Why is my Nail Turning Green Under my Acrylic? (Here’s Why)

Why is my nail turning green under my acrylic

Using acrylic nails is great to transform your hands but it can quickly make you worried if your nails are turning green underneath your acrylics.

Here you don’t need to freak out because it’s not uncommon. Many females who use acrylic nails face this problem. If you are one of them and want to know why your nail is turning green under your acrylic and how to fix it, you are at the right place!

Your nails are turning green under acrylic because of the presence of pseudomonas bacteria. Pseudomonas, according to CDC is a bacterium that is found in the environment, like in soil and water. So, they developed in areas that are very moist. This means that the fake nails were not applied properly which allowed water to get trapped underneath them.

Keep reading to find out more about this issue and what you can do about it.

Why Is My Nail turning Green Underneath My Acrylic?

The green spots underneath your acrylic nails that you see as the fungus is actually the pseudomonas bacteria that have grown due to the moisture. But not every female who uses acrylic nails faces this problem. The growth of the bacteria is encouraged by certain reasons that you need to take care of.

Liquid to powder ratio

Make sure you do not add too much fluid to the powder mix. Excessive fluid will be indicated through the appearance of little bubbles that will expand over time causing moisture underneath your acrylic nails. A liquid-to-powder mix ratio of 1.5 to 1 is ideal.

Application of Acrylic nails

When applying the fluid, the brush should be pressed well. Make sure to smooth the fluid on the nails to prevent the creation of air-trapped bubbles. Overworking the brush on the nails can develop air bubbles.

Healing too Fast

If you use a Fast Set powder to allow your acrylic to dry promptly, this will not give enough time for the air bubbles to escape. Those air bubbles trapped beneath can cause moisture to develop. So, try to use the standard fluid-powder mix that will give more time for air bubbles to escape.

How can you prevent your nails from turning green under your acrylic?

Prevention is always better than cure.

If you have seen your friends facing the problem of green nails due to the use of acrylic nails and are worried that you might become the victim too, here are some effective ways that can help you prevent the green spots under acrylic nails.

Before applying the acrylic nails, you must wash your hands properly with antibacterial soap and water and make sure that your natural nails are completely dry. Other than that, ensure that your nail technician rubs alcohol on your nails before applying the acrylic nails. Plus, all nail tools should be sanitized.

How do you fix green nails after acrylics?

The appearance of the green spots on your nails after acrylic is not always preventable. But, now, that your nails have turned green, you do not need to worry at all. You can fix the green nails in multiple ways.

  • Trim your nails regularly and keep them clean and short. Try your best to keep your nails dry and minimize their exposure to water.
  • Apply antibiotics such as Polymyxin B two to four times a day for about one to two months.
  • A widely used measure to treat the green fungus is to soak the affected nails in vinegar for around 30 minutes every day. 2:1 ratio of warm water to vinegar is recommended. Vinegar contains acetic acid that acts as an antibiotic which can be highly effective to hinder the growth of bacteria. Follow this process for about a month until the fungus is completely wiped out.
  • According to Nailsmag, some doctors suggest a 1% acetic acid treatment for green nails.
  • Listerine mouthwash has also been recommended by doctors to cure the green fungus. just soak your nails in the mouthwash for about half an hour daily.
  • Another treatment has been proven effective and that is to brush your nail bed with about 2% sodium hypochlorite solution twice or thrice a day.
  • A quicker way to fix your green nails has also been discovered. Make a paste of baking soda and water in the ratio of 2 to 1, and with the help of a piece of cotton, apply it to the affected nails. Leave the paste for at least 10 minutes and then rinse it off properly with water.

Note that your nails that have been turned green after acrylic will not return to their natural form by themselves. What’s more important is that if you don’t treat it on time, the allergy may get worse. The fungus can travel to other nails or through your body and in the worst circumstances, you may start to feel pain.

Should I take my Acrylic nails off if my nail is green?

When you have identified that your nail or nails have turned green under the acrylic nails, you should take the acrylic nails off the affected nails. Once you remove the acrylic nail and clean your natural nail, the Pseudomonas bacteria will no longer have a hospitable environment to further grow.

So, it is very important that you take off the acrylic nails. Remember, you should remove the acrylic nail carefully, and if you find that the nail is stuck, visit a doctor to prevent any damage to the natural nail.

What Should You Do If Your Nail Turns Green?

Other than curing the green nails many ladies are also interested to know that now that their nails have turned green, can they paint over their affected nails?

It is recommended not to paint over your affected nails. Although it may be embarrassing when everyone notices your green nails, it is to be noted that nail paints can encourage further growth of the pseudomonas bacteria. In fact, a study states that it can multiply the fungi, so it’s better to avoid painting your affected nails.

Final Words

Learning important things about the use of artificial nails will help you keep your nails healthy. We hope you have learned the possible causes of green fungus underneath your acrylic nails, the measures to prevent your nails from turning green, and finally some effective ways you can use to cure the green fungus. Following the instructions we provided will surely help you get rid of the fungus.

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