Why is Nail Polish Attractive? (Here’s Why)

why is nail polish attractive

Painting your nails is nothing new, but why do women feel the need to do it? So, why is nail polish attractive?

Nail polish is attractive because it shows off a woman’s femininity, and having clean and polished nails make you feel good about yourself. In addition, nail polish helps you express your personality through the many colors available. 

This article will cover everything you’ve wondered about how nail polish makes you attractive and whether guys like it as much as you. 

Why is Nail Polish Attractive?

Nail polish adds something to otherwise plain nails and helps you feel elegant, regardless of your chosen color. For example, a clear polish helps make dull nails shiny and gives an elegant appearance, and a vibrant color helps show off your personality. 

The great thing about nail polish is almost anyone can use it. You don’t have to be rich and famous to enjoy the benefits of beautiful nail polish. Getting a manicure is a form of self-care that can make anyone feel more attractive. 

In addition, you wouldn’t put nail polish on dirty nails, so painted nails show off a look that is often sophisticated and polished. Women also find nail polish attractive because it allows them to be creative and show off their personality. 

You often feel better about yourself when your nails are polished and clean. It’s incredible how you feel more positive about yourself when you have a fresh manicure and hold your head higher. So, if you’re ever feeling down, make a trip to the spa for self-care. 

Do Guys Notice Nail Polish?

While every guy is different, most notice nail polish on girls as it shows a girl takes care of herself. For example, a girl with fresh nail polish likely also cares about how her hair looks or how she dresses, two things guys notice. 

However, most women don’t do it for men; they do it for themselves. But, a guy will notice whether a girl has long or short nails and whether she takes care of them or not. So, for example, a guy will likely see whether a girl bites her nails or keeps them well-shaped. 

Finally, don’t be surprised if your guy does notice when you change your nail polish, as it’s probably a compliment from him, as he’s seen your appearance and thinks you look good! 

Does Nail Polish Make You Look Better?

Whether you have long or short nails, nail polish adds something to otherwise plain nails. However, you don’t need a wild color to enhance your look since a clear polish will help spruce up any set of nails. 

When you get a manicure, you aren’t only getting a fresh color on your nails. Instead, a manicurist takes the time to file your nails and ensure you are even and smooth. Adding nail polish is like the cherry on top to help your nails look their best. 

While nail polish doesn’t change your overall appearance, it likely makes you feel better because you know you took care of yourself. Don’t forget to indulge in self-care from time to time because it can help you think more positively of yourself. 

What Nail Polish Do Guys Find Attractive?

Most guys will agree that a vibrant red is beautiful on a woman. However, any color on a woman will get a guy’s attention. So, for example, here’s a look at popular nail polish colors and what they say about you. 

  • Yellow – Shows spontaneity, unique style, and extroverted personality 
  • Orange – Cheerful, creative, and bubbly personality 
  • Red – Bold, passionate, and confident 
  • Purple – Artistic, confident, and individualistic 
  • Light Pink – Quiet, reserved, and youthful personality 
  • Bright Pink – Playful, bold, and fun personality 
  • Green – Earthy, adventurous, and spunky personality 
  • Blue – Youthful, exciting, and adventurous personality 
  • Black – Trendsetter and strong personality 
  • French Manicure – Glamorous and conservative personality 

While there are endless amounts of nail polish to choose from, you can make any color yours and stand out from the crowd. Guys will vary on their favorite nail polish, so you pick your favorite. 

Why is Nail Polish a Girl Thing?

While anyone can wear nail polish, women mostly wear it to appear more feminine. However, some men opt for manicures to clean their nails and make them look sharp. At the same time, they may not opt for colored nail polish, some men like a clear polish on their nails. 

Gender norms are certainly changing, and there is nothing wrong with a man putting on nail polish or going to the spa for a manicure. In fact, it makes for a perfect date for a guy and a girl to get manicures together. 

Today, more men are getting their nails done than ever before, quickly becoming a billion-dollar empire. So, while nail polish is often associated with women, there’s nothing wrong with a man getting his nails done. 

The reality is men have been painting their nails since ancient Egypt, so it’s nothing new. While it may not seem “normal” to some, it’s been around for thousands of years and used to dictate your social status. 

What is the Classiest Nail Color?

You should always pick your nail color based on your preference; however, most will agree that the classiest nail color is red. So for example, red is a classic look that goes with nearly every outfit and shows the world you are confident, strong, and sexy. 

In addition, red exudes a women’s feminity, and you can wear it regardless of where you are going. For example, a woman staying home with kids can rock red nails just as much as a working woman who wears red at the office. 


Nail polish is attractive because it helps you express yourself depending on your feelings. While guys find nail polish attractive, you should choose which color to pick based on your personality. Nail polish is an expression of yourself that is always attractive regardless of which color you pick. 

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