style of music on strangers without their permission.

How Do You Tell Someone Their Perfume Is Offensive?

It is never easy to tell someone that their smell is unpleasant to you. Whether it’s a natural scent or too much of some kind of cologne, there’s a risk that you will offend the person (maybe the man or girl you like) or make them feel very self-conscious. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize this.

The most important thing is to be sensitive to their feelings. Ask to speak to them privately so that they aren’t losing face in front of a lot of other people, and then acknowledge the awkwardness of the situation.

You might want to say something like “I hope it is okay to tell you this and I know it might be uncomfortable, but the perfume you wear is quite strong, and I find it a little overwhelming sometimes. Would you be open to reducing it or swapping to a product with a milder scent?”

If the smell causes you headaches or some other discomfort, make a note of this so that the person understands the impact they are having. Although this conversation may be uncomfortable, most people will respond positively if you are polite to them.

Why Do People Wear Too Much Perfume?

Often, people wear too much perfume because they have become numb to the smell. Our sensitivity to smells reduces with exposure, so if somebody wears the same perfume or cologne for a long time, they will probably not be able to smell it nearly as clearly as you can smell it.

You should therefore be forgiving of someone who is wearing too much perfume because they probably can’t smell it. They might also do this because they are self-conscious about their own body odor and want to be sure it is covered up.

Is It Unprofessional To Wear Cologne To Work?

More and more workplaces are starting to implement scent-free rules because of sensitivity among other employees and problems with workers wearing too much cologne or perfume. For some individuals, strong scents can cause headaches or even migraines, so there is a medical issue to be aware of if you are going to wear a lot of cologne.

It is generally better not to wear cologne to work, even if you think you are only wearing a small amount and your office has no rules about scents. You may not be able to judge very well whether the smell is strong or not, and your coworkers might not feel comfortable telling you if they find it overwhelming.

A lot of people are reluctant to tell others when they dislike their smell, fearing that they will cause offense. It is therefore much better to avoid the issue entirely and know that you aren’t causing discomfort. Even your supervisor or manager might not want to tell you that you smell too strong and need to tone it down.

You should find that showering regularly, keeping your hair clean, and using deodorant is plenty to combat any natural odors you are concerned about.

Which Is Stronger, Perfume Or Cologne?

This depends on the brand you choose, but on the whole, perfumes are stronger than cologne. They use greater concentrations of essential oils, and their smell tends to be significantly more powerful because of this.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can use lots of cologne and not worry about it, just because you aren’t wearing perfume. It is still a strongly scented product that should be treated with caution if you are going to wear it around other people.


Wearing a lot of cologne or perfume can be considered offensive, especially at work, because it shows a lack of care for other people’s smell sensitivity. Strong odors can cause headaches, migraines, or just discomfort for people, and both perfume and cologne should therefore be avoided, especially at work.

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