Why When I Run My Fingers Through My Hair It Comes Out? (We Have the Answer!)

when I run my fingers through my hair it comes out

Hair care is an essential part of one’s beauty regime. Often considered the most noticeable feature, hair is the one thing that makes up the major part of your appearance. Most people tend to panic at the first signs of hair loss, immediately turning to ask “when I run my fingers through my hair it comes out”.

Before concluding that this situation is a cause for concern it’s important to consider the amount of hair coming out. If the amount you’re noticing exceeds the normal rate of hair fall, then you may be experiencing hair loss. This may be the result of a number of reasons such as stress, hormonal imbalances, and the like. 

Read on to understand whether the amount of hair falling out is normal, what’s causing it, and how to treat it.

Is It Normal For Hair To Come Out When I Run My Fingers Through It?

An average person loses 50 – 100 hairs a day Hair fall is completely normal. The body’s renewal cycle includes hair fall. In fact, each hair follicle has a cycle that ends in it falling out after having gone through a growth stage and a resting stage. This cycle continues endlessly until the hair follicle is actively producing hair.

A quick way to check whether your hair fall is within the normal range is to take about 60 hair strands and run your fingers through them. If an amount falling within 5 – 8 strands falls out, you’re in the clear.

Brushing, styling, and washing your hair are all activities after which you may notice that strands of hair have fallen out. Running your hand through your hair is similar to brushing or styling it, which may explain why your hair comes out after doing so. 

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be too worrying as generally, the reason hair seems to have fallen out after these actions are because they tend to collect the hair that has already fallen out. It might be jarring to see so many at once but it’s actually very normal since they’ve actually accumulated over a bit of time.

What Causes Hair Fall

Having hair fall out in amounts exceeding 50 – 100 may be cause for concern and something worth having checked out by a dermatologist. But, having a basic understanding of what may be causing your hair to fall out in excess can help you treat the problem better. Some common reasons for hair fall are listed below.

Excessive Washing

Certain shampoo ingredients can be counterintuitive to strengthening your hair or maintaining its health. They might even cause them to become weak, in turn leading to breakage and as a result – hair fall. Opting for a different shampoo with ingredients that work for your hair type may help better the situation.


Excessive stress can cause hair fall. Reevaluating and altering your lifestyle to make it relatively less stressful would be a good place to start as a hair fall fix.

Poor Nutrition

You may want to take a look at what you’re consuming to make sure it’s not your diet that’s impacting your hair’s health. Generally, increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins D and E as well as incorporating more vegetables into your diet should help counter hair fall.

Hormonal Imbalance

A drop in estrogen and progesterone can cause hair to grow much thinner and at a slower rate while also leading to an increase in male hormones: androgens which can shrink follicles and in turn cause increased hair loss.

Does Conditioner Cause Hair Loss?

Conditioners are a normal part of nearly everyone’s hair-wash routine. It has often been speculated that using a conditioner may cause hair fall. These rumors stem from the belief that the emollients in conditioners weaken follicles resulting in hair fall. However, as of now, no studies have compiled conclusive evidence that such is the case.

This myth most likely emerged as fall hair strands tend to be most apparent after washing your hair. Hair that had become detached long before becomes detangled after washing causing them to finally fall out. This has nothing to do with conditioner usage.

Poor washing practices also perpetuate this myth. Conditioner is meant to be applied to the ends of your hair. When applied to the roots it makes your hair oily, creating an itchy scalp. Excessive scratching can lead to hair fall. Similarly, conditioner accumulating at the base of your hair can cause breakage. However, when correctly used, conditioner shouldn’t be worrying for people experiencing excessive hair fall.

How Do I Stop Hair Fall And Help To Regrow It?

Stopping hair fall (or at least limiting it) while working on ways to effectively regrow your hair are two things that can be achieved simultaneously by following the tips listed below.

Healthy Hair Habits

Limit the amount of heat you apply to your hair as well as regularly expose your hair to any harsh chemical treatments such as excessive dying and bleaching. Maintain a good hair wash routine. Depending on your hair type this could mean washing your hair anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week.

Maintain Healthy Vitamin Intake

Consult a doctor to know your current vitamin levels. Accordingly, increase the intake of vitamins like A, B, C, D, E, zinc, and iron to the right amounts to promote stronger hair growth.

Increase Protein Consumption

40 – 60 grams of protein a day is a good place to start when beginning your hair growth journey. Beans, grains, and eggs are high in protein (with the first two even being vegan-friendly choices).

Fruits ; Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are another essential part of the diet needed to help sustain hair follicle health so make sure to consume these in good amounts.


Seeing your hair come out when you run your hand through it shouldn’t be too alarming given that the number of strands falling out isn’t exceeding the average amount. 

It’s perfectly normal for some hair to fall out on a daily basis and you don’t have to worry too much about your conditioner impacting your hair fall. Even in the case that your hair is falling out excessively, you can always alter your diet and general lifestyle to improve your nutrition and limit stress to counter hair fall.

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