Will an Ash Toner Get Rid of Red? (Yes, Here’s Why) 

Will an ash toner get rid of red

Red is one of the most impressive that you can have for your hair. However, you are not going to have this color forever. For one reason or the other, you need to learn the best way of changing it. This should be done in a safe and effective way.

The red tone falls under the category of brassy hair. This refers to color which shows a lot of warmth. There is no one solution for addressing the red tone, and how you manage this issue depends on specific circumstances.

However, there are proven methods which have been found to be very effective in this. The toning of brassy hair means that you are adding a cool tone to the hair. One of the options that you can take is the use of ash toner.

Will an Ash Toner Get Rid of Red?

Yes, an ash toner can help you to get rid of red- it has the ability to reduce or even better, eliminate the red color. The direct opposite of red color is the green color, which forms as the basis of most of the ash toner colors. Green is a very common color and it is known to match in different environments. If you decide to get rid of red using ash toner, the most effective thing to do is to use 10 volume peroxide. This is because the 20 volume is going to lift the color.

It is important that you avoid cooling your hair with dye, you better use a toner. What a dye does is to pull color from the hair, and therefore, your hair is going to become brassy. Again, you need to monitor how your hair is lifting after the initial bleaching.

In particular, check for the under-tones and the levels of the hair. Monitoring this will help you to evaluate how many more levels you need to go, and how long you should leave any hair product on the head. You will also use this to know how strong the developer should be.

You should be warned that bleaching is not regarded as one of the best hair treatment methods. This is because it could damage your hair.

As a matter of fact, if it is not taken care of in the right way, it could lead to permanent hair damage. You can manage the red pigments through the use of a toner, and allowing it to remain for half an hour. Through this, the cancelling shade will soak the hair and cool its warmth and this will lead to optimal outcomes.

Can You Tone Red Hair to Ash?

Yes, you can tone red hair with ash. However, when you are selecting your toner, you need to make a good decision that will most fit your hair. After that, make sure that that you choose the right under-laying tone, which is going to make a match with the colors chosen. If you do not choose the right toner, and the right under-laying toner, you will not arrive at the right shade. Again, you should note that the higher ash colors may not be eye catching. Therefore, do not under-estimate the flat ash colors. Your hair has enough warmth already.

What Happens if You Put Ash Blonde Toner on Red Hair?

The use of ash blonde toner is also going to help you get rid of red. This is more so if the professional products are not available or may not be affordable to you. You will be able to access the ash blonde toner from the store, mix it with water, throw out half of it, and then make use of the product as per the directions at the label. With this method, you are going to get a 10 volume, which is not going to darken your hair.

What Does Ash Color Do to Red Hair?

Ash colors is going to tone down the red color. However, if your hair is quite dark, then you might consider getting treated for hair damage right before hand, and the bleaching will ensure that you get lighting of your hair just a little bit. Therefore, in this case, the best thing is to lighten your hair first, and then use the ash toner.

The Importance of Professionals

The most important thing about seeing the professional is that you are going to have the right color formulation chosen for you. With the professional, he or she will choose the right color which will neutralize the hair color that you have. You should not assume that you know the right color which will neutralize your existing hair, simply leave this to the professional.

The professionals have received the right training when it comes to the management of hair, and they have the skills required in order to make the right choices. In addition to that, the professionals have accumulated vast experience in the field, and they will be in a position to handle complex problems that may arise.

It is the professionals who will give you the best practices on the maintenance of the ash toner. How long your ash toner will last is going to largely depend on your diligence in home care routine. This is because the ash toner is generally not a permanent color. At the center of this is the need to go for a touch-up.

Having stated that, the professional that you choose should have time for you, and should be affordable. This is going to ensure that your hair treatment is affordable and sustainable in both the short term and the long term.


You will be able to tone any hair color that you decide to tone. As far as possible, it is good that you consult the professionals. In addition to that, the drug stores are going to have professional tones. If you are not able to consult the professionals, you can make use of DIY techniques. There are some home techniques which are non-damaging but yet cheap.

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